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Upon the frozen lake of the Growth of Oaths.
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[Let the battle between Darkness, Light, and Hellspawned commence.]
Daniel: You ready, guys?
Lythrie: Do we have to be "ready" for this tiny group?
Daniel: I was asking to make sure you don't -overdo- it. Need to save some energy for something else.
Vulpixis: What would that be? Every time we attack? Every time we take a step?
[Lythrie and Al step forward. Safiri and Ray step back.]
Daniel: Big mouth, Dimwit. Hope you like popsickles, 'cause you're about to become one.
Vulpixis: I don't think I'd make a good popsickle...
Daniel: I beg to differ! [He casts a quick spell merely by stepping forward. Unnatural icy coldness begins to surround Vulpixis.]
Safiri: [Backs up a bit more.] V-Vulpixis! What're you doing, get outta there! You'll freeze solid!
Ray: Hurry!
Al: ...Vulpixis... Daniel, I don't like this guy. He's just standing there...
Daniel: He's playing mind games...
Vulpixis: Heheh, WRONG!! [He suddenly bursts into flames, annihilating the spell. He charges for Daniel, still ablaze.]
Al: [He leaps in front of Daniel and uses Hydro Pump on Vulpixis, extinguishing the fire, and blowing him back a ways. Vulpixis recovers very quickly, and retaliates with a powerful Flamethrower. Having just used a move a second ago, Al cannot defend himself. He ducks for cover, exposing Daniel, who quickly conjures a pillar of ice in front of him, which the fireball nearly pierces all the way through. It dissipates, and the pillar of ice falls forward. Had Al not rolled out of the way, he would've been injured.]
Lythrie: Who is that...? [She shakes the thought.] It doesn't matter. The Eclipses are open. [Lythrie charges Safiri and Ray, having run around to their side.]
Ray: [He spots the Sorenian.] Safiri, look out! [He leaps in front of Safiri, charging back at Lythrie while, at the same time, elongating his tail for battle.]
Lythrie: Oh, really? [The two collide, pushing eachother's bodies with their paws grasped together.]
Eenie: Uh oh. [She waves her wand in the air, glitter following behind, and aims it at Ray.] Giving you some strength, Ray! [A glow surrounds the defending Safan.]
Ray: [Suddenly becomes much more powerful. He throws Lythrie back, and spins, serrated leaves flying off of his tail, heading for his foe.]
Lythrie: Interesting! [She recovers by flapping her wings, potentially taking flight and avoiding the other move. She grins evilly, watching the pair of Nightmares creep up behind the two Eclipses.]
Safiri: [Spins around, her ears twitching at the sound of the two Nightmares.] Hm? Ha! Gotcha! [In the blink of an eye, she jolts forward, actually ripping through a Nightmare before it can even react. The shadow tears apart, leaking from Safiri in a gaseous mist.]
Ray: Safiri! [Turns to see the other Nightmares. He ignores Lythrie for now, rushing for the second Nightmare. With a single swipe of his tail, empowered by Eenie's previous spell, he terminates the Nightmare.] Done and done.
Lythrie: [Crosses her arms, still flapping her wings in midair.] I must constantly bring myself to wonder how you could do such a thing to them...
[The three return their attention to Lythrie with bewildered expressions.]
Safiri: Excuse me? [Steps forward, angered.]
Lythrie: Those Nightmares... were once your friends... But they became our pets... Now they are Darkness.
Safiri: [Shakes her head, stepping forward again.] Would you stop lying!? You Darkness scum used to be even better than THIS. Now you're just horrible!! You're all horrible!
Daniel: [Facing off with Vulpixis, his ears perk up, and he raises his head, looking over to Safiri...]
Safiri: Why in all worlds do you disrupt the peace!? Don't you see what Darkness started!? You took control of Reality, and SCREWED THEM OVER after BILLIONS of years undisturbed!! By doing that, I KNOW that gods will shine down upon you! They will shine upon us! We will ALL have to face judgment because of YOU! You're ALL COMMON VILLAINS!!
[Suddenly, the battlefield becomes quiet as everyone watches Safiri...]
Daniel: ...[Splays his ears...] ...
Vulpixis: [Turns to Daniel.] ...You really piss them off, you know?
Daniel: ...[Shuts his eyes, gritting his teeth.]
Ray: [Frowns, standing beside Safiri... he looks ahead.] ...It's all true... Why do you do this, Darkness...?
Daniel: ...L-...Lythrie. Just zap them... Al, help me with this guy...
Safiri: Daniel!! I'll make you regret this, ALL of it! [She growls, her back raised aggressively.]
[As this battle begins to turn even more ferocious, Al walks beside Daniel... then, a strange rumbling begins, a low moan sounds, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes a bit darker.]
Safiri: [Growling, her ears flick.] What did you do...? What, Daniel...?
Eenie: G-goodness...
Daniel: [He cocks an eyebrow, looking around. Everyone seems to be doing the same.] That's not us... Is it? [He turns to Al beside him, who shakes his head.]
Al: It can't be.
Vulpixis: Then... It's that thing.
Daniel: What thing...? [His attention returns to Vulpixis, at the same time, however, his eyes widen and he goes silent.]
Safiri: What!?!? Tell me!!!
[A second after this is shouter, a black vine-like tentacle breaks through the soft ground behind Safiri. Multiple tentacles break the soil, latching on to the Ancient Growth's inner vines... Two claws pierce all the way into Safiri and Ray, stabbing through their backs. The two become silent with all eyes upon them. Eenie backs away, hiding behind Vulpixis as their appearance begins to shift. Their entire bodies become blackened, oozing with dark slime and sickly greenish leaves falling all around them.. Their eyes roll to the back of their heads. They begin moaning just as the creature beneath does... This creature ruptures the soil, revealing a massive tunnel which it created to reach this scene. It crawls on the wall of the tree, tentacles still latched to Safiri and Ray.]
Daniel: It's that... that thing!!! I thought we were out of that dimwit's... Wh-what is that!?
Lythrie: [She backs away from the creature.] Such a beast! It's corrupted the Eclipses!
Al: I've never seen anything like it...
[Just then, the huge, BlackParasite roars, revealing it's dark sallow jagged teeth.]
Vulpixis: [He drops into a battle stance again.] I came here to save the Eclipses... And dammit, I don't care what I have to face to keep them in mint condition, this thing is going to be a puddle in a few seconds.
Daniel: [Staring at the creature, which now retrieved its tentacles.] It must be able to control plants... Cr-crap. This must'a been what Oaneses was so freaked out about... I think... we're gonna need some back up! [He closes his eyes, a puddle of black appearing at his side opposite of Al. A familiar character, Slianna, now coated with Darkness, rises. Her pattern has become dark blue, much like Daniel's fur colors.]
Slianna: I am at your comm--...[Notices the BlackParasite.] ...What is that!?
Daniel: A problem! Help us with it!
Vulpixis: Looks like we're teaming up for this one. Don't cower out on me this time, Darkies.
Lythrie: [Her cheeks spark. She faces the BlackParasite and the two advancing Eclipses, black tentacles similar to the parasite's rising from their backs.] You'd best watch your tongue around Darkness...
[Just then, two of the Parasite's tentacles lunge at the group, a black acid oozing off of them.]
Vulpixis: Back up! [Uses Flamethrower on one tentacle, while Lythrie and Al combine Thundershock and Hydro Pump on the other. Both of the tentacles retreat, yet Safiri and Ray dash away at the group, their own tentacles striking at the group. Slianna and Eenie, both probably the most confused, leap back while the others leap to each side. Safiri charges for Daniel and Vulpixis, while Ray charges for Lythrie and Al. Ray lurches at Lythrie, only to be knocked away by an electric charge. One of his tentacles pierce Lythrie's arm, instantly immobilizing her. She screams in pain as the tentacle retracts. A few seconds later, she is rendered helpless and paralyzed, dropping to the ground, bleeding. The pain that surges through her body is infecting her own electricity, transforming it into black electricity. Daniel was wrong. This does not only affect plants...]
Lythrie: [Squirming even through her paralyzing.] Ahhh!!! WAAAHHHH!!!
Al: Lyth--Agh!! [He is smacked with a tentacle, shot directly towards Slianna, who quickly moves out of the way and recognizing that she will be fighting Ray.] Ray? ...Wh-... [Shakes her head, charging at the corrupted Eclipse, who does the same, tentacles flying at Slianna. Her agility is superior. She swerves in all directions, avoiding the BlackEclipse. Once she reaches him, she lunges through his tentacle growth with extreme speed, literally slicing through them and cutting them from his body. Ray hisses, staggering a bit, and stalling in attempt to grow them back. Slianna rushes back at him and wraps around his small chest, squeezing tightly. Another little effect is in play here. Slianna uses a newly acquired, possibly dark, energy to drain Ray of his energy. She releases him. He drops to the ground.] That's one down... [She turns to Safiri, who currently has Daniel wrapped up in midair.]
Daniel: [Struggling.] Gah!! You... and you're revenge! [His body begins radiating temperatures of extreme cold, freezing Safiri's tentacle down to her back.]
Vulpixis: [Watches Daniel. He uses this was an opportunity to attack. Vulpixis blows a large fireball at the tentacle, the thing exploding on contact. The tentacle shatters, releasing Daniel.]
Daniel: [Catches himself on all fours.] Nice one. A'ight, Saf! This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it's gonna hurt me! Haha! [He stomps on the ground with one forepaw, the icy lake behind him rising in spiked columns. They shift horizontally, and fire at Safiri. Vulpixis, at this time, leaps into the air and blows an even larger fireball at Safiri. Fire and ice impact at the same time, resulting in an explosion which is sure to finish the job. Eenie enters the action, waving her wand at Safiri, who had now become shattered into separate pieces. Almost immediately, she reforms and regenerates. Eenie's sparkly spell, Erase, [which she had just developed enough mana for] engulfs Safiri as a pinkish, then white and blue light. The effect of shattering glass occurs on her, and blackness begins leaving her body, rising into nothingness. She becomes normal again. Eenie then moves to Lythrie to assist her before the damage can get any worse...]
[The group searches around, frightened at how furious the attacker was... not to mention how costly even one attack from it could be.]
Daniel: [Scans the area.] Where's the big daddy!? I swore I saw him! He was here!
Vulpixis: [Looks straight up. He hears a loud roar coming from a higher point in the tree.] Looks like it slipped away... [He watches as the small hamster fairy moves to heal Ray.] (If we didn't have her... things would be so much worse...) ...This thing isn't over... I know who this enemy is now... I figured it out.
Al: [Panting.] W-well... who is it?
Daniel: Yeah... this would've been helpful info about five minutes ago when we weren't fighting Death itself!
Vulpixis: It's BlackMatter... I'm dying to know what their goals are here... but it's easy to say that they're on no one's side... No one but that Vince...
Daniel: Vince? BlackMatter!? WHAT are you talking about!?
Vulpixis: [He shoots Daniel a glare.] ...Your little operation is about to get a whole lot hotter...
Daniel: [He glares back at Vulpixis.] Guess so... [He gulps, looks up, and frowns.] This is all from Reality, isn't it...?
Vulpixis: ...You're right. It is... [He looks up as well.]
[Wells of blackness provide the group transport out of the tree, right back at the base of where they started. Safiri and Ray remain incapacitated. Lythrie, Al, and Eenie [from all of her Erases.] are on the verge of collapse...]

"The shadows are so much closer to Light than any perceive..."
--E n d i n g--