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A Nobody's History
The history of a unique Nobody named Se'rox Ludiceabes.
The Walk Home
Se'rox waved goodbye to Lilah for the day, and walked out of the garden. Her excellent hearing allowed her to hear, after the door closed behind her, the squeals of the two year old who apparently finally got to see mommy again. Se'rox smiled. They were nice people. Good people. The strangeness came over her again. Like an emptiness where her feelings aught to be. She almost knew that she should feel something. And she knew they would be allies. Friends, even. But that was all still completely logical.

Lilah had told her that she was special. And that she was always welcome there. Lilah offered for her to spend the night, but Se'rox refused. She felt indifferent about it, really. And Se'rox could not help but think that Lilah was holding something back. Some suspicion or something. So Se'rox had said she would go home that night, thanks for the invite though. Se'rox agreed to come back soon. Lilah said that she and her husband didn't work much. He apparently had a job, and she mostly stayed home with the child. Lilah hadn't said much about herself or her husband, and absolutely nothing about the little girl. But Se'rox knew there was a lot of history there. The first inkling having been that Lilah could fly, and the husband seemed fine with whatever that meant. Which meant that he had magic of his own somehow.

Thoughts overflowing, Se'rox found herself just inside the forest and finally able to see nothing but forest behind her. So there she created her jumping stamp. She could travel from her mud-hut to that spot with her strange jumping ability, and back again. She still thought it was odd that she could only make a tunnel out of it, but her previous attempts to change that had almost gotten her completely lost.

Moments later Se'rox was standing just outside her mud home. The doors and windows were closed up with mud as she had left them, and she opened the mud-door with ease, and allowed the windows open an inch. Taking the package Lilah had given her and setting it on the counter, Se'rox wandered over to the bare floor, and fell backwards. As she fell, the mud floor rose up, and she landed softly on what was her bed. She thought for quite a while, until after the owl nearby started hooting. She could not analyze any downside to talking with Lilah. Or possibly even with researching, as Lilah had said. Se'rox had the drive to know more- to be more- and Lilah seemed to understand at least that about her, if nothing else.

She fell asleep on the soft mud bed, and for the first time, she slept deeply.

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Community Member

Wed May 28, 2008 @ 03:15am

Um... Would you be mad if I just said "Neat"?

ZuchaX III: Oi. When ya need him to talk... *shakes head* Even in your younger age, mentally, you were always a bit of a curious at heart woman huh? Intriguing.

Dragon student
Community Member

Sat May 31, 2008 @ 03:39am

Xangord Well at least your Somebody has SOMETHING to say, Zuchax. Mine has been spending all this time thinking up a way to respond to the entry and yet still nothing.

Don't make me lock you up with Nogard.

User Comments: [2]
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