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A Nobody's History
The history of a unique Nobody named Se'rox Ludiceabes.
Years later: Leaving Kaitan
I feel the need to move along with the story of myself a bit, as things around me are moving so rapidly. Perhaps I will tell the tales of my dozen years in Kaitan later. For now, things must move forward, more recent events told.

Se'rox had smiled and laughed at the festival last night. Her friends had had fun, and she had no reason to argue that it was entertaining. She had learned from these friends that, whether or not she was happy, she should still smile and laugh. Laughter was actually easier than smiling- there were things that were humorous to her, after all. But either way, it had been a great Trinity Blue Moon Festival. The festival only came every two years- or every 490 days here on Kaitan. It was held the single night that all three moons of Kaitan shone blue, a reflection off of the vast oceans of Kaitan. It usually happened that two of the moons, or even only one, reflected the oceans at a time. The other one or two would be in line with the sun, and shine golden instead.

All this meant nothing to Se'rox, since she could not see the colors of the moons. But Hi-tu, Nealiminity, and Auasmith*, her best friends in this world, told her it was absolutely stunning. Nealiminity said this world was so full of beautiful and full of water, that if there were any blue dragons left in the universe, they would certainly love to live here. Which would make her happy, since she was a very lonely green dragon, and prized friends instead of treasures.

But this was the next morning after the Trinity Blue Moon Festival, and Se'rox woke before anyone else. She had been living at Hi-tu's house for the last eight years. Hi-tu was a very strange being, being half-pixie and half-demon. She was only two feet tall, but had allowed Se'rox to build a seperate wing to her house of appropriate size for Se'rox, complete with kitchenette, bathing facilities, bedroom, and sitting area. In fact, Se'rox's sitting area was the friends' favorite place to hang out, since she could easily change many things about it, including it's size, since it was made with mud. She kept it dry on the outside, and very solid, so no one ever got muddy.

Solemnly, Se'rox woke and dressed, before the sun had risen and waken the flowers outside her window even. She had nothing to pack, as she was a simplist, and really didn't keep anything. But she was leaving today. She carefully- and very quietly- leveled her bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom from inside the living room. Looking at the leveled ground through the doors of the living room, she nodded. She then pulled up the mud to enclose the living room. The room was huge at the moment, as last night she had made sure it was large enough for Nealiminity as well as the others. Then she did something different. It was a technique she had been working on just recently. She pulled a different kind of mud from a barrel that had been hiding just outside her bedroom. Mixing it with enough water was difficult, but when she was done, she had made a strange kind of mud that, once it was allowed to dry, would become solid as rock. With this, she coated the entire living room, inside and out. Hi-tu now had a permanent reminder of Se'rox, and a place to visit with her friends. All of them.

That done, Se'rox left. She knew Hi-tu woke late, but she was also quick. And Se'rox had to get going before anyone was in a light enough sleep to awaken.

Se'rox opened a Portal, and stepped through. Out of Kaitan, and into another dimension. Once there, she closed the Portal behind her, and shuddered. She had never liked the feeling of this dimension. It always felt like she was standing on a sheet of paper, and nothing else. She opened another Portal directly in front of her, and stepped through.

She was in an odd labratory. As promised, he was there. He was working on something, of course. He never stopped working on things.

"Ah, Se'rox!" Xemnas said, putting down his instruments. "I am glad to see you. So, you've taken me up on my offer, then?" he asked, in his very serious way- ruined of course by the excitement in his voice.

"Not yet." Se'rox answered. "But I did want to consider it from... closer up."

"Ah, yes. Of course. Well, you have good timing. We're going to be moving soon. Away from Hollow Bastion. There is a new world, one that we will be able to use so much easier."

"We?" Se'rox said indifferently.

"Yes. I have others with me now. As I said I would. And more will come."

"And why do you think that?" she asked.

"Because. No one out there understands us. Nobodies. People without a real heart of our own. Everyone else out there has one. We have to bind together, and possibly-"

"No, no. I said I'd think about it. I am not certain that I think this is the way to make us normal. Or even that we need to be." Se'rox said, cutting him off.

"Very well. But if you aren't in on the plan, I can not technically make you part of the organization. You'll just have to be..."

"A consultant?" Se'rox offered.

Xemnas took a moment to consider.

"You are the one who said that I can help you." Se'rox answered.

Xemnas looked at her for a long while. It was true, she had managed to answer many of his early questions. And she had taught him how to create Portals. Without those, he would have been resigned to flying airships all over the universe- which is where she had met him in the first place.

But he wasn't sure how much more she had to teach that he wasn't now figuring out on his own. But still... strong allies were still strong allies.

"Agreed." he said, and sighed. "For now, I can have someone show you around, or..."

"I think I can find a room for myself." Se'rox said. It wasn't like this was her first time in the castle. It was, however, her first time here with so many people in it. She could feel them moving about. There were about... 8 other people here.

She turned to leave.

"Wait." Xemnas said, straightening up from having gone back to his papers and vials. "I almost forgot."

He walked up to Se'rox, and, looking her over, explained. "I want to have you... practice, against one of my Organization members. We want to know how strong you are in comparison, and also, its a kind of initiation."

"But I'm not-" Se'rox interrupted.

"In. I know. You aren't going to be in the Organization. But to have full access to the grounds, to experiments, and so forth, you need the initiation at least. And then you'll be given a Nobody name."

"I already have a name." Se'rox responded.

"Yes, but, it's more of a nickname. Used to tell a bit about our powers to the others. It is a title, in a way, as well."

Se'rox paused for a moment before answering.

"Fine." Se'rox said finally. This man was testing more than her strength. But he would not find her resolve weak, either. She would not join them with the plan they currently had. "When and where?"

Xemnas smiled. Apparently, he had learned that trick, too.

"In about an hour, outside in the courtyard." Xemnas replied. "I won't be there, and the one you fight will assign you the nickname. That way, it is based on your powers and fighting skills." he said, turning back to his papers.

Se'rox left the room, and left Xemnas mumbling under his breath, "because, if it were up to me, I'd nickname you the Blind Mudslinger."

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Dragon student
Community Member

Fri Aug 01, 2008 @ 02:33am

Kaitan sounds like a lovely place.

Community Member

Fri Aug 01, 2008 @ 03:29am

Kaitan sounds Nice. Xenmas sounds perfect, and Se'rox... is just bloody awesome all together.

User Comments: [2]
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