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A Nobody's History
The history of a unique Nobody named Se'rox Ludiceabes.
During the next few weeks, Se'rox spent more and more time at Lily Blueaecid's house, until at one point, Se'rox began to spend the night in the basement laboratory. There was an interesting room in there, that Lily nicknamed the Room of Requirement, where by simply telling the closed door what you needed from the room, it would do exactly that.

During those weeks, Lily spent most of her time down in the basement lab with Se'rox, doing tests, experiments, and looking over data. Together, they found that Se'rox was only a little over a month old when Lily and her first met, and that Se'rox's powers were continuing to grow in strength. Se'rox once tried to ask that if Lily could not move earth like she could, how did she not trip. Lily explained to Se'rox about normal sight- as much as she could to a woman that had never seen. They argued for more than three hours about what colors were; Lily wanted her to understand, and Se'rox maintained that they must be irrelevant, if they had no deeper connection to the earth.

Finally, Lily did the one test she had been dreading. A DNA test. She took a sample of DNA from her daughter from over three months ago, one from a week ago, and a sample of Se'rox's from that day. While Lily was running the tests, Se'rox could sense a difference in Lily. She seemed too quiet, a little frightened, and irrational- to Se'rox's standards. Se'rox left the lab while Lily waited for the results, knowing it could be up to seven hours of waiting.

Se'rox walked into the kitchen, and saw little Rose there. The little girl had not grown much since they first met, but the little girl was no longer shy around her.

"Sewocks!" the little toddler yelled, seeing the woman in the kitchen from up on the stairs. Rose started hurrying down the stairs. Se'rox could feel it before it happened; the girl's pace was too erratic. Se'rox ran for the stairs, just as Rose tripped and started to fall.

The toddler Rose bounced her arm and side on a step, and was about to hit her head on the landing at a fatal angle when Se'rox reached up and grabbed her.

The little girl cried, and her father came running from in the study.

"What happened?" he called out, as he rushed to be at Rose's side.

"She was hurrying down the stairs, and she tripped." Se'rox replied. "She hurt her arm, possibly, but she almost broke her neck."

Looking over his daughter, what Se'rox said made the father stop, and look at Se'rox. "You... thank you." he managed. He slipped Rose out of Se'rox's arms, as she was still crying, and brought her into the sitting room. He kissed her arm a few times, and she calmed a bit. Her arm was already developing a bruise, but she would be fine. Se'rox wondered if she wasn't a danger to the toddler. She seemed to be.

Se'rox left the house, and walked out back. There was a large pool out back, and so Se'rox sat on the edge and put her feet in. It was an odd sensation, and she had to hold onto the edge to keep from falling over! Because she could sense water, but not as clearly as earth, putting her feet into a body of water but not onto its bottom made her feel as if she were falling and twisting.

She pulled her feet out almost right away, and backed away from the pool. That was not a good idea. she thought. She knew the area of the pool, could feel its dimensions, but not when her feet were dangling in it.

A few minutes later, and Se'rox was leaning her head back into the water, instead. She felt cooler, and grounded.

That was how she was lying when Lily came to find her....

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Dragon student
Community Member

Fri Jul 04, 2008 @ 02:51am

awwwww, poor chibi rose!

blueaecids rose
Community Member

Fri Jul 04, 2008 @ 03:54am

*pouts and blushes*
I... I don't remember that!
I was just a baby! Babies are uncoordinated...


Community Member

Fri Jul 04, 2008 @ 03:59am

Wow. You saved her life. How could you think you're a danger?

ZuchaX III: We're a strange breed. What can we say?

User Comments: [3]
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