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A Nobody's History
The history of a unique Nobody named Se'rox Ludiceabes.
Many moons later...
It had been months since Se'rox had been asked to leave. She had traveled to the south continent of Gaia, and, finding it fairly teeming with both demons and magical and mystical creatures of good will and intent, Se'rox had opportunites to fine-tune the powers she already had, and work on others.

She destroyed many demons over the months, and many of the mystical communites hailed her as hero, if not friend. In her opinion, friend was better. She was able to talk with those creatures who called her friend, and learn more about the world, the universe, and all sorts of different things. It turned out that Se'rox was able to learn enough in those few months to put her abilities together, and make her first trip to another world.

As she waved goodbye to the nekos, Se'rox took a deep breath, and put her arms out to her sides. The trick she had learned was fairly simple in idea, but tricky in application. The idea was to use a hollow sphere of mud to ride in, and simply move out from her home jumping spot. The hard part was that the tie to the home jumping spot would get weak the further she pushed her earth-sphere away from the planet, and she had less control over direction. But she had studied the sky, and had realized that her ability with earth was not just for this planet. She should be able to use the pull of earth on other planets to guide her.

So Se'rox created a large sphere of mud, and, herself inside, pushed it off the ground and away from Gaia. Breaking atmo was the hardest part, and after that, it was just a matter of minor directional adjustments to get to the planet that the nekos had helped her map a course to.

After a matter of two weeks, the mud sphere was pulled into orbit by the planet Se'rox had aimed for, and it was just a matter of pulling her mud-sphere towards the earth far below. Once through the atmosphere on that planet, she looked for a plain muddy area to land in. Finding it, in somewhat of a more wet area than she was used to (a swamp), Se'rox carefully landed her sphere, and then had the mud sphere fall apart around her.

Looking around, Se'rox was fairly pleased- as much as a Nobody could be- with her progress. This new world- Kaitan- was supposed to be home to a few specific races of creatures. Demons, Pixies, Fairies, and Oracles. There was also a rumor that green dragons lived here. This would be perfect to hone her skills, and learn more. If only she could find someone else like her. Then she could truly learn more about herself, and what she was.

User Comments: [3]
Community Member

Mon Jul 14, 2008 @ 01:33am

Cool! Se'rox can make.... err... Space ships?

Dragon student
Community Member

Mon Jul 14, 2008 @ 04:39am

Nissa: That's an...interesting...ship.

Se-rox Ludiceabes
Community Member

Fri Jul 18, 2008 @ 08:48am

Actually, and I learned this later, the probability of actually reaching the planet had been .0000001%, and once I figured this out, I decided against using that as a travel method ever again.

To be precise, I learned that on Kaitan; this planet.

User Comments: [3]
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