Thinking reminds me of everything.
Stuff I don't want to rember.
How I walked up to the casscet.
Seeing your face for the last time ever.
Or how I had to crawl to make things better.
How I made things wosre.
How I made you smile.
But I made you better for the time being.
And that has alot of meaning.
I just can't help but wonder.
Whats going to happen after.
Your dad abuses you.
Your whole family is pissed at you.
I wish instead of you,
It could be me in your spot.
Suffering all your pain while you hae a good life.
That would make me more happier.
Alot of my friends would hate to see that happen.
Since you got raped alot.
And abused for ever.
I love you alot.
Thats why I stayed with you.
We both found out alot about each other.
And all I wanna say is.
I hate thinking.