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for once..........
here is a story i wrote

Just Another Tragect Story

Dear Frank,
I can't belive Sheana would do this to me this is a total melt down for me.I can't stand any more of that new kid Shane.I mean serously Sheana just went out and dated him behide my freaking back.Something has to be done about that Shane guy.Same thing that happened last time?You guns me ammo ?We might need to get some of his freinds too.If you say no Frank I'll be depressed and disappionted in you.I did this for you now you got to do this for me.I'm going to go now and work to get some money for the ammo.I'll hear from you later.Don't stay to close.

a no one.

Dear Boby,
You know I'm always up to a fresh killing.Yes I'll get the guns you get the ammo.I'm going to need A-K47 bulletts and Peacemaker bullettes i know you get the A-K.Yeah something does need to be done about that Shane guy.I caught Jena with him the other day.I was so shocked becase i was going to ask her when we got older if she would marry me.As I walked in there they were makeing out infront of me.I just feel so incompleate with out her though.I might ask her back out I think it was just a one chance thing she was begging me not to leave her.So I just might not leave her after all.Stay close but not to close.

no one improtant.

Dear Frank,
Yeah you should,Jena was tricked by that jack as...sprin.I'm serouse he tricks other dudes girls into doing things they don't wanna do.You should go back out with Jena but I'm not doing back out with Sheana.I do know that Jena does love you though.I just think there isn't a girl who if I told this secret to they would be cool with it.I know Jena would try to get you to stop but she would never trun us in.The job has to be done sometime soon befor this happens to anyone eles.Three nights from now ok?

a no one

Dear Boby,
I asked her back out she said yes and I told her about us.She wants me to quit.This is our last killing Boby and we do it tonight ok?I dont want Jena scared anymore.She has been parinoyed.I want this to be over as soon as it can and then im going to live out the rest of my life with Jena the one person who loves me and cares for me.Tonight is the last night forever!

no one important

Dear Frank,
What you can't quit on me because one girl said so Frank but whatever its you desieion.and ok I'll meet you night time.

a no one

Dear Mr. Thomas,
We found your son shane in an ally.I'm affraid he isn't comeing home.You see we found himm in a dark ally he was gunned sir.This might be hard to take but he was a good boy.In your eyes atleast.When you and Mrs. Thomas wasn't around he would force girls into makeing out with him and sometimes fourplay and sometimes it went father than that.I'm sorry to be the one telling you this.We have no trace no clue no evedence who it could have possibaly been.We all here at the police station are very sorry.

the police station.

You might ask yourslef what is the point of this story?Why did i even bother to read it?But the story behind the story is just because someone did something wrong you shouldn't resovel to violance.Theis tow boys did but one stoped the other however became a top serial killer.Number one on F.B.I. and everyones eles list.the question is do you know who it was?This might surpize you.That night Jena admitted that she was inlove with Boby not Frank.Frank always did say he was always up for a killing

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Feb 03, 2008 @ 10:50pm
gr8 moral and very tragic i feel bad for Frank his girl's in love with his best freind yikes

commentCommented on: Tue Mar 04, 2008 @ 12:21pm

xXAdvril Lavigne LoverXx
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Mar 08, 2008 @ 08:08pm
T^T *sniffles*

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