One small night a littel girl is going to have her life changed.
chapter one i was five

It wasn't easy being half Jewish half Christen in Germany espaecly since Hitler was in rule.Since i was his neice he did't want me hurt.Even though it was very hard in thies times.Running from someone who uncel had hired to kill half of me.Some of the times he had to hide me because his men took strict directions.Even though i didnt have it nearly as hard as other Jewish people it was very hard thise times.I did always have food and always had love to keep me close to uncel.Considering he was my only family I had left me and uncel were very close.He might have been a coke-head and a littel wacko but if anyone knew him like I knew him there would have never been a worldwar two.He could have been the bad guy,alot of people saw him as the bad guy but he was nice careing didnt realy want anyone hurt.Not even the Jewish people.Even though he did it was on accedent.It all started with uncels docter. He prescirded him to take cocain.I tryed to tell uncel to not take it but he trusted his docter to much.He didn't hurt me over it he just gave me a lecture about it.I can still rember his words."Rosa look docter Ben told me to take this you know that I trust my docter with my life.He wouldn't do anything to hurt me so don't worry littel one."So he took the cocain and here is were the whole entire story begins.When takeing the cocain he gave orders.For some reason he decided to only atack the Jewish people.I was telling him not to but he just told me to go to my room and write it to him and so he can read her feelings towards this.So I did.I was a good littel angel towards uncel but if anyone eles would have tryed talking to me like he did I was an aruging devil.Whenever uncel wanted just alittel alone time to himself to think of plans i went outside and took a walk.I'd ussaly start in the gettoh or as uncel called it the true Jewish home.Then I would go to the Christen part of the towen and I would always stop to talk to Nattien.He was a Christin boy he talked to me because the fact i was half Christin.I had a huge crush on him I was thinking of asking him out.But then agin almost every girl liked him.He was so sweet and had the clearest nicest greenest eyes that made you think of walking in a medow of flowering flowers and stoping right in the middel and kissing Nattien right there.I had talked to uncel about it and he said as long as he makes me happy he didnt care.He was acculy kind of thrilled I chose a christen boy.So today was the day.I asked Nattien out and his reply I got I remeber because the fact I cryed as soon as I got home.His reply was "sorry but your Jewish and i can't date Jewish narks."But I still love him.When I was five and now that I am twelve I still have feelings for Nattien.Now back to were I was about uncel when I was five.I worte a long long letter to him saying why I think he shouldn't do the cocain.He read it with deep consideration.He didnt ever brun it or throw it away.He put it in a frame and he told me any time he had any kind of decline in a thought he would read it because he was so proud that I a five year old littel girl had the guts to tell the ruler of Germany that what I think he was doing was something bad.He said I always did have guts.This was the second day of cocain.He told me to leave because he knew after reading the letter I made that I didn't like him when he did cocain but I did still love him no matter what.I know what he was doing he was planing on takeing over Poland because they had a high poputaion of Jewish peopel.So I was walking toward the Christen park.All of a sudden I feel myself being picked up.It was my uncels people who saw my half Christin and Jewish star, cross.Uncel required for you to wear your religoin on a neckless.They were takeing me to the monkey bars.I was wondering what they would do to me and if I was going to live through it.They took my body flexed it to were my throught would have litterly poped out if i was there for five more minutes.Thank god for Nattien comeing.He helped me get out and relax and breath and all that.He told me everything would be ok and gave me his scarf because if uncel saw this he would kill the people who did it to me.So he asked me if I wanted his scarf or dead people.I said I wanted the scarf.I walked home and somehow uncel could tell something happened because he took off my scarf and asked who did it to me.All I said was one of his men even though I knew it was Keven.Keven hated me with all his heart.Uncel used his calm voice so I knew his cocain was over.He asked me once more if I knew the name of the person he wanted to know.I told him I did know the name but I didnt want him killed and I would only tell him the name if he promissed not to kill the guy.So he promissed not to kill the person who did this to me.So I told him it was Keven.He called Keven in and Keven saw my neckless and knew he was in trouble.All uncel did was make Keven get on his knees and beg for my forgiveness.I knew it must have been imbaressing so I forgave him very quickly.Me and Keven became pretty close since then.Well today is my bithday and Christmas to.I got a prestent form Keven.It was a necless that had my religion on it but on the back was a R on it so they could tell me from many of others.Form uncel I got alot of stuff.Paper,pencels,a shapener, and lots and lots of other stuff.I was very thankfull.

chapter two i was six

Uncel was still in rule now.The war had began at this timeing.Just because uncel was killing Jewish people because he was high the Americans thought they could butt in on our terf.Sure my uncel knew it was a wrong thing to do but he was on cocain there was no way for him to know what he was doing.Well at this time Nattien had became one of my best freinds even though i still had a crush on him.Now i knew why they called a crush.If there was someone that you loved and addored but they couldn't go out with you because of something you felt like your heart was getting CRUSHED by a hammer when he had to decline your offer.Uncel started including me in his converstions because he knew I had some realy realy good questions and answers.Plus i had stratigys that not even uncel could think about.People say i have an overactive emagination.Uncel said this to but he said my emgination was very good for stratigys for war.I felt special when he decided to use some of them.He knew i wasn't a gilrly girl type I was more of a war and boy type.If I painted my nails it was black or a blood red.I had stright hair.After my birthday I decided to strighten my hair so I could keep it out of my face more when I was thinkning of differnt things.Uncel was very proud of me.Some times he would offer me money when ever he was going to use one of my ideas and I always had the same reply."Your useing my idea is the reward i got I don't need anything eles just for a six year old mind to wonder off to no were and someone use the idea is the best reward you could posibaly give me."then it came to me while i was drinking warm water because it was close to fall and i needed something to warm me just came to me out of no were.when ever we were in a war just got stright through and take there suplyes that way when we are beating them they have nothing to relie on.i told uncel about this he thought it was brightlent.i was only six years old and thought of the most important stratigy that Adof Hitler was going to use.uncel was so happy with me,he let me play with blondie his dog.i loved blondie he was a real greaman sheperd and was very dangouse.once i saw him bite off the face of a human in about five-point-six seconds.even though blondie wouldnt even let some people look at him he got great pleasure when uncel let me pet himself.he absoutly loved me witch surpiseingly most animals did.i remeber once when i was four uncel was there for breishanta and i held my arms out for about half an hour and uncel came out and he saw birds and squrals and lots of animals all over me.he couldn't belive what his eyes were that timeing i thought it was very there i was petting blondie and then we heard a knock at the was a littel jewish girl.she was selling cookies and some how got to this part of town.uncel was going to kill her but i just couldn't let uncel do it i jumped in front of the girl befor he was going to sluader her.he told me to move but i just couldn't let uncel get rid of another human like that.he told me clamly to move but i refused.he said if he didn't kill her would i not hate him.i said yes he let the jewish girl go free.later when i went out for a walk the littel girl came agin to me.but this time she had a bunch of kids comeing with her.she told me since i spared her life she and her "posei" wasn't going to hurt me that bad.for the next hour i was beaten by jewish people who i had saved lifs for.when i came home i went stright to my room with no one eles seeing of the maids came in and saw how bad i was.she offered to bring my room and stuff to my room so uncel wouldn't have to see me that much.uncel had a bad temper when someone did something to me.last time this happened i didn't write in here but a bunch of jewish people was beating on me.he put them in a gas chamber.he watch them die a horrid death.littel kids tramiatized me there for a while.i am better now most of the time for now though.anyways the maid and i agreed and she became a loyal freind i could trust and she was also skilled in health and doctorectts.he came in with uncel one day.she said it was time to tell my uncel what happened but do not use names.uncel came in."dareling who did this to look horrid.are you feeling ok?",uncel said."i don't know who did this to me uncel.", i kinda looked away so he couldn't tell if i was lieing or not and contued,"its ok uncel janeie has been careing for me and i feel good."Janeie was surpized that i said she was takeing care of me.uncel gave her a huge amout of euroes.i told her thank you so much.all she said was.'helping the young and seeing that face is all the reward i need you blue eyes are just so pretty.",she said. i loved janeie ansd janeie loved me.she was like my mom.she cared for me she watched out for me and would always make sure i got my lunch when ever i was off to the school courts.i was homeschooled for reasons uncel wouldn't tell me about.i figured out by myself that i couldn't go to christin schools because i was half jewish and i couldn't go to jewish schools because i was half thing i loved about uncel.even though the schools were different they both got the same kinda of books in the same condition.

chapter 3 i was seven

because the fact i was an A plus student i got to graduate alot faster than most of the other students.uncel was so proud of graduation was everything i hooped for it to be.nattien was there and uncel and keven and janeie.of couses the poeple giveing my award to me was there.heck even blondie was there.even though i had been beatin a coupel of times to almost death because of my both religoins i was still very skilled,strong,and this timeing nattiens brother kuls liked me.he was doing everything in his power to go out with me.i just didn't like kuls like i liked nattien.uncel saw how troubeled this made me.he said to me one day it was time.he took me to a small room i didn't even knew excited and in there looked like a babys room.only thing that wasn't normal for a babys room was there was blood stains everywere.uncel told me thise words."This used to be your room,until that night i'll never forget.the Jewish mafia came in right as all of us was about to put you to bed.they killed all but i and you.ever since then if i found something of our family i put it neatly in here so one day when you were very troubeled you could come in here and look throught what our family has gone thorugh."even though that was only seventy two words it seemed like it was ninehundered.i slowly walked in and started for a big stact of photo books.they were photo albums.they had pictures of my whole family in there.i felt like there was someone grabing my shoulder and being there for me but when i truned to see who it was no one was there.i started to go to the crib because i just felt like somethign was pushing me towards it.when i got to the crib i was scared to death.i was pale wight wight as snow.when uncel came over to see what ha dmade me scared he saw it to.written in fresh blood read."You to well suffer the same death."uncel was scared of the same reason i was.he saw i ddint walk over there because i wanted to he saw somethign push me and the FRESH blood.this scared me much.i just feel into my uncels arms crying.Janeie and Keven came in because they heard me cry.they asked what was wrong and we told them to look at the blood on the crib.and then all of them graded some of the things and rushed me out of the room.i spent the next hours in the labotourian just looking at clothes and books there was one book that got to me in has a purple cover and the titel is very interesting."1`000 answers for 1`000 questions and why."it was a huge book but it just looked so much of a good book.i started reading seemed like it answered every quistion i ever had and answered why boys couldn't go out with me unless they had the same relogin.the real reason why uncel was killing inosinct jewish soon as i quit reading the book and closed it i felt something pushing hard aginst my it was trying to get into my lungs and kill me.then my neck sudently flicked back.and something sharp was comeing near my throght.i relised it was my dead cousins pocket knife.then i started to see mom was holding me so my throught was father was pushing my brother had the knife and was soon as the knife touched me i didnt scream i didnt do anything.luckely Nattien had came in to see if i wanted to go outside and play.he saw the setuation i was in.he pulled my fathers arms and hands off of me.he took the knife off of my neck and got my head back in the spot its suposed to be by saying five word."wanna come outside and play?"when he said that eveything disappered.i said yes but let me do something first.i went to uncel and told him what had happened.he said i was never suposed to read that book and not to leave his sight.i asked him what did i do.he told me this long story about how if someone reads that book they learn stuff witch is good but after they learn all of it there dead realitives come and kill them because that book was ment for only the deads eyes.i had no idea what i had done.i thought it was just a stupid book that looked interesting.i never ment for this to happen at all.i went to the bathroom and the toilte jamed.if it wasn't for Janiei geting me out i would have drowened.the tolite just jammed out of no were and the water was riseing at a high level.even though i was an excalent swimmer i would still have was yom kippur.uncel didn't see me soon as it was twelve o'clock a night he walked in and kissed my head.uncel is very senstive more than what you'll think at least.yom kipper was one of the hardest days because you could not eat the whole intierday it was like starveting starved and when to tempel all day.i don't know if that was the real name of it but i always called it was like the jewish chruch.i went and i got alot of wieird looks.probly because my religion and uncel.even though i got alot of weird looks i got to read from the Tarohra.this is like the bibel kind of.i was so happy this day.i read it perfectly.people were so surpised of how i read word by word so perfict.once services were over i got invited to eat over tomarrow with a jewish family.they were so amased by me because i could answer almost all the questions they had about the was acculy quiet easy to answer their questions.

chapter 4 i was twleve my last year writing.

as the war ended it became more harded to understand things.i have had about thrity-seven encounters with ghost trying to kill me in the past year.and me and nattien were becomeing close.real close.uncel had taken me to a phicrartrist.there new here there suposed to help with mental doctor is doctor Shundlema but she lets me call her Shena.Shena was such a weird name.i had never heard of a shena was the first meeting.she asked why i looked so reply was i was worried because uncel hadn't always been the perfict one.he acculy used to abuse me.yeah he isn't as nice as i made him look.she asked if she could see proof of this.i took my shirt off and there was so many bruses and cuts on my stmoach and back.she asked if i would want to come and spend the night at her house for the night.probly so she could see were all he hitted me and get a better story than in what time we had.i said i don't know i would have to ask soon as our time was up uncel picked me up and asked me what we talked about.i said she asked why i looked so teanse and we had a good converstion and she realy understands what i'm talking about and can understand me.then he grabed me but my wrist and said,"did you say anything about our littel secret?"i said no even though that is what we talked about.i told uncel she had invited me to her house to spend the night.he said was a fun filled night.first we ate some of her popit corn that she had from america.first you put this corn and bag like thing in and over a uh skillet is what she called it.and then you put it on a stove and the corn pops and it makes a uh eatibal fluffy cloud and tastes best with butter on it.I piged out that day.We had Kanish and Pop-it-Corn and noddels with meat sause.It was all so good.When it came close to bed time she asked if she could watch me change.She wanted to see were all i had been beaten.I allowed this to happen.i knew she would most likly freak out though.I took off my shirt,she gasped.She saw the welts and gashes on my back,the cuts on my sides,imprents that looked like i was kicked deep into my ribcage,and very much more.At this point she wasn't sure if she wanted to see more.She said she didn't want to see more.She was afried her eyes might bleed if she saw more.She took me home and told Adolf,that she was take me to America.That she had seen the things he had done to me.I wanted one last time with uncel.I told him i was sorry and told him i loved him,he said it was alright he should have neverd done that to me,and that he loved me too and kissed me and huged me.That was the last time i saw uncel,a week later i read in the newspaper in America that he was dead.I just went on with my life.