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PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:09 pm
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2009 Year in review
Members Spotlight

PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:49 pm
Happy New Year & Happy Birthday AGA

To welcome in the new year and celebrate our wonderful guild's birthday the Vice/Captains have put together a couple of fun little contests for you all to participate in. Due to the rough revival of the raffle the prizes have been re-worked for this month but we hope you'll all still like it. And we can't wait to see who knows the most about our guild during our Trivia Contest which will be being held in our guild's official Birthday thread.

1st Raffle of the year
Send a trade to AGA-PAT3000 to enter the raffle
Each ticket costs 500g and this gold goes right into the pot
And there will be 2 prizes given
1st prize wins 1/2 of the Pot
2nd prize wins 1/4 of the Pot

Celebrate the Guild's Birthday on the 15th

Sport your golden speedies and post your favorite memory from the guild in our special AGA Birthday thread to win a prize!

T.H.A.T. (Treasure Hunt for AGA Trivia) Contest

We'll be testing your knowledge of the guild you love with a scavenger hunt/trivia contest. The Official Birthday thread will have a new trivia question about the AGA and it's wacky fun, and sometimes psychotic history put up daily. If you don't know the answer off the top of your head all you'll have to do is search around in the guild. (Every question's answer can be found in threads that are still up in the guild. WE PROMISE) When you find the answer just post it in the thread. The member to answer the most trivia questions correctly will win a special prize!  



PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:54 pm
User Image2009 Year in reviewUser Image

User Image<-- ErinsChaos - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Rogue Angel Kiara--> User Image

Hey Kiara, Looks like it's about that time again...

You mean we finally get to get all nostalgic and stuff?

Yup yup. Let's see I suppose we should start with the beginning of 2009. So let me think.. what was going on back in January of last year?

Should be interesting to see what you come up with as neither one of us was really around then...

sweatdrop Yeah.. But I did a little digging and snooping and back in Jan. it seems like most of our guildies were playing in Amaeli's contests and wondering where we were. sweatdrop Infernus Angelus was mostly running things as my Vice-Cap'n back then.

Yeah but he was getting busy with real life too so Amaeli, Camwen and a few of our other regulars really stepped up to the challenge to keep this place going, while he was trying to get us to come back.

So in mid February we came back to see all of our great members who were trying so hard to hold this place together...

Yeah they were.. but the guild was still dying with out new members and our members all wanted to breathe some new life into this place.

So we teamed up with all the active members and mods and got to work, slow as it may have been due to the fact that Infernus was technically Captain at that point and he was now a.w.o.l lol

Well that is the one major issue with all Adult guilds.. we all have lives of our own to attend to. But back to the review here.. *shuffles through some papers* Oh look.. Joe held his Mardi Gras Bead contest in Feb. too! Remember that huge thread of beads all the guildies made?

Remember? I'm still trying to figure out where they found all those cool bead pictures.. I'm a photobucket whore and I couldn't find any good bead pictures for that contest.

Found them? I made mine!

Well I don't have your artistic talents dear.. It never even occurred to me to "make one" lol. *shuffles through her research* Ooh Noch tried to restart the booty train then too lol..

The boys around here sure do love showing off their golden speedies don't they?

Well I don't think it's just the boys... *evil smirk* In fact this picture kind of proves it's not just the boys: *holds up the pic and starts giggling*

User Image

stare First of all... not cool.. Secondly. Aren't you jumping ahead a little as that was your April Fools Prank on me last year?

redface I suppose you're right.. Let's see.. March... *eyes light up* Oooh March is when we had our "Guild Conference" with all the guild staff to discuss all our ideas and see where they wanted to see this guild go!!

Would you believe I still have the transcripts from that?

You too!?! LOL *shuffles through more paperwork*
Guild Conference Excerpts

Nochdguir: i have my industrial strenghth spoon out tonight kiara
Rogue Angel Kiara: I don't want to know Morgan
Nochdguir: oh with which to "stir the pot"
amaeli: and here i thought it was robin hood reference. i certainly wouldn't want to die being spooned to death. wait...
Nochdguir: ....... see im at it already...
Rogue Angel Kiara: There is no spoom
Rogue Angel Kiara: lol spoon even
Nochdguir: spoom!
amaeli: it's like foam, but deadlier.
Nochdguir: foam spoon of doom? i claim dibs!

Haha I love how I unintentionally invent this thing but Noch claims dibs to it lol. It's amazing we got anything accomplished during that meeting. Look at this part:

Guild Conference Excerpts

ErinsChaos: lol thankies Kiara lol.. I knew having even just this many of us in one spot would be interesting lol
Rogue Angel Kiara: I love that word.. lol "interesting"
amaeli: it's like a backhanded compliment.

Lmao.. You know I didn't mean it as backhanded compliment though lol. I just knew it was going to be hilarious and it was. Between the Spoom, Noch stirring the pot, Exxos accidentally posting in our conference in the wrong language lol and all of us being semi or fully A.D.D. it was more than hilarious it was damn near Epic!

That it was dear.. that it was. But even with all that insanity and fun going on we still managed to get quite a bit done including approving the idea for a new guild treasury system and voting on a new Vice Trio.

Which just so happened to have been Me, You and Mr. JoeEuphonium

Yup.. But his life got busy too and now it's just you and me buddy 'ol pal. *hugs ErinsChaos* You don't miss wearing no pants do you? *giggles* So let's see.. does that finish up March?

Well it almost does.. but one other thing had to be done to get this guild back on track and that was the creation of the Happy Pill cookie to help vanquish all of those evil cookies that Sinning Fluff and you had cooked up way back when. They'd fallen into the wrong hands and had to be stopped.

Ah yes.. the Fukitol infused cookies.. I sure do love those things. Ya know there are days I don't think we'd be able to do this job with out 'em.

I'd have to agree with ya there hun. They sure are life savers!

They're not lifesavers they're cookies

Oh shut up...

Well if that finishes off March.. And we already touched upon how April started off stare What's next?

Ah but we didn't finish all of April Fool's Day.. Lest we forgot how the Gaian admins attempted poorly to get us to believe they'd been bought out buy Omni-drink.

Oh that horrible company that made the cleaning product of something and named it "drink" but if you drank it your head exploded.. *sigh* You'd think they'd get tired of blowing our heads up by now

You'd think... but apparently it's a classic or something like that. Something else that we'd have liked to have seen become a classic but never quite made it was the "Ask Camwen" section in our Newsletter. Unfortunately she just never got enough feedback or questions from the members to keep it running.

That is sad. You know Gabby made her first appearance at the same time? She's hung in there a bit longer which I guess is good.. but then she didn't require member participation. Has anyone ever figured out where she came from anyways? I mean I checked the member log and there is no member by the name of Gabby. I mean you've got to know her since she interviewed you and all.

Would you believe she made ME sign a non-disclosure agreement when I hired her? I never thought it would be an issue until people started asking questions about her.. I need to change the topic though lest I get tempted to spill and end up in jail. Did you know I started the classifieds section of the newsletter back in April too? It never did really take off though so I think I'm gonna be ax-ing that this year.

Well that's a shame. But if it'll cheer you up we could talk about the Easter Egg Event that Gaia had in April.

You mean the one that gave us those cute scarfs and bunny slippers? That one took forever but I managed to get my slippers biggrin

Yeah I was hoping we could have gotten a few extra pairs of those to give away as guild prizes but that event just took so long that neither one of us had time to get a pair on our mules for the guild. sweatdrop

Yeah I used to be great at running double accounts for the events to get extra items for the guild, but lately my multi-tasking skills have begun to fail me.. There are days I think I'm getting to old for this lol

Hey now you're only as old as you feel so knock it off.. go eat a pixie stick or something lol. *flips through her notes again* Well I think that's about it for April. On to

uH Not so fast chickie.. *smirk* We haven't talked about the sauna the guild got in April yet evil

What are you talking about? The guild doesn't have a sauna... *lightbulb* OH no... You're not.. redface

Yup lol. You didn't think I'd miss telling the guild all about how we turned you into a sauna and me and several other guildies built a room around you and basked in your steamy warmth? hahaha.

I hate you....

Nah.. you love me. And you'll love me even more for moving on to the next month. In May Noch started his section in the Newsletter.. Though sadly he hasn't really kept up with it due to his class schedule. But stay tuned cause later on we'll be getting a whole bunch of useless trivia out of him.

You're kidding me? More useless trivia? Where does he find all that stuff?

The magic of "stumbeupon" I believe. Feel free to google that later if you don't know what it is. I'd explain but we're not even half way through our year review yet lol.

*flips to the next page in her research* Ooh.. In May we had gotten two more mods too. Camwen and Amaeli were both promoted then..

Some of the best mods we've had right there. Too bad Amaeli got that new job... <.< I mean.. good for her... sweatdrop Just too bad for us she ain't around anymore

True.. But hey, we've still got the wonderful Camwen and w/o her we wouldn't have the Golden Canteen that she opened in October.. ah.. but I'm jumping ahead again aren't I...

Yes dear you are but I think it's a side affect of this place.. after a while our brains just can't think in straight lines anymore lol It has to be able to jump from one topic to the next just like our threads.

You know you might be on to something there. And on the topic of shiny distractions guess what else was new in May?


Well PAT of course! AGA-PAT3000 made her debut in the guild last May and was welcomed with open arms. Her arrival made for a much simpler donation system and our guild members that join her friends list can even see where their donations go via her journal.

She sure has made our lives a lot easier and for a busy mom like me anything that makes my life easier equates love in my book lol. Speaking of motherhood though May is also the month in which we celebrate Mother's Day and our loving Joe Euphonium gave out necklaces to all the guild mommies last year.

That was really sweet of him but then that's why he was known as "Super-Dad" to so many of the guild members.. well that and a huggle-happy-flirt lol

That he is. But many of our male guildies are lady-killers as proven by Exxos' old animation of the Golden Speedie Dancers

User Image
From left to right:
JoeEuphonium, Exxos, Infernus Angelus, Nochdguir, Kool Ken, Virtulellment Votre, & Daniel Stormbringer.

You never do get tired of showing that off do you?

Are you kidding me? It's a beautiful piece of art made by one of the most active members

huh Yeah.. I'm sure That's why you love it so much... *snickers quietly to herself as she digs into her notes again* Mm look here we finally got some of our sub-forums cleaned up and re-opened in June. Hobbies got handed over to Camwen and we re-opened the Contest sub-forum after its' much needed clean-up.

Yeah it had a lot of dead and un-manned contests in there. We also got our "Mod Log" up and running then, so the moderators would all have an easy place to post and discuss guild topics amongst themselves with out having to fill up each-others inboxes or post guild issues in the main forums

That is nice to have. We all know how important good communication is around here.. especially when trying to get anything done lol

Too true.. of course it our case it seems the more we talk the less we get done lol "Oh look my crops are fully grown..". "Oh look new items in shops!! Time to go shopping..", "Oooh we should look for more prizes for our contests..". "MOOO!!"

LMAO I should have known you'd find a way to sneak a moo into this...

Well it was that or give you more crap for going on your cruise in June and not talking me with :fake-pouting:

I'd have taken you if I could have goof-ball! lol Besides if I'd have taken you, you would have missed taking your kids to the fireworks!

Ah yes.. the best thing about the summer. At least here in the states.. Yeah for 'splosions!! Of course here in the guild we were also celebrating YOUR birthday lol..

*blush* Yeah.. We also had another round of Golden Speedie sightings and the first ever visit from the Golden Speedie Fairy!!

Ooh that's right. And on top of the Golden Speedie Trend our Exxos also started doing some trend setting that month getting people to turn their avatars into "gay-pride floats" or having them create all-red avi's that didn't just look like a blob of red.

Those were a lot of fun. Didn't you make avi's for both of those?

As a matter of fact I did.. but of course I just used my standard "Gay super-hero" avatar for the "float" theme lol and my red avi wasn't that great

I honestly don't remember that one.. but I always look forward to seeing what great avatars our member come up with, like the Drunken Pirate avi you came up with August while we were celebrating your birthday with the 1st Annual Erin's Day hehehe

Yeah I should have known you'd get me back for throwing you a party lol. But with Camwen throwing such great parties at the Canteen now I hoping that will be the first and last "Erin's Day" thread to ever grace the guild.

Oh you just never know. twisted Might depend on what your plans are for this April

Hmm Ya know I actually haven't put much thought into it yet.. but I suppose I could pick a new target this year... I mean I wouldn't want to risk accidentally melting you again.

How kind of you. (<-- Sarcasm) At least you didn't try to eat me in my gelatinous goo form.

Well in all fairness she didn't know it was really you.. But moving right along did you ever figure out who the "Random Gift Ninja" was that poofed into the guild last August?

You know everybody thought with all of our ninja training and connections we would have been able to get some leads.. But that's the thing about being Ninja's man. We're just too stealthy and cool to be tracked or caught.

Too true dear too true. It's a shame that we never knew who to thank though.. Oh well. *fumbles through her notes again* Oooh I had forgotten all about Camp Chaos. It really was nice of the gaian admins to name something after me!

*pats ErinsChaos on the head* Yes dear.. It was very nice of them (<-- in a clearly patronizing and sarcastic tone)

I really should write them a note of thanks for that. *scribbles a note to herself to do just that, clearly unaware of the sarcasm*

*flipping through her own notes while rolling her eyes at ErinsChaos* Hey.. Look at this.. When Gabby went a.w.o.l. and Darby filled in for her apparently she also tried to find Gabby.. and she sent in a picture of Gabby with her final report!!

User Image

Hey that can't get me in trouble since I'm not the one showing it off right?

I don't see how. Besides it's just a picture it's not like her phone number or address. You're too paranoid sometimes...

*looks frantically around the room and then back at Kiara* Maybe you're right.. but it's kept me around this long right? Let's see what else I've got here in my notes.. *flips through her notes while still scoping out the room* Umm Ya know I couldn't find much in September..

Well you know as well as I do it gets fairly quiet around here then. I always just assumed it had to do with all the parents getting their kids ready to go back to school.. but there are a lot of member's who don't have kids around here... o.O

Well maybe it's just everyone trying to enjoy the weather outside before it gets cold.. idk.. hard to say I guess.. But I suppose we should just jump into October then..

Well let's see, we finally got the new Guild Calender up just in time to announce the Halloween events.

Yeah we cut the timing on that one pretty close but we were also trying to re-open the Monthly Avatar Contest in time for our annual Halloween avi contest.

October really made up for our lack of activity in September especially when you realize that's also the same month Camwen opened up the Golden Canteen too!

And then it almost immediately got thrashed by the zombie attack at the end of the month. Ha that was soo much fun. And Exxos' RPG battle system that he set up for it kept the action going for days!

That was a lot of fun to read.. I'm just glad Camwen was able to keep the place standing through all of that and that no-one got too sick from the stench of Noch's army of rot bunnies.

You know I was actually pretty surprised about that myself.. But it seemed beneficial to the Food Drive at least. Everybody lost their appetites and nobody seemed to mind passing off their food to Pat for the orphans lol

Ha Ya know I never even thought of that lol. Of course after seeing how the Donate to Decorate contest turned out I'd be inclined to think it has more to do with us just having really generous members

*sigh* I suppose that might be it... Which would probably explain the members that signed up for the Secret Santa event in December and might explain why Pat had such a large "Nice" list.

Yeah, with out our outstanding members posting and donating this guild would be nothing. Hopefully this year will be even better than last!

That would be absolutely wonderful. *snaps her fingers and magically poofs champagne into everyone's hands* Here's to a wonderful year gang!

And to continual water pistol and nerf gun wars, To Youtube dedications...

To Heavily Laden Swallows and Happy Pill Cookies...

To the rum never being gone...

So drink up your champagne and throughout the next year keep drinking up.. life that is.. *drinks her champagne* Well lady's and gents I do believe that is it for our review. If you'd like a more detailed look at what happened on Gaia as a whole read on. And stay tuned for Member Acknowledgments, Quotes and Updates!

Gaian Storyline:

XMAS - Last year ended and this year started off with Santa and his counter-part Cow finally being “re-swapped” and after a few moments of ire at having to have been that way for two years and being literally put out to pasture he hugged the cow and wished all of the gaians that helped get him back to normal a Merry Christmas and went home with his wife.

Valentines Day - Gino and Liam are having a bit of trouble getting a date so Ian suggest Valentine's day cards and so begins the V-day celebration.

S.O.S. - Save our shops, several shop owners apparently were having some issues paying their taxes and they pleaded to the gaian population to donate.. shops got a overhaul in the end

Promageddon - G.R.S. (Gaia Revenue Service) decided to use all the “extra” gold from the shops taxes and build a HUGE new building.. but to give back to the community they host the “Prom to end all Proms”. Liam build (transforms Bludeau into) the “Lovetron 9000”, Gino gets himself for a date and Liam gets Sam, but ends up being nervous and starts choking when he tries to ask her. Edy who thinks Liam is actually choking on something does the heimlich and pops out one of Liam's Kidney's. The Prom is broken up into several different rooms (Heavenly, Hillbilly, Aquatic, Rock & Hell) and at the last minute Liam finds Sam and asks her to dance after her and Devin are named Hillbilly's King and Queen.. Devlin by the way ends up dancing with Lance.

Halloween - Overseer vs Sentinel. Two lesser god's from long ago who have been trapped for eons since they fought over how to transform an earthworm, both believeing their ideas were the best. Jack gives Sentinel his armies for her to use to bring the gaians to their knees. The overseer, hears that his old friend and nemisis is out for vengence and flees his tank at Barrett's and ends up taking over Gino Gambino's body. Only at the height of their epic battle Jack appears and declares Halloween, stips the lesser Gods of their powers and sends them off while telling the kids not to eat too much candy..?

X-mas - With the Overseer and Sentinel stripped of their powers and no longer immortal they have ended up living as vagrants on the streets of Gaia. That is until the Overseer decides he has to do something to get his powers back and after seeing Crescento's air-ship and seeing a News9 broadcast about Santa being missing he decides he must save Christmas. Sentinel tags along for the ride hoping to get her powers back as well. Together they are able gather enough "cheer" (items) from the gaian's and are able to save Christmas. Unfortunately their powers do not return.. They end up riding off into the sunset with Gino Gambino as their navigator; who had snuck on board hoping for a change of scenery and figured the Overseer kind of owed him that much after taking over his body and embarrasing him in front of the entire Gaiaverse.  
PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:55 pm
Members Spotlight:
New members & Donators

-Intersperced with Useless Trivia-

New Members


The word "queue" is the only word in the English language that is still pronounced the same way when the last four letters are removed.


Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

miss willow whisp
xxLady Lazarusxx

There is a city called Rome on every continent.

Agabus Boltstriker
Pandy Penguin

You can't kill yourself by holding your breath

Queen Cranberry

Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people

Serena of Pretensa
Alecxander Stormbringer
Turns to Ashes
Amarella Harte

The elephant is the only mammal that can't jump!

Junge Leiche
Shadowed Sage Tokai

Coca-Cola would be green if colouring weren’t added to it.

Pink Fregia
Clovy Clover

It's against the law to burp, or sneeze in a church in Nebraska, USA.

Luthien Silimaure
[ Katt ]

Some worms will eat themselves if they can't find any food!

SVP Daniel Smith
redheaded lil angel
metal walflower
Minky Lestrange


Rogue Angel Kiara
RAPsody Ltd
Adam Mongoose

The worlds oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old!

Found Nemo

Slugs have 4 noses.

Tiika Firedancer
Found Nemo

A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years!

Lamb of God 27

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!

undefined dad
Lady Pole

The average person laughs 10 times a day!
(Here's to hoping you've well surpassed that
during your reading of this thread)



PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:56 pm
Quotes From Around The A.G.A.

This is what happens when Kiara and I get bored.


*taps Platlyon on the shoulder... * Uh.... I think we'll have to come up with a new attack formation... *points at Kiara and her guard dog*

"Before Gaia I ate Small animals for breakfast" True... now, I eat animal Embryos with toast and a glass of milk! ~ Adam Mongoose

I can quit .... i can quit anytime I want.....*starts with shakes* aaaa who am I kidding...I need my Gaia hit! hehehhe

Yeah I'm sure you've grabbed plenty of booty Joe! ~ ErinsChaos

Sinning Fluff
Hiya Sage. Welcome to the asylum... uh, I meant guild. Yeah. Guild. *Innocently whistles and then runs off*

*rubs her hands together and commences with the devious
plotting 'n scheming* Well, now that you mention it.. >.>
~ Sinderia

I have a total fetish for pixie sticks!

So what you're telling me is love benefits from bananas? Oh the entendres... ~ Tiika Firedancer

Kool Ken
Yay for endorphins! And warm water and sharpies. And dancing hamsters.

Omg its the rare Kuju spotting! Catch it!

*Throws Pokeball*
~ Lamb of God

Rogue Angel Kiara
My name is Kiara and I'm addicted to working at anime cons. Why? I like chaos, noise and four day head trauma.

I must now embark on an epic journey. A journey to procure mass quantities of nudity and lasers. ~ Exxos

Infernus Angelus
Did I miss something important or what ... who said wet T-shirt contest ??? What is that ... me French ... non speak English ...
Oh come on I had to try XD

you guys make me laugh, all by myself, sitting here alone in my room, out loud, sometimes..... ~Thistle7

A veritable cornucopia of cerebral combustion and conflagration! The crux of concern lying with the mooing of cows... Neigh! Bovines! Bountiful boulevards of boisturous, bilious, bounding bovines of ethereal edification and education of ineffective and erroneously eviscerated emus!

Oh goody! razz A jello that looks like Kiara! *searches for a spoon and a bowl* ~FieryLavaElf

Wow! This thread tastes just like chicken..

huggles ninja kiara and begins to squeze her tightly
im not letting you escape now
~ xx_KiraxYamato_xx

*post a big warning sign* Do not immitate seagulls in the A.G.A. You will be killed

Ninjas can escape anything hon. Didn't you know that? *goes poof* ~ Rogue Angel Kiara

If a tree falls in the Gaian forest, does it still have gold?

yay huggles!!! ^.^ *HUGGLES EVERYBUDDY* ~ JoeEuphonium

Infernus have fun, be good or don't get caught.

Ive learned that its best just to smile and nod and not get involved any further. Why? Because insanity is contagious!! ~ Tiika Firedancer

*orders up the dust bunny brigade for dress inspections* "ok troops i want ever ounce of dirt in the kingdom recruited were still at war wit those darn evil cookies and remember every fallen soldier is fresh troops in the making"

Schnell! Zembledack! To Munich! Where ve shall start ze reaktor und make wiz ze taking ower of ze world! MUAHAHAHA! ~Exxos

Come on Ken Jump on board the booty Train! CHOO CHOO!!! heheheh

umm.... gawd how i would love to go to Princes yard sale! ~Thistle7

Dark Angel Hikari
We're new, we're few, with great members and crew! Most of all, we're here for you!

Smooth moves for everyone!~ Kool Ken

Why do i have the sudden urge to yell MOOOOOON PRIIIISIIIM POOOOWER!

Thank you, Exxos! I knew we could count on you to break the rules for everyone's enjoyment.
~ Amaeli

I do not feel the need to be serious right now. I shall now be silly for your amusement! We must do the dance of the thousand hams!

.... Ninjas with shiny do exist.... ~ ErinsChaos

Sinning Fluff
The ball of Fluff knows all, sees all... *Says in spooky voice* It predicts that America's next president, in keeping with the declining trend of intellegence, will be a house plant named Bob!

I prefer nothing, because wearing clothes means doing laundry. ~ Tika Firedancer

Rogue Angel Kiara
Methinks we allowed silliness to take over yet again. Ah the inevitable fate of threads in A.G.A........

Hooray for internet addiction! biggrin You should join my fan club support group. ~ Tiika Firedancer

Ahh zercia don't be scared of us hehehe.......we don't bite......hard lol!

I look like something Kira would dream up after getting plastered and watching too many Jim Henson movies... ~ Exxos

The dice gods are taunting me


Platinum Lyon
*runs circles around the thread* "I got a hug from Kiara! I got a hug from Kiara!I got a hug from Kiara!I got a hug from Kiara!I got a hug from Kiara!"

Ive always wondered about eggnog; I mean, it obviously isnt made from egg noggin, since... well, since eggs dont have heads. Unless its made from the BIRDs noggin. Wait, so eggnog is like headcheese? ~ Officer Hot-Pants

*sneaks in behind chaos and kiara with a fire hose and opens it up full spray* "hiyah you two daniel asked that i help him out if i should see you kiara and well chaos i still owed you one...." *laughs like a maniac at the two girls driping wet and runs like hell out of the thread*

What did that poor wall ever do to that kitty???
~ Platinum Lyon

Rogue Angel Kiara
lol, sometimes I wonder about this thread's unbeleivable ability to change topics flawlessly in a microsecond.

before gaia, i raided and pillaged, killed local vermin, told rulers exactly what i thought of them, and was either hired or thrown in prison.
then the rest of the guys got a life, and the rp was put on hold. and i got bored. ((sigh))
~ metal walflower

Sinning Fluff
Souls take a little while to bake. So my army is still in the oven.

wooglie blooglie wooglie blooglie booo! lol ~ Ropper

Rogue Angel Kiara
*long drawn out recorded message voice begins* "We're sorry, Rogue Angel Kiara is currently unavailable for comment as she has fallen out of her chair in hysterical laughter, bumped her head on the floor and now lies in a coma with a seriously wacked out grin plastered on her face. Please try again later" end transmission*

I came in here with a thought and after reading all that it has left the building. ~ BigK007

Lamb of G0D
*tosses a Dart at Joe!* 3nodding

Why are there grenades in my cereal?! ~ Exxos

Kool Ken
Ok, you guys are having too much fun here!
PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:57 pm
Sponsor, Clean-up

Well gang, that's just about it for this edition of AGA Report and Celebration of the AGA's Birthday. Don't forget to check our our Birthday Thread to share your favorite memories of the guild. If you post with your "Golden Speedies" on today you'll even get a small gift from PAT!! And of course I can't let you all go with out showing off our Sponsor for the month and right after that we'll have just a quick note on what to expect in the coming days, weeks, months, etc.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Before you all head off to the Birthday celebrations we wanted to let you all know what would be coming up in the days ahead:

  • A Guild clean up of all threads and sub-forums will be performed by your Vice/Captains over the coming days and weeks.
  • A Member clean up will also be completed by your Vice/Captains. Any members who haven't posted in over 3 months will be booted from the guild but are always welcome to return whenever they want. So if you have any friends who are in the guild that you don't want booted tell them to come post a lurkers post at least to keep from getting booted..
  • New Banners In an effort to keep breathing new life into this place new banners will be made.. and many of our old banners will disappear. If you want to keep any of the ones we have up now feel free to save them to your own "photobucket" or "imageshack" account, as many of them will be getting deleted to make room in our guild account for the new ones. Also if you'd like to help with the new banners feel free to PM Rogue Angel Kiara for further details.
  • Slogans Hopefully sometime next month we'll be creating a thread for you guys to post ideas for new "Guild Slogans" for use on some of our new banners. We may even turn this one into a contest more info will be in the thread when it's created.

Okay gang I think that's it! If you made it through the whole thread I congratulate you and would give you a cookie if I could. *hugs* Have fun celebrating the AGA's Birthday!!  



Aged Bibliophile

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:45 am
I am mentioned 15 times. Yay me for making an massive impression! I came, I saw, I caused massive devastation! I am like an asteroid of joy and frivolity made of mushmarllows and squeezy-cheez!
And don't forget the girls! (link provided in lieu of golden speedie girls so as to avoid the width of that sucker)  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:29 am
I am mentioned 15 times. Yay me for making an massive impression! I came, I saw, I caused massive devastation! I am like an asteroid of joy and frivolity made of mushmarllows and squeezy-cheez!
And don't forget the girls! (link provided in lieu of golden speedie girls so as to avoid the width of that sucker)

Yay for equal booty time! XD Thankies Exxos *hugs*  

Rogue Angel Kiara

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Distinct Dabbler

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:24 am
Whew! I made it all the way through! I want my cookie now!!!

heheh seriously though I'm so thrilled and amazed that you put all that together for us. (((((HUGE HUGS!!)))). Yes you are awesome 3nodding just a fact.

*runs off to change into her speedies*  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:52 am
Whew! I made it all the way through! I want my cookie now!!!

heheh seriously though I'm so thrilled and amazed that you put all that together for us. (((((HUGE HUGS!!)))). Yes you are awesome 3nodding just a fact.

*runs off to change into her speedies*

OMG I loves your avi Camwen!

As for the work, I had some help from teh Kiara which helped a lot.. *blush* but thank you for that.. redface heart  



Distinct Dabbler

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:02 am
Whew! I made it all the way through! I want my cookie now!!!

heheh seriously though I'm so thrilled and amazed that you put all that together for us. (((((HUGE HUGS!!)))). Yes you are awesome 3nodding just a fact.

*runs off to change into her speedies*

OMG I loves your avi Camwen!

As for the work, I had some help from teh Kiara which helped a lot.. *blush* but thank you for that.. redface heart

((((hugs to Kiara too!!))) You both are the best.

(thanks for the avy complement - I love to see how everyone is dressed up today. You are all so creative!)  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:00 pm
heh heh heh beautiful work love you really did a great job getting this together.....  



PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:07 pm
Thank you dear... I'm off to go test out Camwen's latest addition to the Canteen. Hope everyone likes the report! *wanders off to go soak her cares away in the hot tub*  

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