• Soap Bubble

    Often I wonder
    If I am nothing more
    Than a soap bubble
    Reflecting a world
    Of people, places, things
    That come so close
    Without ever touching the surface
    And I wonder
    If something were to come
    Close enough to touch
    If that bubble of reflections
    Were to burst
    Would I find myself to be
    Nothing even as substantial
    As the air that filled it
    Am I nothing without that bubble
    Of reflections
    Or could I be, truly
    Not a bubble of nothingness
    But something real
    Is there a world that exists
    Inside that bubble
    That I cannot see myself
    Through the reflections
    And if all the reflections
    Were gone
    Would I find
    Not nothing
    But something so pure
    That others can only imagine
    What it might be like
    For them
    To capture it's reflection