• Darkness envelopes around me.
    Darkness is churning in my mind and in my heart.
    My life means nothing to those around me;
    For I am already dead.
    My love, my life.
    My emotions, my hatred.
    All mean nothing.
    Turning. Twisting. Dying. Those are the words you told me, stuck in my thoughts, but soon to be burned by the fires of Hell.
    Don't touch me.
    You already ruined me, hurt me, killed me.
    You never cared, thats how it will always be.
    It's pointless to be living to me now, but sadly this will never change.
    I can never change it.
    But though; I scream and cry, no one hears me at all.
    I'm twenty feet under water, crying out for you.
    I told you once.
    I told you twice.
    I love you; come and save me.
    Why must you be so difficult?
    I down the pills you prescribe; pills that kill.
    They kill the real me.
    How could you?
    You let me die again.
    I am somone I'm not supposed to be.
    Stop making excuses.
    Life, here we go; I'm living you, trying my best to survive.
    Death, leave me alone, you sabatoged me already.
    My inevitable life, my inevitable death-- are always there; to hear me scream and cry.
    Holding on to the pale ocean; knowing this is the end.
    For once, your arms are there to save me, to hold me.
    Your toxic lips cover mine, beckoning a warm invitation.
    Your arms are welcoming, soft and comforting.
    Your eyes are on me, sweet caramel.
    Your body's right next to me, a life long dream.
    You tell me; "Hold on! I'll save you!"
    Though I know I'll never be saved.
    My eyes close, my face goes pale.
    My body bleeds all there is to bleed-- Tears and blood.
    I'm dying, and I know it.
    I open my eyes once more, you aren't there; a dream lost, nonexistent.
    As I draw my last breath; one last tear escapes my eye; feeling your last kiss on my face.
    I died knowing you loved me.
    Life, death, inevitable.