• I just can't wait
    'Till your words blow up in your face
    Your world falls apart
    Your lies fade away
    At the end of the day
    You should know,
    I'll be the one who comes out okay

    'Cuz this world of make-believe
    Ain't mine
    It belongs to you
    You got me tangled in your lies
    Lost in your eyes,
    I can't wait 'till it blows up in your face.

    I guess you forgot about me,
    Forgot the world we used to see
    I had thought we had it all
    Forgot why, just started to fall
    Your stupid lies trapped me,
    Backed me into a corner,
    Pushed me off the edge.
    So now it's up to you
    To see your lies crumble down
    And bury you alive
    Just sit back
    and watch yourself die
    Isn't that what you did to me?
    It's your turn now.