• I hear the words, the words of the wind,
    Tousling softly my autumn locks.
    Birds they come to me in flocks
    And seek the support of steady limbs.
    A bird teaches me kindness and grace,
    So I stretch out my limbs into the sky
    To shelter all those who cannot fly,
    To care for the weak and those misplaced.
    In return I teach the bird.
    She showed me love so I hold her tight
    To keep her from flying into the night.
    Some paths are better not ventured.

    But each bird must soon fly away,
    It is in their nature to leave the nest.
    Each one of them will attest
    That to their nature, they can't betray.
    Each time they leave I'm shaken up,
    My limbs retreat just to extend
    To let the next free bird in
    To have another try at love.

    I am a tree, she is the bird,
    My roots planted firmly in the ground
    While brilliant wings fly all around
    My mind because of simple words.