• (Spoken in monotone)
    Oh, so it's over.
    No, no, I understand.
    Not you, me.
    I'll be fine.
    I'm sure it was dificult.

    Over and done, we are,
    Lived for too long and far,
    Based on a joke, you live,
    And a horrible punchline am I.

    Could I have ever been blind to see,
    That losing you made me go free,
    The cage was shut tight once more,
    But your key was dropped on the floor.

    She thawed my frozen heart,
    Just to tear it apart.
    She melted the steel,
    Just to stick a dagger in,
    And see how I would feel.
    And while I writhe in pain,
    She thought it a great gain,
    To leave me there,
    In the pools of despair,
    Trying to hold it together,
    The torn fragments of my heart.

    So you think I've become depressed.
    Should my mind be instead repressed?
    You don't understand why I blaze,
    Because for you I have to enrage?

    It's over and I mean nothing,
    I must only be trying to cling.
    Nothing is sacred to you,
    There's no possible way my heart grew.


    You took the cowards way out,
    And now you try to blame me?
    You hold onto nobility,
    It must be my fault,
    because you're just too perfect.
    There's no way I mean anything,
    If that were true, than why else wouldn't I bleed,
    when you tore out my heart?
    After all, just because I'm depressed,
    Means I should get counselling,
    So I don't hurt YOU with my death!
    Who said I would anyway?!
    What, you couldn't wait a single month,
    To do it in person, instead you needed a txt?
    Oh, what a coward, oh, what less than?
    You needed only my money, nothing more!


    (Said in a calm voice)
    You know what, to hell with you.
    This isn't my fault, it's definitely yours.
    I tried to warn you, that there were bad times coming from distance.
    And you know what, I don't need you, you worthless piece of...