• sitting alone in the dark,
    a shiny object begins to shimmer,
    where is the light coming from?
    The door opens in the frame stands a manly figure,
    his hand wrapped around my waist,
    he lifts me up close to his body,
    and carries me towards the light.
    I did not know my hero,
    my man in shining armor,
    but odly still there was a spark,
    and my love for him grew,
    when i woke screaming into the dark silent night,
    he was there holding me close telling me "its all just a dream i wont let you go back." He held me tight and that dark corner all alone that i remembered was once again out of memory and all i could think is,"does he really love me?"
    He took me in his arms away from my own personal hell he healed my wounds but most importantly of all he healed my heart.
    Thats what its like when you have a broken heart,
    you feel like nobody cares nobody's there,
    your all alone,
    in a corner,
    in a dark room the only light coming from shiny object,
    the one true friend that stuck by your side,
    whiped away the tears you always cried.
    He held my close,
    would not let me move,
    let me go,
    so i close my eyes,
    rest my head on his chest,
    and try to make a mental picture,
    to take my own personal hell's place,
    with this hell of a damn perfect life.
    He changed my life,
    he brought back the sun,
    the light,
    he is my own personal heaven,
    my own guardian angel.