• My story is about my best friend. He and I is like friend, he is my schoolmate. Same class and same age.

    One day, we are having a morning school. So morning we came to school and we enter the class then we on the fans and go back our sits, we sleep in the class! Because it is very early in the morning! The time is about 6:45 a.m.

    Then suddenly, a teacher name call Stanley he saw I and my friend sleep in our class then he take away our bag!!! After that, my bag and my friend bag is taken by Sir Stanley! Because this is our school rules. Then a friend of mine he told me 9:30 a.m. you can feel free to take our own bag but we must listen what Sir Stanley is telling us.

    Now the time has come, is finally 9:30 a.m. so I tell him, my ( schoolmate ) " Now we are going to take back our bag in Sir Stanley office ". Just now we are at ICT room, we wear our shoes then we walk to take our bag! Then Sir Stanley call us to arrange to make two line. One line for boys and one line for girls. Then Sir Stanley told us " wait here 12 minutes " Then sir Stanley going to handle some case. I saw my ( schoolmate ) are ready to sweat, because he let me to stand inside the middle of a corner. So I can feel inside not very hot. But my ( schoolmate ) have to stand the right side of the sun, so he's getting sweat.

    12 minutes later, Sir Stanley told us " Next time don't bring your bag in the class ", We take our own bag in Sir Stanley office, then enter our class. He's such a good friend just now he let me stand inside the middle of a corner then he stand his own at the right side of the sun.

    I always call him brother, because I always feel that I like him means { crush } I like him much! And I don't know why... I know him in 2011 year, then I know him more in this year! Yesterday I told him my ( schoolmate ) " you are my best brother I ever had, and you always always always are my good brother "! Then he smile and looking at me... because we both feeling the same way like [ embarrassed ] in each other!

    Lately, the bell ringing is about go home! At the same time in my heart, I was just thinking about just now what was happen. Then i feel is nothing at all... So that means I will like him but not love him because he already have a heart on someone else! So in my heart, he is always my brother forever, never change! If this happen really change so, this really is a miracle!