• It was an earth sunday, pretty boring I can tell you that. sundays are the worst, but this one is going to be good.

    I was in my brown wooden bunk bed on the top bunk laying on my bed surrounded by all my fluffy and soft teddies, I felt like I could sleep all day, I mean there was nothing better to do, it was time for a change. Just between you and me, I had better things to do because did you know I have this high tech ship with amazing functions. I thought I could have a day of saving the world, or just go on a trip.
    I jumped out of my bed, and landed on the floor on my bottom, laugh out loud, it was pretty funny I must admit. I opened the cupboards and grabbed a t-shirt, it was purple with flowers in the bottom corner. I grabbed a pair of Jogging bottoms that were black with white stripes, and quickly put them on.
    I grabbed my white really soft socks and threw them on too, then I put my black sneakers on. I jumped up and down on the floor sort of to wind up my sister, she woke up and threw a pillow at me, then she said " VICTORIA IT'S 6.30 IN THE MORNING AND IM TRYING TO SLEEP"
    She was really moody and I did a good job of it hehe. I admit it was kind of early to wake her up but on a sunday morning you just can't sleep.
    I was really bored, I hate being bored. I jumped up onto my window sill and opened the window, the window sill was really narrow and a bit dangerous to be sitting on, but that didn't stop me. I opened the big window all the way and done my loud whistle, the my G.S (my gismo ship) came up to the window in a second. I stood on the outside of the narrow window sill and put my hand on the had sensor place on the steel door, then I typed in my sixteen digit code on the silver number buttons, then I put my sonic screw driver in the sonic screw driver hole and buzzed my screw driver, then I opened the door. I climbed onto my ship, and yeah it's bigger on the inside. I jumped into my seat, and pulled the amethyst, silver, lock seatbelt over me and buckeled it in, better safe than sorry, you don't know the kinds of things this ship can do. I went to drive off and then all of a sudden the ship went into automatic, I tried to control it, but it didn't work, what was I going to do? I uncbuckled my seatbelts and jumped out of my seat, I put my screwdriver over my rainbow twisty steering wheel and blasted my screw driver, it wouldn't work it was a deadlock seal. The ship went itno a spinning motion and wouldn't stop, I fell to the floor and hit my head full force. it felt like a had been hit across the head with a huge hammer, my head was pounding. After hitting my head on the floor i was out cold and laying on the ship floor. I woke up and everything was moving, it's like when you see everything moving and one thing that looks like more than one. I stood up still dizzy, then I told my ship the word open, and the door automatically. I walked out to wherever I was and then looked forward still dizzy.
    It was the judoon, they are the galactic police of space. I was still dizzy and in front of me was the judoon standing in front of me, holding guns up and i said "What a welcome thanks, you guys"
    The judoon were dressed in big black leather suited armour, that had these black dangly things by the legs that made it look like a skirt, and on the legs it was leather suited too. The helmets were black metal, and the judoon in front was the captain, he had the same armour on, but wasn't wearing his helmet, he also had a rhinoceros-like head. The judoon captain stood there and said " Sco po fro no fro jo co fo tow tow" (it's judoon language). I shouted " Yeah mate I know what your saying!! PEACE!!" Then fell out cold and landed on the floor. It was that bump on the back of my head, when I fell I hit my head pretty bad. While I was laying there, two of the judoon picked me up, the first one held my legs, the second held my arms, then they followed the captain into this odd looking room and put me on this metal bed thing. They took my right arm and put it in a cuff sort of thing attached to the bed thing, and dead lock sealed it, they then did the same with my other arm, and my two legs.
    They leveled the bed-board thing up straight as if I was standing, but I was sealed, and then put a huge silver thing with a black screen in front of me and switched it on. A huge red, rubyish blood colour lazer beam shot over my whole body. I felt it and then woke up. The lazer beam shot at me again and it was really painfull. When I woke up tidy, after being dizzy I shouted "GET THIS THING OFF ME RIGHT NOW"
    then the captain shouted" YOU WILL BE CATALOGUED"
    The judoon captain when on and on and I tried to squirm free, but it was no use, I was going nowhere, then the lazer beam hit me for a 3rd time. A scan of my whole body appeared on the screen. I squirmed and squirmed starting to feel very warm and sweaty, then I was breathing fast. I closed my eyes and started focusing.
    I warmed my body up and focused my power and started using it, then suddenly sparks of power surrounded me and I made a big circle of power, shooting it everywhere and then blasting everywhere. The captain announced code red. More and more judoon entered the room aiming guns at me. I closed my eyes tighter and held my breath, getting more and more power and then i blasted everywhere in the whole room, the machine that had my scan on was a bit damaged. A lady with white hair and red eyes came in and said " IMPOSSIBLE!!!! HOW CAN A HUMAN CONTROL AND HAVE THIS MUCH POWER???!!!"
    The Judoon replies " I Scanned, category: non human, desagnation earth, english
    The judoon looked at the machine as if he had seen a ghost, he looked pretty shocked I can tell you that. He grabbed this black metal-like thing and shoved it on my face, forcing it on, then he pressed a button, making oxygen flow into me, a lot, I'm guessing it was an oxygen mask.
    The Judoon replied" Female earth form has two hearts"
    the judoon adds on " No melfunction, scanner correct"
    As the oxygen flowed through me my powers wore down, I hated being stuck to the machine and there was no way of getting free, I didn't know what to do, I needed to get loose. Then as the tears rolled down my face and my eyes turned a bright crystal sapphire colour, I heard the best sound I could at that moment. It was the T.A.R.D.I.S (travel and relative dimension in space).
    The tardis is a space ship, like a police box from the 60's which is bigger on the inside, it's basically a blue, wooden box on the outside, but on the inside it's a time machine. The Doctor stepped out of the Tardis glaring straight at me with a very surprised look, I looked back at him and he mimed to me the word sonic screw driver. I looked down at my pocket where my screwdriver's were located, I used my sapphire glare to rise the sonic screwdriver out of my pocket and then I sent it flying towards The Doctor. I felt real dizzy again and The Doctor looked at me with a worried look on his face. The judoon didn't see or hear The Doctor come. The doctor buzzed the screwdriver's together his and mine, knocking the judoon and the lady out cold. I had alreasy gone out cold again from the bump of my head. The Doctor told Martha Jones to go and get me, I was loose from the machine, Martha grabbed me and put me over her shoulder, The Doctor saw my G.S in the passage way and shrinked it and put it in his hand, we then all entered the Tardis.