• On December 20 I got dressed, brushed my teeth and went to school.I didnt know about the trouble I was gonna get into.When I got to school my friend came over and introduced me to a girl with long red hair named Breana.I talked to her and asked her what her favorite band was.She said Slayer and I said Metallica.When we had to go to homerooms we went and said goodbye.

    2 days later:
    I got a phone call.It was my friend. Breana was there.My friend kept trying to convince me to go out with Breana and I kept rejecting her.Then, there was a brief moment where I remembered the conversation I had 2 days earlier.I remembered he long red hair, Her beautiful smile and her sense of humor.I gave in and asked Breana out.She said "Yes".I was very happy!

    Monday: of the following week:

    I went to school and me and Bre (Her nickname) wanted to keep our relationship secret but I kind of blurted it out.Everybody knew and they spread rumors.At lunch Bre was sad about the rumors.I told her sorry and apologized.It was almost christmas so I had to give Bre a gift.I made her a card expressing my love.She did the same and we gave it to each other on the last day of school before winter break.

    After Christmas:

    We were back in school and Bre was back.I noticed she was flirting with a lot of guys.I got really angry and was about to dump her.I told her my feelings and she said sorry and actually cried.I felt sorry so I said sorry.Bad thing is I should have dumped her then and there because she still flirted with guys.

    Lets fast forward to the middle of April:

    Bre was still flirting with guys and I noticed she was flirting with a main guy named Noah.My friend told me she hugged him.I got real angry.When I told Bre about it she broke down crying.Then, she called me and said she wanted a break.After that phone call I talked to my friend and my fiend told me she dumped me.I was confused and I took the fact that she dumped me.

    A couple of days later:

    My other friend Jake told me I should have asked this girl named Paige out.I did and she said no.Bre soon figured out and we had a talk about that.Bre told me the break she told me was just a break from the relationship for a couple of days.She got angry and REALLY dumped me.

    2 days later:

    Noah asked Bre out and Bre said yes.I had a mixture of anger so I listened to the Metallica album St. Anger to flush it out.It worked but I yelled at Noah about the Bre thing and he got angry.He came to my locker and asked me to fight.I avoided the situation and left.I had a lot to think about.

    The next day:

    Right before Fam Con Sciences this kid named Josh bookchecked me.I called him fatty and he punched me in the face.It was already a bad day.
    I asked for my friends opinions about Noah later that day.They all said I should fight Noah.Noah did the same with his friends and they said he should fight me.That afternoon we gathered at the lockers after school and we went outside.He did the beginning punch.I punched back.It kept going like that until they stopped suddenly.They saw the police and a teacher.My ela teacher came out and she yelled at me.Luckily they didnt tell my mom at that moment because I would be in big trouble.

    The next day:April 26 2009

    In homeroom I got a call to the office.They told me to bring my stuff.I ended up getting a referral.After they gave me the referral they called me and Noah's mom.That wasnt good.My mom was angry and she told everybody she knew about it.She also put this stupid parental controls thing on my laptop.It sux..Then, they gave me AISI.That was the first time I got all of those.Then, I apologized to Noah.After AISI I had to tell my art teacher what happened.He was suprised I got AISI.I told him that the fight was for Bre's love and he gave me this speach saying she wasnt worth it.

    That whole weekend I thought about that speech.I finally found out that Bre wasn't worth it.

    On Monday I got morning detention for the fight and my music teacher also surprised gave me a speech too about Bre not being worth it.After all of that I missed the Suns game field trip so that was a big punishment for 1 fight.I finally started ignoring Bre and now I stop thinking about her.Plz dont remind me about her though because if I didnt go out with her none of this would have happened.

    Well that was my life-changing real story.It scarred my life.I hope this doesnt happen to u.