• If you saw a fat man and wanted to be stupid or helpful, these are 2 things u can say to still offend them 1( the stupid way ) " Hey, Bud, if you eat these chips in 1 minute I'll give yuh 5 dollars! " 2 ( the helpful way ) " Sir you should reccomend Jenny Creg. " either way you'll get someone sitting on you razz

    That has happened to me but not that way... STORY TIMMMEE!!!!!!

    " If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk. If you give him a glass of milk, then he'll want a straw. But since there are no more straws left, you can't give him one. Then the mouse will get mad, and turn into a vampire. Then the vampire will kill everyone in the house. When he kills everyone in the house then he'll raid the whole neighborhood. Then the U.S military will come. But if the U.S military comes, they will fail. If the military fails, the vampires will take over the world! So that's why I killed your father Jimmy, because he was giving a mouse a cookie. eek


    One day lil Jimmy was on the bus with his daddy. A woman came up and asked Jimmy, " lil Jimmy, may I take your seat? " he didn't want to give it up, but his father told him to move and said yes to the kind lady. Later on that day lil Jimmy told his mother what happened and she said, " That was a kind thing you did for the kind lady, Jimmy. " but then Jimmy complained, " BUT MOMMY I WAS SITTING ON DADDY'S LAP! " eek

    * look at the lama stare into it's eyes. You are now hipnotized and you will do my bidding.. ! Now your first task, get me a taco scream

    My hand smells like cheese o3o

    Yesterday I got surgery. It was on my butt. I needed to get a transplant for it. Wanna know why? Let's just say that gravity kicks your a** when you try to fly -.-

    Hey, you. Let's go in my room, close the door, lock it, turn off the lights, on my bed , under the covers, and see my.................. COMIC BOOKS!!1 3nodding

    MY EAQUATION!! :333
    Chips= Fat a**.. Indeed

    Would it be messed up if I said I liked Chris Brown More After He Beat The s**t Out Of Rhianna? sweatdrop

    Well I'm gonna go now... baii.... i'm leaving..... you see my walking out the door.... right over here....... I'm going.... and I'm not comeing back... stare YUH KNOW WHAT JUST **** YOU! not really I love you. DANCE WITH ME LOIS, DO THE DANCE OF LOVE! hehe Family guy Quote * its a t.v show retard * -.-

    If anyone is wondering why papa smurf is missing don't be thinking I ate him o3o >.> <.< ^.^ v.v >.< <.>

    This ish akward. I has nthing else to type about. eek Well. cya. * runs with your money * LOSSEERR!