• kyokitty30: hey
    gir26: what happened to berry?!
    kyokitty30: i hated that nickname!
    gir26: i made it for you! crying
    kyokitty30: don't cry. please?
    kyokitty30: ??
    kyokitty30: gir? gir, are you there?
    gir26: I'M RUNNING!!!!! I'M RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 EEEEHHHEEEEE!
    kyokitty30: are you okay?!
    gir26: i'm watching invader zim! duh!
    kyokitty30: oh. cool. cool.
    gir26: yeah. its pretty much the beastest show out there..
    kyokitty30: best -est?
    gir26: beast! beast-est!
    kyokitty30: oh. did you read it?
    gir26: read what? i read a lot of stuff.
    kyokitty30: broken glass windows?
    gir26: yesh!
    kyokitty30: did you like it? i did!
    gir26: i was sad at first when she died, but then it said she was free from her pain and suffering! so i was happy!
    kyokitty30: how do you want to die?
    gor26: wha?
    kyokitty30: i want to die peacefuly! i'll put my hand on my daughter's face and whisper i love you... as my last words.
    gir26: daughter? oh! you mean when you have a daughter and stuff. thats cool. i want to die in my sleep like my great-granny. she died peacfuly!
    kyokitty30: gots to go.
    gir26: i'll miss you!
    kyokitty30 has logged out.
    gir26 has logged out.