• One day after school Bella was riding her skate board bac home will she was she saw her friend Alis. "Hey"said Alis's dad want a ride home [because it was raining]. "I of course" said yes i mean did not want to be mean.So i got in and of course in real life people live so far away but we live in the same naborhood. But of course i went over to her house and i rode my skate boaerd up in bown the street and around the naborhood with her.Then later that day she came home and worked out.She was a soccer player and a basket ball player .So she wanted to work out.Then Alis came over and just walked in she called me i came up stairs and to my suprise finly came over to my house i mean usaly i would go over there i guess she did not know how to nock on peoples house or somthing.we talked then she walked home .THE NEXT DAY boys were all over me and alis like we were food or somthing [ by the way this is how we3 kloked i had dlond hair with red striks and i am realy tan and i have realy light blue eyes.i was very tom boyish and very goth.alis was half but more gurly she would were high hills she had black hair and she had brown eyes she was a cheer leader and so was i.
    Then the next month she was being stocked by a mureder sweatdrop