• Lets start when i was 16 things din't go to well lets start with number one
    The first day in high school i had a sooo embarising day my pants falled of
    cuz i had No belt...Second When i was in High school they called me Fai which
    is my name but they called me fai with a A+ cus i always got a A+ The worst
    day was i was sitting in the toilet...Peeing...I heard the fire alarm which
    a kid from our class set off They checked public places for the kid to be doing
    something the first thing they did was brake the locked door....Which i was
    inside...I shouded wath the Hell are you doing???They school Guardion said
    to the others Uhoh...RUN...and i said wha?Your toiler seats on fire i saw it
    and shouted AAAAAAAGHHH!!!wait for me and falled over a Mirror...The best day of my life was Mamamia When it was super rainy and my teacher got
    tooken by the police but before that she had a Note on her back that said
    Pea on me And some Teens from my class started peaing on her and then she
    said not me PEA ON CARL well these are my memoreies