• When the skinwalker that was Chase Young's niece awoke, she found herself being poked by a stranger with a stick. "Hey kid, are you alright?" A males' voice asked. Andromeda woke. Her vision was blurry at first but soon she could see. "Where am I?" She asked. "Barton subway, the Null Crystle brought you here." He said. Andromeda got up. "Null Crystle? What the heck are you talking about?" She asked. "You must have hit your head, you're under a town called Barton and if you're here, you were attacked by the Animated." He said. "I'm Frank, by the way." "I'm Andromeda Young. Mind telling me more?" She asked. Frank nodded. "But first, What happened before you came?" He asked.

    "Well, I was beside the river by my uncles' lair, then, while I was taking a drink from the river, I heard rustling in the bushes. So I went to have a look, I saw a-- call me crazy-- stuffed wolf looking at me, like it was alive. At first I thought my head was playing tricks on me then a few others showed up and when I tryed to attack nothing worked and then next thing I know, I'm here." She explained. "Outlaw wolves, they're nasty creatures. Powerful too. Those and more have been terrorizing EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY!" He said with a light chuckle. Andromeda raised and eyebrow.

    "Anything I can do to help?" She asked. Frank handed her a ring. "Put this on, it's the only thing that works on the Animated creatures." He said. Andromeda nodded and put it on her finger. "Looks nice," Frank started, then pointed at a trashcan, "Now aim at that trashcan and pretend it's the Animated." He said. Andromeda did so. Then, a beam of light blasted the trashcan and it fell over, and disappeared. "What just happened?" Andromeda asked. "That's the power of the ring, you'll get more as you move along.

    Then the train stopped. "Pleasure meeting you Andromeda, I'll catch you later." He said and left. Andromeda got off as well.

    Once Andromeda was off the train it left again as fast as it had come. Then a few..... PLUNGERS ATTACKED HER!? She fought them with her ring, eventually they died. She sighed in relief, then the lights came back on. Then a guy wearing guard-like armor appeared. "Another one?" He said. Andromeda turned around, "What?" She asked. "You're another one who got dragged into this mess aren't you?" He asked back. "What mess?" Andromeda replied.

    "The one with all these Animated freaks. I saw that you were just attacked." He said. Andromeda turned and faced him fully, and nodded. "Well then, mind doing a task for me to teach yourself how to use your ring?" He asked. Andromeda nodded. He handed her an electronic device. "Take this, it'll come in handy." He said. The skinwalker took it, "What is it?" She asked. "A PDA, Personal Data Assistant, it'll give you a map of your area around Barton and the lands around it. It also has assignments you need to do so you won't forget and much more." He explained. Andromeda hooked it to her belt. "Thank you," She thanked, "Now where shall I go?"

    The guard pointed to a door behind him, "Go through that door, and talk to Remo. She'll help you get out." He said. Andromeda nodded, "Thank you." She said and walks into the door.