• blood stains
    on the wall
    in the shape of hand prints
    where she caught her fall

    her stab wounds dripping
    what a beautiful sound
    from the closet she escaped tie and bound
    broke free from my restraints i don't know how

    i swing my bat for the back of her head
    she lays on the floor a bloody mess
    and just when i think the b***h is dead
    she gets to her feet her face bright red

    the look in her eyes fill me with dread
    the look in her eyes and the evil it hides
    it suddenly looks like i'm the one to die
    for grasped in her head the leg of a chair

    the one she was chained to
    before i could break free from her spell
    she swung her weapon and sent me to hell
    as i lay there dying she leans over me

    she bites my neck and i let out a scream
    as her venom surges through my blood stream
    she picks up my phone and makes a call
    i bit him on the neck... another hunter falls

    now i too am a creature of the night
    fallen pray to a vampires venomous bite
    still a warrior on the other end of the fight
    lock your doors when the sun goes down

    you thought us a legend
    a story to scare you
    but vampires are real
    and we play with our food