• Yeah, my name is Art and no I am not a freak'in artists but my friend Leo is an artist. Basically, I can not draw as great or incredible as Leo but just cause I have that name everyone expects me to draw. Damn, I really hate people sometimes.
    So Leo can draw with incredible detail and accuracy. And I can make those drawings come to life. Yeah, I know isn't that awesome. Well, no you dumbass because Leo is a freak'in pacifist until a demontre (demon-ch-tree) comes and tries to kick our a**. Anyways before Leo gets back and tries to tell you how much of an a*****e I am, which I am not, I guess I better tell you about the demontre. They are ugly assholes who want to kill us and they have black eyes, thats how you can tell its a demontre. They want to kill us because Leo and me are the next successors to the throne of Haven. Haven if filled with ghosts, thats right you do not die after death (in the spiritual sense). But I haven't gone there but Alex and Leo have gone. Alex is this blonde (hot!) chic who is a huge tease and is Leo's lil sis. Don't worry you'll hear from her and Angela who is not related to any of us but somehow ended up in the middle of this, she is pretty hot but she is Latina and can kick my a** (Don't judge me!!!!)
    She is only 125 pounds and yet she can kick a** but anyways I am awesome and I am amazing so yeah thats all you need to know about me.