• As a child, Lucy was the most cliche drama queen and her twin brother, Blake, was the rough-houser. He was always there to soil her pink frilly dresses with mud and crash all her tea parties with his favorite red truck.

    Their usual days would involve father sitting on the green striped lawn chair outside, reading the newspaper, and their mother leaving for the day to attend work at Ernst and Young. When the time came, the twins began preschool.

    After the very first day, Lucy came back with a letter from the teacher. The letter complained that Lucy had bossed around all the children and threw a big tantrum in the middle of class when she couldn't count to five. It was silly, yes, but her father punished Lucy with no dinner and locked her in her room.

    He told her if she didn't do good in school she would be punished everyday until she did what she was supposed to.

    Soon enough, Lucy went to preschool once more but still came back with a naughty letter and sent to her room.

    Instead of being alone, Blake entered her room and taunted her. He told her that daddy would not want her anymore if she did bad one more time. Being a child, she believed him and worried herself to sleep.

    The next day, Lucy went to school and listened to every word the teacher said. She even learned to write her own name and drew exquisite drawings of her new best friends. The teacher was so astonished that she wrote another letter to tell her father how good she was in school and deserved an extra treat at home.

    Lucy took the letter the wrong way, her brother's words echoing in her mind, and hid the letter away. When her father asked for a letter, Lucy panicked. She told him she never got a letter and he believed her.

    He warned her once more, if she ever got a naughty letter she would be punished for it.

    As she got older, her father would push her more into doing her work and lock her in her room all day.

    He even would insult her brother for not getting A's in his classes like Lucy did.

    Whenever Lucy would not get enough sleep and get a lower grade on her tests, she was stuck in the confinements of her room and receive no dinner.

    One day, Her brother came in her room while she was drawing the cute little tree in her window and told her he wanted to run away. Lucy, worried on how her father would react, told him it was a ridiculous idea. Even though on some nights she would be starving and struggling on her math homework, it all paid off on the report card.

    He looked at her in dismay and cried out in anger that she would never understand what he went through.

    After hours of venting to his sister, she learned that father always beat him hysterically after picking on him and calling him names, insulting Blake's intelligence. That explained why he always wore long sleeves and steal mother's concealer to cover up the bruises father left.

    Over dumb grades?

    It didn't make sense to Lucy.

    Later that day, Lucy confronted her dad to try and understand why he would torment Blake that way, only to get slapped and forced into her room. She stubbornly refused to talk to her father the next day, tired of being controlled and starving all the time. Her father became enraged and beat her until she laid on the floor unable to move. Blake noticed this and tried to help her, but their father told him to leave her there or he would be treated the same. He ignored him and tried to drag her away from the father.

    He suddenly screeched at him and smacked him down for disobeying him. The twins laid on the floor, barely unconscious when mother came home.

    When she saw them, she merely stepped over them and kissed father in greeting. He explained in his own twisted way why they deserved to be punished and she believed him. She scolded them for disobeying him and went to her room with father trailing behind.

    Lucy couldn't believe her eyes. Was Blake dealing with this so long ago?

    The next day, Lucy woke up, still on the floor. Her body ached on the cold, hard floor. Her brother was twisted over in pain. She told him that it was time to escape. Heartily agreeing, they waited till mother left for work and father reading the newspaper outside on his dirty lawn chair. They helped themselves up and packed their things quietly.

    When Lucy came back downstairs, ready and waiting to leave, her father came back inside. He demanded why she was holding a suitcase and poked a hard finger on her shoulder blade.

    Wincing, She refused to talk.

    He demanded one more time as Blake trampled down the stairs. He gave her a urgent look. Father suddenly pushed her against the wall and held her in place. He screamed at her to give him an answer. A irregular vein stuck out on the side of his forehead.

    Terrified, she started to cry out for Blake to run out the back door.

    Blake refused and tacked their father to the ground. Blake screamed at her to leave, that everything was going to be okay and that he would be fine.

    Lucy didn't believe him but rushed out the door with her suitcase in hand. The first place she wanted to retreat to was the library. It wasn't far and took about ten minutes to walk to. She had to get her hands on one of the computers they had so she could research on a place she could stay.

    While walking there, she encountered a shadowy figure.

    The figure told her that she would be safer retreating to a restaurant, where someone was waiting for her.

    In curiosity, she agreed to go. On her way to the restaurant, she saw Blake! He looked frightened. She called out to him happily and rushed up to him.

    He stared at her for a moment in confusion. Lucy asked him how he had gotten away so fast, especially before her.

    He simply replied, Father choked him, and everything went black.

    In realization, she backed away. Her brother was dead and she could see him.

    She suddenly ran away from him, ignoring his frantic calls. She couldn't handle the thought that her brother was actually dead, no, in better terms, murdered.

    When she made it to the restaurant, she took a empty table and ordered a glass of water, holding her head in exhaustion. Her consciousness seemed be more focused on how she could see her brother then to mourn over him.

    Suddenly, a person with a hood covering their face sat at her table, causing her heart to leap forward a pace.

    Who was this person, and why had this person decide to invade her personal space?

    The person spoke to her in a disoriented voice, explaining that she could be in a better place. In desperation, she accepted without thinking.

    That very moment, began her journey into a new life.