• "Shut up!" I yelled at Yumeji. Yumeji was my childhood friend, and my age, 16. He had bright hazel eyes, soft red hair with spiked bangs that hung over his eyes. Oh yeah, and he was a vampire.
    "Oh, real mature Artemis." he retorted.
    "Get real! You know you took it so just admit it." You might've already guessed this, but my name is Artemis. I have long dark hair, bright blue eyes that shine like the moon. And I'm a human. Not much to expand on that, but humans are much more common the "undesirables" as most humans call them. But, in my case, I'm friends with a lot of them. I live with friends, all of them not human.
    There's my best friend Zara. She's my age with white hair and white eyes. Her hair is shoulder length and she's a Necromancer. A mage that is born with the skill to raise and control the dead. It's ironic since she faints at even the mention of the word death.
    There's her brother Zuko. He's also a necromancer, but he's much better at it. He's her twin brother, so they look exactly the same, exept for the fact that Zuko put streaks of black in his hair.
    Milaya is 15 with short brown hair and dark onyx eyes, she's a werewolf.
    Lastly, there's Chizuru. She's 18 with long pink hair and bright pink eyes, she's also a witch. Not the ugly, evil rare kind of witch. She's the pretty, kind, good kind of witch.
    "What did he do?" Milaya asked entering the living room of the house.
    "He stole my icecream!" I said.
    "Oh like you needed it! You're on a diet aren't you?" he said defensivly.
    "So you admit it!" I yelled, hiding my blush.
    "Yea, I admit it! So what?"
    "You b*****d!" I tackled him to the floor, but being a vampire, he easily overpowered me and nailed me to the floor. I struggled as he laughed, his fangs poking out from behind his lips. "I hate you." I hissed.
    He smiled slyly "You liar. You know you love me." I know he meant it in the friend way, but I blushed and suprised him by headbutting him. He tumbled backward, covering his bloody nose that was already beginning to heal.
    "You owe me icecream." I muttered, sitting up.
    "Sure, I'll buy you some when we go on a date." He grinned. I scoffed and went up stairs to my bedroom.
    My bedroom was black and red all over. The bed was black while the bedding and blankets were red. My carpet and ceiling were red and my walls were black. It wasn't that big of a room, as big as a single college dorm. My bed was next to the window while my closet was at the foot of the bed. My small flatscreen was above my red desk that was against the wall next to the head of the bed. My walls were covered with band posters. Falling in reverse, escape the fate, sumo cyco, snow white's poison bite, bullet for my valentine, black veil brides, and etc.
    After I took a shower, there was a knock on my door. "Come in!" I said, sitting on my bed.
    Chizuru entered "I'm going out to the store to buy some groceries. Do you want anything?"
    "Yea, tell Yumeji to buy me more icecream." I said.
    "He ate it again, didn't he." Chizuru let out a long sigh. "Well, I'll be back soon."
    "Be safe." ad she left. I settled down on my black desk chair to whatch some tv before bed.
    After a long while, there was another knock on my door. "Who is it?"
    Yumeji came in "Hey."
    "What are you doing in here?" I hissed "I'm still mad at you!"
    He came up and hugged me from behind " Oh, come now, love! Please forgive me." his natural british accent came through.
    "Get off!" I laughed, playfully swatting his arms away, I could never stay mad at him for long.
    He picked me up and threw me onto the bed, playfully wrestling with me. But he was still pretty damn strong. He nailed me down and loomed over me, a triumphant grin lighting up his face. "What was that, love?"
    "Get off!" I said, trying to heabutt him again. He dogded it.
    "Not without you saying you forgive me." his british accent once again hidden, he began tickling my stomach.
    "Fine! I forgive you, now get off! You're heavy."
    "I don't really believe you."
    "If you don't get off me soon, I swear to god I'll kick your a**."
    "Fine. Fine." He got off and lay down beside me. "You're pretty egdy today, Artemis. You okay?"
    I shook my head "I'm fine."
    "Hey, I can tell when you're lying."
    "My dad called." You see, I was a runaway. I couldn't take life at home and Zara and Yumeji took me into theirs. My dad calls every once in a while, my phone can't be tracked and I don't tell him much.
    "Oh." Yumeji mumbled "You want to be alone?"
    "N-no." I said.
    He nodded, wrapping his arms warmly around me like he usually does. I rested my head against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat that more than once lulled me to sleep. "Hey, Artemis?"
    "Yeah?" I mumbled, half asleep.
    "I..." I fell asleep before I could hear the rest. But, maybe if I did, things could have turned out differantly. Than again, maybe not by much.

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