• Angelicence~
    "Rilez changed, she just wasn't herself toward the end." The cop's right eyebrow rose as he stared at Angelicence, who shifted uncomfortablely in the chair.
    She hated the warmth of the floresent light shinning upon her face and the way the cop and therapist stared at her.
    "What do you mean she wasn't herself?" The cop asked.
    "SHe quit cheerleading, dumped the guy she'd been with for 8years, let her grads go to A's to F's, and finally, she just shut everyone out."
    "Dr. Shay, would you happen to know anything about this?"
    The cops eyes shifted from Angleicence to Dr. Shay and Angel relaxed as she looked in the direction of the therapist, pleased that they were done looking at her.
    "Hm, well from what I hear, she believed a demon was haunting her,"
    "A demon.?" Angelicence laughed coldly. Rilez? Believeing in demons? Were these people serious?

    May 7th
    "I'm just saying, a cheerleader should be able to do the splits. Apple, you're the captin. You need to put that bich back in her place. There's not a capicity big enough for an ego her size," Apple rolled her eyes and stopped at her locker.
    "I'll pass on getting jumped by that pyscho thank you very much,"
    Beth gave her a quick eye roll before kissing her cheek and heading down the hall.
    She put in her combination and smiled as warm hands held her hips and warm lips pressed against her bare neck.She turned around and smiled while she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him close.
    "Miss me?"
    "Me? Miss you? Chance, I think you're getting a big head,"
    "Yeah, okay. Whateva,"
    Rilez giggled and opened her locker. She slid her algebra book on the top shelf and looked back at Chance.
    "Hey, are you busy Saturday? There's a new horror movie coming out,"
    "Damn, I'm sorry Rilex. Saturaday is one of my dad's visitin days this month." Rilez upper lip curled in disgust and she grabbed her English book before slamming her locker shut.
    "Ready to go?" She turned and smiled at Angelicence.