On the brink of death, there's always one more thing you can do.

    Just as I was about to ask why it was too late, Kaiba gripped me by my bicep and pulled me out of Minoru's grasp and looked down at me with red eyes. I immediately understood and started shaking myself furiously, "No, no!" I reached out to Kai. "Kai!"

    Kaiba pulled me roughly and lead me to the center of the large stone room. He held me by both of my biceps and pressed his lips harshly against the left side of my neck. My body was frozen while being held against his stone body. My heart was racing and I was in shock; I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to try anything to leave; now that Kai was there, I had somebody to run to and a will to live for.

    Kaiba inhaled deeply while slowly wrapping his fingers around the back of my neck. He pressed one of his talons against the skin of my neck. The nail pricked the surface of my skin and no more than one drop of blood oozed out before he fastened his fangs into my fragile neck. The shock hit me even harder; I didn't scream until a few seconds after he bit me.

    Once I screamed, I looked up and closed my eyes, "No!"

    He gripped both of my biceps again and drank heavily. The sound of him taking in my blood made me want to vomit; it was one of the worst noises I had ever heard. Even so, I gripped his shirt and tried to pry him off of me, oblivious to the fact that I had little to no chance of escaping. The bite was so painful; it was definitely one of the most painful I had suffered. Kaiba removed one hand from my arm and tangled it in my hair to ensure my lack of escape. As the seconds passed, I was getting dizzier and weaker. I tried to look over at Kai but my neck was in too much pain; it would have been difficult to look at his pained, possessed face anyways. Even so, I managed to sneak a peek and noticed his eyes growing redder; I was at a high risk of Kai attacking me as well.

    It felt like the drinking was taking forever; it seemed as though it would have no end. It was when I never heard Kaiba take a breath that I truly started panicking; he was on his way. So that really was how I was going to die; I was going to be murdered by Vampires. Of all ways to die, I get the most unlikely.

    "Stop, let me go!" I cried out.

    He gripped me by my ribs and I knew what would happen next. My thoughts were right; he pressed against my ribs and fractured the remaining ribs that Minoru hadn't broken before. The remaining breakage of my bones shattered my whole body. I shouted in pain and squeezed my eyes shut again; I didn't want to believe any of that was happening.

    It hurt to breathe and my vision was blurring already; and I wasn't even done with one Vampire yet. I had been tugging furiously at his hair and he eventually pulled away from my neck harshly. He stared at me with his piercing red eyes and my blood draining off of his chin. The edge of his mouth curled up in a smirk; he was immortal. He pushed me backwards and, just as he did, Minoru gripped me by my biceps and held my back against his body. Without hesitation, he bit into the right side of my neck, causing the shock to restart again for me.

    "No, stop!" I shouted, even in knowing he wouldn't stop. He would never give up anymore, not after seeing his cousin was successful in becoming immortal.

    His drinking was just as heavy as Kaiba's, if not heavier. Minoru wrapped his arms around my torso and gripped my wrists and held them against my stomach roughly, agonizing my broken ribs. He held me tight enough against him to where I could barely breathe. I didn't have enough energy anymore to scream. The blood from Kaiba's bite was starting to bleed through my perfectly clean, white dress. Maybe that was the purpose behind the white clothing; to see how much I would bleed. My ribs would throb more with every breath I would attempt to make. Even though I had given up on struggling, Minoru bit a little harder--causing me to wince--and gripped my left wrist a little firmer than my right wrist. Before I could react, my left wrist went limp after a loud crack. It took me several seconds before the pain reached me. My tears finally started to overflow; I didn't want to die!

    Despite how weak I was, I continued to struggle and belted on Minoru's foot. Apparently that agitated him a little bit; he ended up kicking my right leg from the back, breaking both bones in my calf right in half. I released an agonizing scream and started choking on my crying. I glanced over at Kai and he looked as though he were on the verge to--at the same time--sob and tear somebody's head off. He couldn't stand it; I knew he couldn't stand watching his lover being killed and not being able to do anything to stop it.

    Minoru pulled his teeth out and, just as I thought it was over, he sunk them in again, and again, and again; he was chewing on my neck. I was in too much shock to scream again; I had never, ever been in so much pain, not since the time I had been infected by the Werewolf. When Minoru bit in for the last time, it felt as though one of his fangs barely slit my airway from the inside. He removed his fangs from my neck and, just as I was about to collapse, he turned me around and pressed his bloody lips against my cheek.

    "You're delicious, sweetheart," he remarked with a satisfied sigh. "It's too bad we can't keep you around; I was hoping to continue a third time."

    I couldn't respond; I had lost my voice. I felt his lips pull into a smirk against my cheek and he pushed me down. He pushed me down with such velocity that I didn't notice my head had met the stone ground. Once the pain reached me, I gasped and wheezed fervently. After another moment--with Kai still under the power of the contract--something silver and shiny was tossed onto the ground next to me; my engagement ring. After several more seconds, Hisao, Minoru, and Kaiba left the room with my blood still coursing through their veins. They didn't have any use for me anymore, so why hang around and watch me die after getting what they wanted for so long?

    My heart skipped a beat as soon as I heard Kai's unbearably painful scream of agony. He could talk again; the contract was lifted. He sprinted up to me and instantly cradled me in his arms and stared at me completely wide-eyed. He pressed my face into his torso and continuously cried out my name. My eyes were half shut and I couldn't even move anymore. Kai pulled back to look at me and his face shifted to more panic. He pressed one hand on the back of my head and his fingers came out smeared in blood.

    Kai cupped my cheek, "Arisa, Arisa, come on! Arisa, say something!" He pleaded.

    I was incapable of speaking; my throat was still burning and it was difficult to talk while on your sudden deathbed. Kai leaned over and compressed his lips against mine. I refused to close my eyes on the off chance I wouldn't open them again; I wanted to spend as much of my remaining time with Kai as I could. Kai pulled away and he continued to call out my name; his voice was starting to crack.

    "Arisa, sweetie, say something," his voice was growing weaker. "Say anything..."

    Sweetie...he had never called me that before, and, despite the situation, it caused my heart to leap in excitement. Strangely enough, I wanted to apologize to Kai for staining his shirt with my blood--which was draining profusely from my neck.

    I was feeling lighter already and the tips of my fingers and toes were numbing. The numbing and swelling of my throat caused me to drool a little bit. My breathing was becoming strenuous and my wounds continued to bleed. My broken bones were still throbbing, but they were slowly starting to fall numb. So it was the end; I was going to die. The bleeding definitely would be the biggest factor in my death, as would the blow to the head and the fang through my airway.

    A horrible pain tore through my stomach and, unfortunately, I wasn't able to move to find the source of the pain. Using my mind, I pinpointed where the sudden pain was from and my heart sunk as soon as I figured it out; it was coming from my babies. My enormous loss of blood must have agitated them; they had no energy to feed off of anymore, so they were trying to drain what was left of my life most likely. The babies; the more I thought of them dying inside me, the more I wanted to die with them; Minoru and Kaiba killed my babies.

    I wanted to tell Kai I loved him; I wanted to tell him so badly. I wanted to reassure him that I would pass on safely with our babies. That would be the perfect opportunity for him to find a more suitable lover he could legitimately have babies with; not some vegetarian weakling who couldn't look after herself and who actually had hope that she could birth two half Vampire babies. My eyelids were getting heavier and dropping lower and lower. My whole body was slowly becoming number by the second; I felt so tired. Despite my fading life, I managed to crack a small smile towards Kai, reassuring him that the babies and I were going to be okay. Everything would turn out okay in the end. Was that how Aya felt when she was dying? Was she falling numb as fast as I was during her last minutes? Aya...I'd be seeing her again along with mom and dad.

    I'd be willing to die in his arms if it meant I could stay with him...

    What a horrible thing for me to have said.

    "Arisa..." Kai started choking on his words and subtle tears were brimming his eyes. "Arisa, just stay with me a little longer..." He touched my cheek with a palpitating hand.

    Stay with me; you're all I have left...

    I merely stared at him with the half smile still on my face. I couldn't even feel my face; I hardly knew what expression I was making to him. Kai reached over me and grabbed my engagement ring. Cautiously, he slid it onto my ring finger and kissed my forehead.

    "I take you as my wife..." he started quietly, "until death do us part."

    Kai leaned in quickly and planted a rough kiss on me while lightly pressing his other hand against the lump on my stomach. I was confused for a moment; were Kai and I...married? The thought caused tears to quickly drain down my numb face as he pulled away from my lips; I didn't even feel the kiss he gave me; our wedding kiss.

    He kissed my forehead, "You're not alone, Arisa..." he whispered weakly. "You'll never be alone. You're never going to be alone again..."

    Something flashed before my eyes and continued to play, startling me at first. It took me a moment to realize it was my life flashing before my eyes. The most vivid memories were those with Kai in them; from the night he kidnapped me from the orphanage to the night we first made love. The vision of our naked bodies tangled together with my sweating skin and his gentle lips reiterated itself; I didn't want to have those visions before I would die. I didn't want to die! I couldn't let Kai sit there and watch me!

    Kai held me close to his torso again and shouted colorful words. Despite how close he was holding me, his hands were still trembling furiously. Was there a hospital nearby he could take me to? Or was he going to allow me to pass on safely to spare me from further pain in the future? Before Kai could pull back to stare at my dying self, my eyes involuntarily closed and I exhaled my last breath of consciousness before entering the darkness of either my mind or the afterlife.