Once upon a time there was a world made up of adults and children. The kids where lead by a bloodthirsty psychopath named Peter Pan. While the town was being lead by Capitan Nasty the bravest pirate in the whole world. This all started with the adults being terribly annoyed by the kids and their bad habits. So every child in the world was banished to the forest. The only child allowed in the city was a young boy named Tim who was Nasty Steve's son. Tim wasn't shy and actually got along with everyone. The pirates adored him and even the children chatted with him when Tim would wander around outside of town.
    Tim had learned a lot about Peter Pan and about how he was bloodthirsty and would kill anything on site. This taught Tim to stay very aware of his surroundings and take care of his father. Then we find Tim spending one of his day doing some of his chores around the town to help his father and the other pirates. As he’s curled up around a pile of potatoes peeling the skin off of them to prepare them for that night's dinner. Just as about half of them peeled and washed he heard a loud explosions along with gunfire coming from the harbor. In fear that his father might lose his life Tim burst out the door and ran down the street.
    As Tim appeared at the harbor he found his fathers ship in ruin. Running through the townsfolk who were half wounded and half dead he scurried up to the ship. Once he had climbed aboard the ship he walked along passing some of the pirates that had been repairing the ship. Then he spotted a tall black hat across the ship toward the wheel. It was his father Cap' Nasty furiously tearing apart a map attempting to randomly guess the tyrant – Peter Pan’s - location.
    Due to the arrogance of Peter Pan there had always been a war between the adults and the children. Hundreds of pirates had been slain at Peters hand. Quite frankly most of children only followed Peter because they feared him. The only people who would take action against peter where the pirates.
    As Cap' Nasty was destroying his office a wounded fairy flew through the broken window and crashed into the wall. Without hesitation Cap’ Nasty leapt toward the fairy with great anger and attempted to catch it. Once he had the fairy in his hand he shoved it into a jar and put it over a kerosene lamp. As the lamp burned beneath the jar it got hotter and hotter. During which Cap’ Nasty was yelling at the fairy demanding Peter Pans hideout location.
    Miraculously the fairy told them quite suddenly once it knew there was no hope for getting out of the jar. Once out, the fairy sat along the edge of the jar and caught his breath while attempting to tell Nasty how to get to Peter Pans hideout. Even though Tim’s father didn’t believe the fairy, he felt it would be cruel to put him back into the jar after doing all of that to it. So Cap’ Nasty stepped outside of his cabin and shouted to the men the get ready and that they would be heading out soon.
    Tim felt that he should stay with his father and watch out for him during the trip. With his fathers consent, the ship fully repaired, they set out and embarked on finding Peter Pans hideout. Into the night they searched and searched until it seemed that the further into the forest the closer they got. Deeper and deeper they plunged into the forest until they came upon a tree with light shinning from within and there they decide they had arrived.
    Tim, his father and the crew waited until the light slowly faded into the darkness. It was at that moment that they knew everyone inside was asleep and that they should lure them outside. Tim’s father came up with a miraculous plan to set a clock outside the tree and make the alarm go off to make the children come outside. Sure enough when the alarm rang one by one the children came out grumpy at first, but by the time they noticed the pirates it was to late. They had only rounded up three little children though a girl and two young boys. They wrapped them up and went back to the ship.Although they didn’t catch Peter Pan Tim's father had another plan in store for him. On the ship they tied the children to the mast and held them captive, for Peter Pan always comes to save the other children. Then just like always up in the clouds flew Peter Pan dodging cannon balls and raging gunfire. Peter Pan gained access to the ship and fought off the pirates, but being out numbered Peter Pan was forced to take the children and flee.
    When Peter left he took Tim in the confusion. Eventually Peter and the children flew back to a magical cave out in the ocean, and there Peter confronted Tim. Roaring like Peter Pan screamed and mumbled to himself about this kid who had been left inside the city. Then thrusting his sword up against Tim's neck peter demanded who could have been so silly to allow a child inside the city. Without hesitation Tim spit into Peters face and stated “My father will kill you… and when he does every child will be allowed in the city.”
    Then frustrated Peter threw back his arms and exclaimed “That dirty PIRATE! He will die. I will never let him take my children away from me!” Then off he flew at which seemed like he was almost to the brink of insanity. Vigorously Tim escaped the island in pursuit of Peter, thanks to him finding a boat down on the rocks. Then off Tim rowed the boat to the harbor for he had to save his father.
    As Tim drew nearer to the town he could see the sky torched and engulfed in flames. This enticed Tim to row faster toward the city, for his senses convinced him his father was in danger. Sure enough around this time Peter Pan had made his way through town slaughtering a lot of people all the way onto Cap’ Nasty Ship and then some. Once it was just Peter and Nasty they dueled, swinging ferociously to where it would seem like sparks where flying every time their blades clashed.
    Once Tim made his way onto the ship he found his father and Peter engaged in battle. When Tim called out to his father it made him lose concentration for a split second giving Peter the chance to strike. Peter swung his sword deep into the captains arm leaving a deep cleave in it. Jerking in pain Nasty fell backwards to grab his arm. As Peter gave out a quite evil laugh from his victory he lost sight of everything else. This in turn gave Tim a chance to draw his sword, which then he took Peter out in one blow, Strait through his heart.
    The end. "sorry i had to end it kinda crapy, but it was due."