• Chapter 1-The beginning
    One day Yuriah and Florina were sitting at home when an unusual storm came so they snuck out the window and ran into the forest when they seen some red thing in the sky and something was coming out they wanted to know so they went further into the forest to see but before they got there they fainted. The next morning they woke up they thought it was a dream so they decided to go have a look so they said to there parents they were going out.

    Yuriah: Hey Florina what do you think we will find here?

    Florina: I don't know but I hope nothing scary but I know you will protect me.

    Yuriah: I will always protect you.

    They were going through the forest they reached the point were they seen the light hit.

    Yuriah: AHH what the hell is that thing.

    Florina: I don't know but can you defeat it?

    Yuriah: Maybe I don't know anything bout it and it seen us guess we have no choice.

    Florina: I will help out.

    Mysterious man: What are you doing here? This is a restricted zone leave now or else.

    Yuriah: Here to stop you.

    Mysterious man: Fine I will have to kill you.

    Radio: Don't kill them capture them.

    Mysterious man: Fine but your no fun anymore why not just these ones?

    Radio: They are the ones who we need to open the gate remember that.

    Mysterious man: I know that but there parents were....

    Radio: Shut up they don't need to know right now.

    Yuriah: What gate? And we are the only ones that can open it? Fine I’ll help but if you treat us bad the deal is off.

    Florina: Okay seeing Yuriah is.

    Mysterious man: Come on the ship then.

    They went onto the ship and met the captain.

    Captain: Not again this is not good the ship will crash land into Barkahan.

    Yuriah: Can you land anywhere else? It’s a death trap that planet.

    Florina: Yuriah......mind if i tell you something? Cause we may not see each other again.

    Yuriah: Yeah what is it Florina?

    Florina: I love you Yuriah............. (she whispered in his ear)

    Silence fell over the ship till it crash landed.

    Yuriah: Is anybody else alive?

    Florina: Me but I’m badly injured.

    Mysterious man: Me too but I can't walk come back when they heal Florina okay? I can survive the Captain is alive too I know cause she is some kind of super human.

    Yuriah: Okay but before we go who are you?

    Mysterious man: My name is Myro but people call me Kurt.

    Florina: cool name Myro.

    Myro: Thanks.

    Yuriah: We are taking you with us whether you like it or not.

    Myro: You have always been to hard on yourself Yuriah.

    Yuriah: How do you know my name?

    Myro: I know your parents.

    Yuriah: Huh you did? How old was I?

    Myro: Well it goes like this.