• have you ever faced a nightmare so frightening you awoke screaming and in tears...well i have

    i was asleep one night so peaceful then i have a dream..not like any other..but it had happend before..it was like a replay..but worse....i was in a room with a friend darla when she stole my phone and texted the love of my life dylan..she txted its over..i came to see him that night..and he was angry i asked why..he said you should know you heartless b***h..i stood in shock at what i had just heard..his friend was there tyler..and said what kind of person are you..your evil,unworthy, you should not have came..i fell to mu knees in tears as they continued to shout..i asked what did i do wrong..where did i go wrong..all i ever did was love you with every thing i could ever offer to anyone..and this is how you treat me/ by calling me all this...he said look at this message.. i looked and read as it said."its over i dont think its working out" then i know what happend the girl i once thought was my friend had sent him that as pay back for her not being able to have someone like him..i said i never sent this darla did..i swear i would never send this to you espically i love you with all my heart and i never will stop..he said with an angry face..i dont care..i will never for give you for this..the words that came out of his mouth like a dagger flying into my chest..then i turned with tearfilled eyes and begged please..he turned and said leave i hate you never return in my life again, i never want to see your face again ever...i left to my way home..on the way i sat and it started to pour rain...i cried and was screaming..next thing i knew i was awakend by my mother..she said whats wrong i said only a bad dream..