• The old hag sat down on the couch in the living room.
    I leaned against the chair Knight was sitting in and glared at her. "How long are you going to linger here, old lady?" I hiss.
    She looked up at me and narrowed her eyes. "Who are you calling an old lady you dumb Neko."
    I growled at her.
    She smirked and looked at Knight. "He's a tough one isnt he?"
    Knight chuckled. "You have no idea."
    She laughed, sort of kackled actually. "I see. Would you like to say anything to Thomas? I'll tell you his reaction and response."
    Knight got serious and he looked at the floor. "I'm sorry."
    My eye twitched. "Yeah. I know. I sort of got that the first few hundred times you've said it to yourself when you thought I wasnt around."
    The old woman laughed. "He says he's heard you say that many times to yourself when you thought you weren't alone."
    Knight smirked. "Then I guess he knows I regret ever... hurting him."
    She looked up at me. "Well, Thomas? What do you have to say to that?"
    I swallowed and put my hand on his head. "I know."
    Knight jumped and put his hand on his head, "Is he touching my head?"
    The old woman nodded. "Yes."
    He smiled and took his hand away. "I knew it. So when I feel a tingling and cold or warm feeling on me... thats..." He hung his head suddenly and covered his face with his hands.
    I jumped and ran in front of him, trying to calm him down. "Knight!? What happened!?" I panic.
    The old woman stood up and sighed. "I hate it when younge people cry. Would you like me to show you his stance is now?"
    Knight looked up at her, tears in his eyes, and traveling down his cheeks. "Would you do that?"
    She nodded and kneeled down in front of Knight.
    I looked at her confused.
    My hands on his knees were now being replaced with hers and her head tilted upward to look at his.
    I gasped and stood up. "You really can see me..."
    She smirked. "He's standing up now. But I promise, this is exactly the way he was looking at you when you had your head hanging like that."
    He chuckled. "Is that so?"
    She nodded and tried to stand up, wobbling and looking like she was going to fall over.
    Knight jumped and helped her up.
    She smiled. "Thank you, young boy."
    He smiled. "No trouble."
    She sat back down on the couch and sighed.
    I swallowed. "This is really weird..."
    "He says this is weird for him." She says looking at me.
    I looked back at her and smiled. "Its nice to have someone that can actually hear me."
    She smiled genuinly and nodded. "So I hear."
    "What? What did he say?" Knight asks turning around him, trying to see me again.
    I looked at him and narrowed my eyes at him. "Good mood gone. I hope your happy, Knight."
    She laughed. "He's very humorous, isnt he?"
    Knight smiled. "I guess so."
    "He said its nice to have someone able to hear him." She says looking at me.
    Knight followed her gaze and his eyes almost caught mine.
    I reached out and caressed his cheek. "Hello, a** hole."
    "He says hello." The woman said leaning back in the couch.
    He closed his eyes and leaned his head against my touch, obvious able to feel my touch.
    I smiled and leaned forward, putting my lips on his forhead.
    "He's kissing your forhead." She says looking away from us, trying to give us privacy most likely.
    I chuckled against his skin. "I think he can feel that."
    Knight reached out and actually put his hand on my neck. He gasped and froze up.
    The old woman looked at us and her eyes went wide. "T-Thomas?"
    I pulled away and looked at her. "What?"
    She pointed at something behind me.
    I raised an eyebrow and turned to where her finger aimed. I jumped and fell on my a**. "What the h*** are you!?" I shout.
    The large object haved and cackled. "Hello, Thomas."
    I swallowed. "What are you doing here? How do you know my name?"
    It grinned, revealing its sharp teeth. Every tooth was jagged and made him look almost like a ghost. His face was a dark grey and his eyes black. Bat like wings stretched out from his back. "Do you not know?"
    I shook my head. "N-no..."
    "Oh." He laughed. "I am a Shinigame. And I'm here to tell you something that will make your head spin around and around and around till you think its going to fall off."
    I swallowed. "Oh?"
    He leaned down, only inches from my face. "It seems you have really pi**** off an angel, so they sent me here to tell you that you are becoming a Shinigame. Just like me." He grinned wickedly. "But dont worry, once you've paid off your debt you'll go back to being a Fallen Angel."
    "How is that possible?" I ask glancing back at the old woman.
    The Shinigame laughed. "She can barely see me. I mean she's strong but she's not that strong."
    I swallowed. "So... How many people do I need to kill?"
    "Around a thousand." He shrugged backing away, like it was normal to have to kill 'around a thousand' humans.
    My jaw dropped, "A thousand!?"
    He laughed. "Its better then the number I have to rip off."
    I shook my head. "I cant do that!"
    He shrugged again, and snapped his fingers. A long syth apeared in his other hand suddenly and he swung his arm back. "Fine. Then I'll just get rid of your friend here in replacement of your soul."
    I jumped, standing up and grabbing the syth.
    He grinned. "You sure?"
    I nodded. "Dont do it."
    He chuckled and nodded. "Fine. I'll hold onto your soul till the job is done."
    I nodded again. "Deal."
    He took the syth away and poked my forehead lightly. "So, what kind of syth do you want? The book, the sword, the usual syth like I have, the thing were you can just look at someone and when you blink they die, the pen, the-?"
    "The book." I blurt.
    "You sure? You have two weapons of choice then. Since you have chosen the book." He grinned.
    "The one you have." I say looking at the floor.
    This is like ordering something at the super market. How odd...
    "What happened? What wrong?" Knight said standing up and sounding urgent and displeased with something.
    I turned to Knight and tried to touch him.
    But before I even could I saw black smoke rising off of my skin and a cold feeling went through me.
    I jumped and looked down at my body. "What the...!?"
    The Shinigame laughed. "Dont worry. It'll go away soon enough. It only lasts till all of your soul is transferred to me."
    I turned to him. "And how long does that take?" I ask getting annoyed.
    He grinned. "Only a few moments."
    I sighed. "Great... I'm selling my soul because I yelled at an Angel..."

    *Me: Yes, yes. I know. My story is relating to Death Note. But dont worry about it. I wont be letting any of my charecters meeting up with Light Yagami or L, or Misa, or Ryuk. I promise*
    As it turns out you get a whole new look when you become a Shinigame...
    Now I have to wear a tight crimson red shirt with black skinny jeans, the belt hoops had chains attached to them, with a sharply spicked belt inside. My tail and ears are now black with bright red strips.
    I glared at the Shinigame. "I hate this."
    He shrugged. "I think it looks pretty good." He laughed.
    I sighed and looked at the book I was holding. "So what do with this thing?"
    He chuckled. "You write someone's name in it."
    "Is that all?" I ask.
    He nodded. "You simply write a persons name in it and the person dies. It's all writen in there." He says pointing to it with a long finger.
    I sighed. "Oh. I see."
    We were sitting on the roof and watched the moon move slowly across the sky.
    "You have the ability to see someone's name with our special eyes, so you dont have to through all the trouble of asking for the persons name." He laughed.
    I smirked. "I see... All of this sounds so firmiliar... Its like I've seen this is in a show somewhere..."
    "Have you ever watched that stupid show 'Death Note'?" He asks glaring at the moon.
    I nodded and grinned. "Oh my god. This is exactly like that show." I laugh.
    He sighed. "Yeah. It is... And some of us planning on killing the writers of that garbage."
    I laughed harder. "I can see why."
    "Some idiot allowed him to write a manga based on us, because he has his own pet Shinigame." He growled.
    I grinned again. "Pet Shinigame?"
    "Like you." He said looking at me.
    I tilted my head. "I'm someones pet?"
    He nodded. "You do love that Vampire down there, dont you?"
    I shrugged. "I guess so... What does that have to do with anything?"
    "It has to with almost everything." He sighed. "If you care for someone your soul is attached to them in a way, so you belong to them till they die as well. Then you both leave this earth. But until that person dies your stuck here. So you would be called his pet." He smiled. "Not that I'm saying the writers of Death Note are Vampires or anything. One of them is just loved very much by a Shinigame."
    "I thought when a Shinigame falls in love with a human or anyone else they go to heaven or hell anyway." I say confused.
    "Thats true. But not if your in love before you die though." He says looking away from me.
    I nodded slowly. "I see... That actually makes sense." I jumped. "So does that mean my owner can see me if I touch him with my Death Note!?"
    He smiled. "I knew you would catch on to that question at some point."
    I chuckled.
    "Yes, he can see you if you touch him with the Death Journal." He said pointing to the book I had in my hand.
    "Death Journal?" I ask tilting my head.
    He nodded. "Thats the books real name."
    I sighed. "Oh."
    He grinned. "You'll do fine, Thomas. I promise." He stood up and spread his bat like wings.
    My wings didnt get like that though. Mine stayed the same.
    My wardrobe looked a lot different though...

    After the Shinigame left I went back down stairs and saw that the old woman was gone and Knight was in the basement trying to fall asleep.
    His eyes wide open and laying on his back like he always did when he tried to force himself to sleep.
    I smiled and took out my 'Death Journal.' "Soon you'll be able to see me."
    He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Maybe when the woman got scared and started saying Shinigame she ment that you had gone to heaven or something... But I thought you were supposed to wait for me though... Maybe god had other plans..." He says talking to himself.
    I laughed tapped the Journal against his forehead.
    He jumped and sat up in his bed. "What the f***!?" He paniced.
    I smiled. "Hello, there."
    He swallowed, his body frozen.
    I waved my hand in front of his face. "Hello? Are you there, a** hole?"
    He slowly turned his head to me. "Thomas...?"
    I laughed. "You look like you've seen a ghost." I teased.
    He swallowed again and looked me over. "Your... Different."
    I glared at him. "Yeah, no thanks to you. Bast***." I hiss.
    He rubbed his eyes. "This cant be real. Am I sleeping?"
    I laughed. "Yeah. This is all a dream." I say feeling something that felt like lust wash over me.
    Why do I suddenly want to touch him all over...? This is so odd...
    "Do not joke about this, Thomas." He growled.
    "You've joked around with me worse then this, you know. So I do believe you deserve it." I hiss.
    He sighed and looked down at his hands in his lap. "Yes... I know... I'm sorry about that."
    I spread out my wings and stretched. "So. Hows my killer been doing?"
    "Do you not know the answer to that already?" He asks looking up at me.
    I smiled. "Oh yeah. I guess I do."
    He smirked. "So. What was the 'old hag' talking about when she started saying 'Shinigame'?"
    I sighed. "Nothing much. Just that a Shinigame showed up and gave me a new job to do while I'm still here."
    "Whats the job?" He asks calming down.
    "Killing people." I smile.
    "Really? Thats what I do." He smiled back at me.
    I narrowed my eyes. "Gee, I didnt know that." I say sarcasticly.
    He chuckled. "I know. I'm sorry. I didnt mean to ruffle your fur."
    I looked at my tail. "What? Is it really poofing up?"
    It didnt seem bad. It was just bristling alittle. Thats all.
    He sighed. "So... What can you do in that form?" He asks with amusement in his voice.
    I looked down at him with a cocked eyebrow. "Why? What do you plan on doing to me this time?" I ask narrowing my eyes again.
    He grinned. "Nothing much. Just wondering."
    I sighed. "You really are a troublesome son of a-."
    His lips caught mine suddenly.
    That had to be the fifth time I was interrupted before I could say the word bi-.
    His tongue ran over my lips and he groaned, begging for more.
    What the!?
    I gave in almost emmediatly. I pushed him back, making him fall against the bed. I kissed his neck and grinned. "This is what you were thinking about the whole time I was gone, wasnt it?"
    He blushed. "Well not exactly like this but... Close enough."
    I laughed hovering over his lips now. "You pervert."