• When they got up the stairs, Melody took a look around. She was in a small, dimly lit hallway. As Tango opened a door, she wondered what she would tell him to look for. She stepped through the doorway and saw a strange device sitting on a desk. What could that be? she wondered. She slowly walked over to it, taking in her surroundings. Next to the desk there was a snow board. In the middle of the room was a messy bed. "Here you go," Tango said tossing her a blanket,"So what do you need to find out about?" He turned on the strange machine and turned to face her. "Uh, could you searched for a roman prince named Hunter, please?" Melody said. Tango typed in the name Hunter and roman prince as she leaned over to see the results. If only I could read his mind, Melody thought.Oh yea I can.
    Then she focused all of her energy on reading his thoughts. All of a sudden, their bodies were just sitting there, staring at each other, while she read his mind. Melody learned a lot in those 20 seconds. He hated Alaska, loved his mother so much that he stayed there, helping her with he store, loved snowboarding, and liked her as much as she liked him. Also, she learned that if she did this long enough that she would pass out. And that is exactly what happened. As soon as she let his mind go, Melody fainted.
    "Melody? Melody! Can you hear me?"she heard Tango's sweet voice calling. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Tango leaning over her, inches away from her face. " I'm fine," she muttered weakly. She had never felt this way before. She had always pushed away her emotions, not caring. But now she couldn't. Tango was her weak spot.
    "Here let me help you." He offered her his hand and she took it. " Come lay down," he said, bringing her over to a small couch she hadn't noticed before. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds, then Tango looked away, embarrassed. " No, its okay. Don't be embarrassed," she whispered. " I like you too,"she whispered, leaning closer so he could hear her. So close.....