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    Another world, Another life


    Chapter 1

    “BLAH”- Talking
    ‘BLAH’- Thinking


    “That is the last ******** time I listen you!” I yelled running from a laughing Charles, not getting very far because he grabbed my Hoodie, and pulled me next to his fiancé, Mitzi.

    We were walking down the main street of where we all lived, not doing anything important. When Charles started making his smart a** comments, trying to rile me up. “Boogeyman, leave her alone, were just trying to have fun,” Mitzi told him, a cigarette dangling off her lips.

    Suddenly I turn to Mitzi, my pack of cigarettes in hand, and asked her, “Mitzi, where did Charles just go?!”

    We both turned to the spot he was just standing in, now bare of the guy we were following. “He’s gone! Where’d- Mitzi?! Oh hell!!” I yelled, getting a little freaked out.

    Two of my friends ha- and I succumbed to a sudden darkness, that I now realize was unconsciousness.

    When I awoke, my eyes focused in on a strange girl hovering over me with worry in her eyes.

    “Kaylin, are you okay?!” It was Mitzi! She was okay! Thank goodness!

    “Mitzi? What happened to you? Is Charles alright? What’s with the get up?” I asked, sitting up a little, my pack of smokes still in hand.

    “What are ya talkin’ about Kay? There’s nothin’ different about me.” When I pulled the mirror from my messenger bag, she screamed.

    Mitzi’s once short black slightly wavy hair, now reached her hips. Iridescent in color, it seemed to shine like a butterflies wings. Her eyes, once a quiet tawny, were now almond shaped, and bright, almost golden in color. Atop her head sat two rat ears, twitching every once in a while to catch subtle noises.

    “Mitzi, Mitzi, you okay?!” Charles yelled running towards us quickly.

    Scaring me half to death, I began backing up against a tree trying to find an escape. Charles had changed too.

    His once short hair, now a chocolate brown, reached the small of his back. A pair of large ram horns circled around his ears, which were slightly pointed. When he turned around, he had a small poofy tail that sat just above his a**.
    ‘Must resist the poofiness!’ I thought, peeling myself off the tree, and slowly walking over to my changed friends.

    “Kaylin, you… didn’t change all that much. Is that a tail?” Mitzi asked, walking over to me, grabbing my tail the second she made it over.

    When she gave me my mirror back, and I looked in; I almost fainted.

    Apparently, my hair had grown out to my hips, like Mitzi’s, but a fiery red and curled at the ends. My ears had disappeared, and appeared on top of my head in the form of a pair of Kitsune ears.

    “ko-ko, dun do that to my tail!!” when did I start speaking like that? When Mitzi began scratching my ears, I started purring, turning almost literally into a puddle of purring red hair and pale skin.

    “Hey, what are you doing to the miyuna?!” a strange person yelled, scaring me enough to jump up and hide behind Charles.

    “W-what are you talking a-about?” I asked nervously, shaking a little from behind Charles.

    “Princess, you must come back. Your family is very worried.” The now very strange man said kneeling in front of Charles, his left arm across his chest, his right curled in a fist on the ground.

    “Kay, what is he talking about?”

    “Mitzi if I knew, you’d I think I would tell you?” I asked her, grabbing her shirt as she got closer to Charles and I.

    “Mitzi,” I whispered, Charles turning to listen, “I have a plan. When I say ‘Now’ we all run towards the woods. Alright... NOW!” I yelled darting into the woods as fast my messenger bag knocking against my legs would let me.

    “Miyuna, please, you’re parents will be very mad with me. Come home now!!” The man yelled, running into the woods after us, mainly to catch me.

    “No! I refuse to go somewhere with a person I dun even know! Get away! GAAAAH!!!” I screamed, trying to squirm out of his grasp.

    After a few minutes, I lay slack in the crook of his arm, huffing and puffing from the exertion of attempted escape. “Fine, I’ll go. But my friends get to come with.” I reasoned, squirming one last time to try and get out his grasp.

    “Mitzi, Charles, you can come back. I’m gonna go to this place that guy was talkin’ about. You wanna come with? It’ll be an adventure (A/N: think of Flapjack when you read this)!!” I called, pulling out my cigarettes, and lighting one up.

    “Madam please, those creatures are below- SMACK!!!” the man didn’t finish his sentence as I had slapped him hard enough to knock him off of his feet.

    “They are my FRIENDS!! They are NOT lower than me. If anything, they are equal to me. So never, NEVER say anything like that about them ever again, or I will string you up by your toes!” I yelled, slapping him hard enough to break his cheek bones.

    “Is that how you really feel Kay?” Mitzi asked, walking from behind a tree, having heard everything I said.

    “Yea Mitziness, I believe you guys are equal to me. Nothing anyone says will tell me otherwise.” I said standing up straight, with a grin and a pack of cigarettes thrust out to them.

    “Now Mister, tell me how we get this place you’re tellin’ me I need to get back to. Come on ya big dummy lead on!” I yelled, kickin’ his butt into gear, literally.

    “Dude, you ******** up big time. No one tells Kaylin her friends are trash. Those steel toed boots have seen a lot of groin time. Now she’s gonna be like that all day. Good job dumb a**.” Mitzi said, walking by the groaning man, holding his junk as I had kicked in the groin a few seconds ago.

    (2 hours later, At the Palace)

    “Fia, just a little longer. Our little girl will be back in our loving embrace.” The king said, hugging his queen gently, careful of her tails.

    “Sir, Madam, I have brought the Miyuna and her friends.” The guard said, his little puff of a tail looking like it had gone through a dryer without a sheet.

    “Kylian, you’ve come back to us!!” the woman yelled, jumping out of her seat and running over to me, her tails waving around wildly.

    ‘Who the hell is Kylian?!’ I thought, tensing up when she touched me. “Excuse me, but who the hell is Kylian?!” I asked, backing away from the overly happy Queen.

    “Kay, I think she’s talking to you.” Mitzi said, her ear twitching a little from the sudden squeal of ‘YES!’

    “I h-have no clue who you people are. I’m gonna go outside for a w-while.” I said, suddenly nervous with all the people around.

    “I’ll come with you Kay. You still got them smokes?” Mitzi asked, catching up to me rather quickly, walking on my left side.

    Charles, always the odd one out, stayed behind to check out everything in the throne room (A/N: curiosity killed the cat Charles!!!), poking his nose accidentally into something powdery and scented. Sneezing, he backed away from it, and began the trek to find me and Mitzi.

    “Hey Mitzi, do you think we’ll ever get home?” I asked sitting in the crook of a tree, staring at the sky with a cigarette in my mouth.

    “Who knows Kay. I kinda like it here. I mean a place where no one tells us what to do, free to go wherever, be wherever! The world is ours to travel!!” Mitzi said, sitting a little higher up in the same tree, her cigarette sitting between two branches carefully.

    “I’m just worried about our clothes. I mean, you can’t keep wearing the same corset, and I can’t keep wearing the same peasant skirt. And Charles, dun get me started! How long has he been wearing those Tripp pants anyway?!” I said, kicking my legs a little to crack the dried mud off my steel toed boots.

    As we sat in silence, thinking of nothing in particular, I listened to the rustling of the trees and grass, thinking of home


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