• There was a tremendous storm in the land destroyed by shadows and darkness. King Shapa’s advisor came running in the throne room screaming “King, King Shapa! Where are you?! A terrible storm has started; it looks strong enough to rip a hole through our world!” “You don’t know how right you are…” King Shapa calmly said “We will need soon help our kingdom be dominated if we don’t get any quickly” King Shapa looked out his window and saw only darkness disrupted by lightning and heard thunderous claps, the patting of rain against the roof padding, and walls creaking from rushing winds. King Shapa still looking out the window said calmly”A huge war will break out soon all over these lands and will destroy this world. Almost nothing can stop the war; the only thing that can stop it is in the hands of evil.”
    The dark palace not seeable, even in plain daylight, and had no smell what so ever. It felt just like the place it was at, which changed every few days. A goblin came in slowly and scared “Your great dark Mistress, permission to speak?”The goblin said as though it was whimpering “Granted” Mistress said strongly “The storm has started and the dimensional hole has opened and we are all ready collecting warriors to train and defeat the weak King Shapa.” The goblin said weakly “Excellent” Mistress said slowly with a ghastly grin. Now the dark palace was moving to its next location to recruit more people from different dimensions. To break the silence Mistress finally said in to a speaker “Is that machine of yours heavily guarded? We can’t afford to lose it to anyone who might be associated with King Shapa.” Sneering when she said King Shapa “Yes your dark Mistress, everything is protect very, very well” An unnamed voice coming from the speaker.