• A cheerful mouse talked to me today
    As I was sitting on my front porch step
    His clear blue eyes gazed into mine
    As fiery autumn leaves fluttered by
    The breeze coming out of the west
    Clearing the concrete sidewalk
    And ruffling the browning grass
    We talked of sights the other had seen
    About the weather
    And our families
    Our hopes
    Our dreams
    Our Aspirations
    The meaning of life
    Time seemed to slow
    As his ruffled gray fur
    With streaks of black and brown
    Met his long white whiskers
    Ending in his button nose
    His tiny feet
    Planted firmly on the ground
    Held his body erect
    Up on his two feet
    With each embellishment
    Each careful nuanced paw movement
    The length of each narration
    Perfectly correlating with his desired chronicle
    I let him inside where we refreshed ourselves
    He walking into my hand
    And I carrying him into my home
    Where to his delight I treated him
    To Earl Gray tea and buttered biscuits
    I took jam with mine
    Seated across from each other
    As comfy as a pair of bugs
    We continued our conversation
    About philosophy
    Cultural identity
    And topics of the sort
    At length we finished our conversation
    We shook hands
    Man to mouse
    Bid each other adieu
    I carried him back out to the walk
    And watched him mosey down the street
    And we went our separate ways
    But this was not to be our last meeting
    Till next time Timothy...