• My husband and I took a vacation that we will never forget. It all began 8 years ago on Valentine’s Day, in the year 2001. It was a cold day here in Vermont, typical of a New England February. I turned over in bed to find that my boyfriend, Colby was already up. I got up out of bed and went down the creaky, mystical stairs that looked they could go on forever. Once, I was in the kitchen my breakfast was already on my plate and an envelope with a light pink ribbon around it and a red rose was next to my plate. It had my name, Shelby, on the front of the envelope in gorgeous and neat writing. I knew right away it was from Colby, but I had no clue what was in the envelope. Before I could eat my breakfast, Colby made me open the envelope. I slid my finger under the sealing to open the envelope. I opened the card and something fluttered to the floor, like a mysterious bird and it fell to the floor. Colby got the small and rectangular piece of paper and handed them to me. I was so surprised at what it was and I became speechless.

    “Colby,” I said in a quiet voice. “You really did this for me? I love you so much.”

    “I did this for you so you could go visit your birthplace and also I did this because I love you.”

    I got up from my seat and went over to Colby and gave him a kiss and a bear hug. I didn’t know that there was more to come when we actually got to our hotel in Louisiana. A week passed and we both started to pack for the trip to Louisiana. We left early in the morning that followed to catch our plane in time. I was really cold out and on our way to the airport; I couldn’t stop thinking that I am actually visiting the place of my dreams. Once we were at the airport we stepped aboard the small plane that was reserved only for us. This was another one of Colby’s surprises, but there was still one more to come. After a long and seemingly endless plane ride to Louisiana, we finally arrived in New Orleans. We got off the plane and walked out of the airport, to the cement sidewalk of outside. It was not as cold as it was in Boston, but not hot either. We got to our hotel and checked in at the front desk. As soon as we got settled in our room that had five rooms, Colby popped the question.

    He got down on one knee and asked, “Shelby, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I started to cry. Colby finished with the words, “will you marry me?”
    “Yes of course I will,” I could not stop crying but I was also really excited that I am engaged.

    We did so many fun activities as a new couple, the smell of shrimp roamed the air as we walked down the small and narrow street. One thing I did not know was where we were going, since it was the last day of our trip. We arrived on the street and heard a loud sound, kind if like a stampede of animals running towards us. But then I knew what was happening, it was the famous parade called Mardi Gras! Since, it was Mardi Gras and everyone was wearing masks I had no clue who was behind them. Everyone who was in the parade was dressed in elegant costumes. Colby went into a local store to find a pair of masks for us. All of a sudden, I felt a shock of terror run through my veins and then I went into a sudden panic. I could then start to feel a throbbing pain in my left shoulder. The only thing I can remember is that I was at Mardi Gras and I was stabbed in my left shoulder. My eyes fluttered open and Colby was sitting beside my bed in the hospital, holding my hand. He told me what happened and that when he heard that I might not make it, he almost killed himself to be with me. I could feel a warm stream of liquid falling down my face and I realized I was crying. Not only because of the pain but because Colby almost killed himself to be with me. I was in the hospital for two more weeks until I was well enough to go back to a regular life. I was furious at the person who had stabbed me and I wanted to find him myself, but I knew I couldn’t. All I wanted was to go home. But the half-witted doctors would not let me return home until I am somewhat cured.

    A month passed and it was not fun. Colby took every Tuesday and Thursday off from work and stayed by my side. He would read to me romance stories and the best one that I remember him telling me is the story of how we met. When, I was finally well enough to revert home I was so ecstatic. I got to see all my family and friends again. Also, the best part is that we actually get to go back to Boston and also we get to have our wedding. We stepped aboard the plane and it was another six hours back to Vermont. Colby had still kept the plane that was just for the two of us, which I can’t imagine how much that must has cost. The plane came into to a bumpy landing and I could feel the shoulder coming to a little stinging pain. We returned to our house and I have never had a feeling before of when I walked through the door for the first time. After a few months my wound was completely healed. It was a week before our wedding and I had a feeling that the wedding was going to be a fantasy. I just could not wait a week felt like another year. The time went by a little bit faster now that Colby was in the habit of reading me the romance stories. If I was really brave enough to ask Colby of something that I wanted to do, I would. But I should just face it I don’t have the guts to ask him for a baby. Even though, I knew he would say yes, I decided to wait till after the wedding was over. That night I decided to go to dinner and shopping with all my bridesmaids. We went to American Flatbread and the food took a while to come to our table. While my girls and I were talking, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. I answered my phone and it was Colby, my fiancé. When we hung up I told my friends that we were going to try for a baby. After we finished our dinner we went to Victoria’s Secret, to get my “nightwear” for tonight. When, we said good-bye I rushed home for our big night. I walked up to the door and there was a letter on the door. I read it to myself and I followed the directions on the note. First, it said go get dressed into your new outfit and come to the bedroom. I walked up the stairs and the bed was covered in rose petals and there sat Colby. He was like a doll so perfect with his bare chest and strong posture. I was shaking and Colby could tell. He crawled to the end of the bed where I stood. He gently untied the strings of the bathrobe that covered my naked body. Colby opened the front of the bath robe and pulled it off my arms. It dropped to the floor with out making a sound. All of a sudden Colby wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down on top of him. I don’t remember that much more detail but I woke up and all I knew was that I was extremely tired. Even though, I was excited that I got my wish I was still worrying if I was pregnant or not.