• I pulled up in my cherry red, black pinstriped, 2009 Ford Mustang and watched people walk by and stare. I could tell they were really jealous because they looked and turned around quickly and started muttering to their friends. I laughed out loud. It wasn’t my fault that my dad had insisted that I only drive in the best car around.

    “Only the best car for an Allen,” he had told me. It also wasn’t my fault that my dad had won the lottery and moved us to Los Angeles . He had been buying lottery tickets since he was eighteen and it finally paid off. He moved us to Los Angeles into a huge house with a pool and basketball court. I finally got my own room without pink on the walls. I used to have to share a room with my sister but this year she went off to college. She was oldest so she got to pick the color of the room. I sighed, it was time to stop remembering and get to class. I checked my hair in the mirror, grabbed my bag, and then hopped out of the car.

    “This year is going to be very interesting,” I muttered to myself as I walked through the front doors of the school.

    As I walked around aimlessly I noticed some girls staring at me. I only took notice of a couple of them. I stepped into my first class and my teacher, Mrs. Rain, introduced me to the class.

    "Okay students, settle down, settle down. Please welcome our new student......."
    "Michael Allen" I said.

    "Please tell the class about yourself Michael," she said as if she was reading off of a teleprompter.

    "Um....well I just moved here from Greenville , Michigan ."

    "Great, great, well why don't you take a seat over there"

    She pointed to an empty desk that was by some girl. She had brown hair and some really bright blue eyes. She was really pretty and I hoped I could get to know her better.

    As I walked down the aisle to my seat I muttered, “What are we in kindergarten?” And the girl in the desk sniggered. I could have sworn her ears were pointed. She quickly covered them up.

    “Hey, what’s your name?” I asked her out of politeness.

    “My names Sarah, Sarah Makah, and I take it your name is Michael?”

    “Ya and I’m sure you know I’m from Michigan .”

    “Ya, that’s a big change in weather” she said with a laugh.

    “Well I come here every summer to visit family. My dad finally decided to move us down here to save on plane tickets. But I think he really wanted to move because he was sick year round in Michigan .”

    "Well that’s a good reason I guess"

    She started to say something else but the bell interrupted her. She told me to find her at lunch and then she ran off. I sat in the class for a little bit to avoid having to repeat this whole scene again.

    At lunch I found Sarah quicker than I thought I would. She was sitting around a table with two other guys and three other girls. The dudes were normal in a sense. They both were muscular and looked like they worked out every chance they got. One guy had blonde hair and the other had black. The black haired one had his hair long and tied back in a ponytail. The blonde has his hair cut short. It was shaggy and really curly. The two girls on the right side of Sarah looked average both tall with brown hair. One of the girls on Sarah's left caught my eye I think she said her name was Kathryn. I don’t know what it was about her but she had stunning blonde hair, soft rosy pink cheeks, and the weirdest eyes. They were red and they just drew you in. I couldn’t help but sit next to her and just stare.

    “Um…..hi?” she said staring at me like I was crazy.

    “Hey, has anyone ever told you that your eyes are like magnets?”

    “Yes and no. Is that supposed to be a pickup line?”

    “Oh no, no, no, I just…..” I trailed off.

    “You need something or just…..” she said with a smile.

    “You’re just, really, pretty. Um I know that sounds corny but….”

    “Its fine, I get that a lot actually. I would compliment you but I don’t even know your name. I’m Kathryn Banks, and you are?”

    “Michael, Michael Allen.” I replied extending my arm.

    She shook my hand and said, “Nice to meet you. Um….Your eyes are kinda cute too.”

    I laughed. “Thanks, I think.”

    “Well, well I think we have some connections going on here,” Sarah interrupted.

    “Maybe” I replied.

    "Ya maybe" Kathryn said.

    The rest of lunch was a blur. All I remember was repeating my story three times and asking Kathryn out to a movie on Friday. Thankfully she was single and said yes.

    The rest of the week went fine I didn’t notice much besides Kathryn. She is just so pretty. Every time she sat next to me I smelt the faint smell of cherries. It’s like her body just calls to every guy in the school. I found myself starting to get jealous whenever some other guy even talked to her.


    I pulled up in front of Kathryn’s house and walked to the door. She answered the door quickly and walked outside. She looked as pretty as always. She had a red t-shirt on and some black skinny jeans, the smell of cherries floating around her like mist.

    “Hey, what’s up? Are you ok, you look kinda weird,” she asked me suddenly.

    “Wha…Oh….Ya….I’m ok, it’s just, like I said before. You’re just so beautiful.”

    “Thanks, are you ready to go?”

    “Um, ya what movie do you want to see?” I asked as we walked toward my car.

    “I don’t know what’s playing. How about we decide when we get there?”

    “Whatever you want it’s all about you tonight.”

    We ended up seeing Night of the Living Dead IIII. See got scared a little and ate like large popcorn, drank a large Dr. Pepper, and ate like two boxes of Sour Jacks. In the middle of the movie I started having these weird hot flashes. It felt like searing hot electricity was flowing through my body. I had to go to the bathroom twice and keep apologizing for running off. Once I could have even sworn my skin turned green. After I dropped her back off at her house I walked her to the door. I apologized for running off so much. She said it was ok and kissed me then ran inside. I stood there smiling for a while then walked off the porch.

    When I got home I decided to park my car in the garage and take a walk. It was a cool August night and the breeze blew just enough to cool you off. It wasn’t cold enough for a heavy coat so I just wore a light hoodie. The moon was out and nobody was on the sidewalks of downtown. I knew it was kind of late but I didn’t care. All I knew was that I had just had one of the best nights of my life.

    As I walked down an old back alley a dog ran up to me whimpering. It had sort of black fur, but it could have been dirty or black because it was dark out. It also had a couple of lighter spots around its belly and eyes. It was a boy and I couldn’t help but take a liking to him. He kind of reminded me of Kathryn. He even had weird eyes like hers but they were bright green.

    All of a sudden the hot flashes started again. They burned like magma in my blood. I just wanted to sit there and scream my lungs out. I fell to my knees and started pulling on my hair. It just hurt so much I couldn’t help it. I blacked out for a couple of minutes and when I woke up I was sitting against a wall the little dog lying at my feet.

    “You know little doggy, you need a name. A cool one, like Shep?” He barked at me in disapproval.

    “Ok then how about Buddy?” Another bark.

    “Sam?” He growled at me.

    “Well what do you want your name to be? Lucky?” At this name he licked my face.

    I laughed, “So Lucky it is”

    We sat there for I while until my hot flashes returned. This time they didn’t hurt as bad, but they still burned. All of a sudden I blacked out and ended up on the wall I could have sworn I was just looking at. I looked at my watched and knew instantly that it was way past curfew. I snapped and all of a sudden green sparks flew out of my fingers.

    "Whoa!" I gasped. "That's not supposed to happen."

    I kept snapping until my whole hand caught on fire. I left out a muffled scream. The fire didn't burn me, it wasn't even hot. I'm not even sure it was fire. It was kind of a mix between fire and electricity. It was green and black and made me feel so, so, so powerful.

    I kept snapping all night. I finally got the, energy I guess, to cover my entire body. I didn’t need sleep, the power kept me awake. This power flowed through me like a wave of electricity. I knew that this power would forever change my life.

    Sunday brought on more changes. My biceps just seemed to keep growing. I could run faster, jump higher, and shoot bolts of energy out of my arms and legs. My hair lightened and my skin got darker. Lucky wasn't leaving my side either. I had a feeling I had a sidekick. Another weird thing happened that I couldn't totally control. I had a five o'clock shadow that kept reappearing. But when I made the energy come out it went away. I had to shave like twice on Sunday to stop myself from growing a whole beard. I knew I had to hide my identity. People would hunt me or something if they knew. It’s was just too risky, I had a new life now.

    When I walked into my first hour on Monday everyone was staring at me. One of the boys I had met last Monday walked up to me. I think it was the dude named Kasey.

    "You look different," he said.

    "I feel different to"

    "Interesting, your hair is lighter, your tanner, and your muscles have grown at least two weight classes. You look like one of us now."

    "One of you?"

    "This school is different from any other school you've even imagined. Most of us are special. If you haven't figured out what I mean then meet me, Sarah, Charlie, and Elizabeth down at the creek. And make sure you come alone."

    "Um.....okay, will Kathryn be there?"

    "No!" he said almost yelling.

    "Whoa! Okay man calm down"

    "Remember alone!" he said walking off.

    I couldn't help but think about what he had said all day. It didn't help that Kathryn wasn't a school either. And to top it all off, there was three bank robberies Sunday night that I could have helped with if I could just control my powers.

    My mind sort of cleared up in 5th hour when I started thinking up some ideas for a costume. I thought of maybe having a black costume with a big green X across the chest. But then it made me think of the X-Men. Then I thought about just wearing some skinny jeans and running around with no shirt. The skinny jeans stuck. The shirtless idea unfortunately did not. I finally came up with a costume consisting of black skinny jeans, grey and green ankle wraps, a green belt, two green straps running across my chest forming an X, a green and black mask, a black muscle shirt. And if I could find one a black sword. I would call myself, Nuclear. And best of all, I had it all already in my closet except for the sword.

    I kept on thinking about my hero form until the final bell of the day interrupted me. I knew it was time to face my destiny. I would become a superhero. My mom, dad, and sister would all have to have my secret kept from them, but eventually I would tell them. All of a sudden I stopped, interrupting my thought process again.

    "Welcome," Sarah said greeting me.

    "Hey, what's up with you guys?"

    "You're what's up with us. We know about your abilities," Charlie said.

    "I have no clue what your talking about," I tried to sound innocent.

    "I know your lying" the one I think was Elizabeth said.

    "Oh really? And just how do you know that?"

    "I read people's minds. You could say that's my power"

    "Your power?"

    "Yes her power. You aren't the only one with powers you know. Everyone here has abilities. You know and we know that includes you too." Kasey said.

    "You all have powers?"

    "Yes, I could tell you were special too Michael. That's why I instantly talked to you and introduced you to the group. You had to see Elizabeth before I could be sure. She knew before even you did." Sarah answered.

    "Wow, I’m sorry this is a lot to take in all at once. If you can read my mind you obviously all know my powers. But before I show you I want to see yours."

    "I can read minds its hard to show that. I mean to prove it I could tell you that your thinking of Kathryn right now." Elizabeth explained.

    "When I touch things my skin turns as hard as that object" Kasey said. To demonstrate this he touched Sarah's diamond necklace and his skin turned shiny and he looked like a human diamond. He then picked up a rock and ground it into powder.

    "I run fast. That's about it you want a souvenir from China ? Here you go," with this Charlie handed me a pair of chop sticks. It didn't even look like he moved.

    "Wow, you guys are amazing. What about you Sarah, what’s your power?"

    "I control people. And before you ask not like mind control. If I could touch your head real quick I could show you" she replied.

    "Um, sure go ahead"

    She put her hands on my head and gently closed her eyes. I could feel something in my head. Like someone was just in there walking around. She opened her eyes.

    "Okay, now unleash you power"

    I tried, and tried again. All of the power that used to sear through my body was gone. Not hidden just absolutely gone.

    "My power controls other people’s powers. I can shut off and or turn on your powers. I can even give people powers if I concentrated enough. I can plant pictures in your mind that you could swear were real but they wouldn't be. The best part is when I enter someone's mind I take a part of their power. Like now, I have the energy too." to demonstrate this she through an energy bolt at Kasey, who, still in diamond form, didn't even bother to flinch.

    "Wow that is truly amazing. I can't believe you can just touch someone and have a part of them. So, extraordinary. So, remarkable."

    "Thank you, now come here."

    She gently rested her hands on my head again. This time I felt like I was walking on air. Nothing could stop me, I was invincible. Then the feeling rushed out of me.

    "Um, what just happened?"

    "You have your powers back now. And being in your head I now know that you are going to die very soon."

    "What are you talking about?"

    "Your in love with Kathryn. That's not a very good thing. So, eventually you are going to die. I'm really sorry."

    "I'm confused?"

    "Kathryn is evil, she has abilities too, but she uses them for evil.” Kasey explained.

    “She doesn’t know that we know about them.” Elizabeth said.

    “And fortunately she doesn’t know we gave you powers.” Charlie said.

    “Wait what do you mean by gave me powers?” I said shocked.

    “Well Michael, you remember me telling you about how I can give people powers? The body has to be willing and ready to accept those powers. When I met you I could tell that you were the perfect candidate. We need as many people that we can get to help control all of the crime in California . I’m sorry that it was against your will and knowledge, but we need you. Will you join us?”

    “Yes I will, as long as you tell me more about Kathryn, my powers, and all of your powers.”

    They kept explaining everything all through the night. I understood most of it but some of it was fuzzy. They showed me there costumes. Kasey’s was checkered with black and red to hide his changing skin. Charlie’s was blue and black and he kind of looked like a cross between The Flash and Superman. Elizabeth ’s costume was pink and black, and Sarah didn’t have a costume due to the fact that when she took someone’s power she never knew what shape her body would take. When I was thinking up my costume Elizabeth must have been listening because they had one made up for me. They even included the sword.

    “So are you ready to join us on the quest to defeat evil?” Charlie asked me.

    “You know how corny that sounds? I mean you know I’m up for it but really?”

    Kasey laughed, “It’s a figure of speech really. But you have to admit, it sounded cool.”

    “Ya ok it kinda did. But nothing in the world would ever stop me from joining you guys. I mean it all sounds so cool.”

    “So you’ll join us?” Sarah asked.

    “You know it!” I replied with a smile.

    “Well well well, look who we have here. The Justice League?” a familiar voice interrupted with a mocking tone.

    I could have sworn I smelt the sweet smell of cherries. After what the gang had told me what Kathryn could do, I prayed that it wasn’t her. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually scared. Of a girl of all things. But here I was trembling in my shoes.

    “Oh look, a new member. Show your face coward!” she yelled.

    I turned around and stared into her face.

    “Michael? Umm…..I can explain….” She trailed off.

    “We already have Kathryn, he’s ours.” Sarah barked.

    “Who said I even wanted him? Who said I even knew he was special?”

    “I thought you liked me, or were you just playing me? Was it all a lie, or did you just want to hurt me?” I choked out.

    “No hard feelings really. I just didn’t know if you could keep up with me. But know here we all are, and to think it didn’t have to end like this.”

    “Like how?”

    “Well I came here to kill them. Your now with them, so I guess I have to kill you too.”

    “No killing of us is going to happen today” Charlie said all official like.

    “We’ll see about that” she said running at me with a dagger in her hand.

    “Don’t just stand there help!” I screamed at the others.

    “We can’t, she’s disabled our powers.” Sarah said.

    So it was all true. That was her power. All I could do was stand there. I could feel the magma in my blood but I knew it would do no good. She had all of the power. And she was going to kill me. Just like that, with no motive. Just kill. That's all she knows that's all she'll ever know. Those were Kasey's last words to me.

    All of a sudden the magma released in my body. The energy was covering my whole body and it couldn't be stopped. I flug my arms out and punched Kathryn. If my dad ever found out he would kill me. He always told me never to hit girls. And yet, here I was attacking an innocent girl. But at the same time she wasn't innocent, she was the devil. All of a sudden I blacked out. It felt like hours before I woke up, my head laying in Sarah's lap.

    "So your ears are pointed huh?" I asked when I opened my eyes.

    "Oh my gosh your alive!" she screamed. "I...We thought we'd lost you! You've been out for a good two and a half hours."

    "So i'm not dead?"

    "You almost died, it seems that you have a little guardian angel that saved you at the last second."

    Lucky licked my face and barked happily.

    "Lucky? How did he save me? He's a dog."

    "It appears that when you met, Lucky, your powers were just forming. When you touched him he gained some of your powers. He has energy bolts too. But his form of shooting them is through barking." she explained, "He shot a couple of bolts into Kathryn and she paused long enough for you to deliver a couple of devistating final blows. You did it you defeated Kathryn, with Lucky's help of course."

    I laughed "Thanks Lucky, I owe you my life. So where is Kathryn?"

    "The guys and Elizabeth just left to bury her."

    "I feel......" I tried to talk but the next thing I knew Sarah was kissing me. Now i've never actually been kissed unless you count Kathryn's kiss on the cheek or my mom. I couldn't resist kissing her back. We sat there kissing for a good five minutes before Elizabeth, Charlie, and Kasey showed back up.

    "Are we interrupting something?" Charlie joked.

    We broke apart. "Um...no," Sarah choked out.

    "How are you Michael? Did she kill you?" Kasey asked.

    "Um... obviously if i'm talking i'm alive."

    "No, not about Kathryn. Did Sarah kill you?"


    "Shut up Kasey, that isn't even funny! I can controll myself that much!" Sarah yelled.

    "What?" I was very confused.

    "If she ever loses control while touching you you'll die. Especially if she's in your head."

    "Kasey, I really don't care. I.......love her"


    "With all of my heart, until it stops beating."

    "Ewwww......I don't mean to inturrupt but this is a little too much mushiness." Charlie said.

    I never thought life could get any better. I was back in school, I had a girlfriend that actually loved me, a new group of friends, and best of all, I was a superhero. But you know, minus the cape. The group split up into three groups, me and Sarah, Charlie and Elizabeth, and Kasey and Ashley. Who is Ashley you ask? Ashley is the new girl from Ohio. Kasey saw her and fell in love. He begged Sarah to change her for him. Sarah finally agreed that it was time Kasey fell in love too. So Ashley was changed, but that's another story for another time......................