• My friends and I were down in the basement in a circle sitting with our legs crossed. We were playing our favorite game, Bloody Mary. It was my turn and I was really nervous. Then I got dizzy and I fainted.

    "Excuse me?" Mary said."Who are you?"
    I finally woke up still quite dizzy, I also had a headache "Huh?........What?.....uh.......who are you?" I asked.
    " I am Queen Mary the first... and you are?" mary asked. I sat straight up eyes wide. "yo....you're Qu..Queen M...Mary?!" I stuttered.
    "yes, yes I am Queen Mary born february 18th 1516 now answer my question! Who are you!?" Mary asked pointing at me.
    "Uh....I'm Cheyenne Pettit born June 12th 1996," I said still dazed at the fact that i was talking to Bloddy Mary.
    "1996?" Mary said puzzled.:How is that possible? Its's 1558."
    "What!?!?"I said.
    "yo...you are a with! there is no such year!" she said ignoring me. "you have to be a witch...i don't allow witches!you shall die!"
    "What!? But, i'm only 12! You can't murder me!" I said.
    "So? I've nearly killed 300 people one more person wont hurt," She said.
    As she came toward me i got really mad and I said, " You know I almost feel sorry for you."
    She stopped."Why?" she asked
    "Because whenever it feels like you're pregnant you're not!"I said." You can't have children! And you're a murderer!your father Henry the eight,killed his wives. And you kill people too! This year you will die also!Of influenza!
    She glared at me. " How do you know all that?"
    "How do I know all this you ask?Simple. I'm from the future."
    " I don't believe you," she said,"guards take her away and prosecute her!" I was really scared I started to run away but it was too late....I was going to die.
    As I waited for the dreaded prosecution I squeezed my eyes shut and after a minute or two I wondered why i hadn't felt anything yet. I opened my eyes and there i was in the basement of my house. I looked around all my friends were around me. Finally one of my friends said," oh my gosh Chaeyenn are you okay?"
    "Yeah," I said I rubbed my eyes.I got up." I want to do the game, it's my turn right?"
    "But..." one of my friends said.
    "I'm fine....I'm fine."I said as I walked through the door and switched the light off. I chanted" Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, BLOODY MARY!" then once again I saw her.
    " Well hello." she sneared at me."if it isn't little miss know it all. I can't believe you were right."
    "Yeah well you better believe it,"I said and I would tell all your little ghost friends that if they see me the should believe me. Unlike you. Because i'm someone to believe in," and after I said that I switched the light on adn walked out the door.