• Chapter 4............The New York stranger.

    We walked through a town nearby and found out that they had an airport. “Sweet! Ive never gone in a plane before!' I laughed. Everyone looked at us we were a weird group. As we came to the gate, and gave the man our tickets I saw a man out of the corner of my eye. He was tall,and wore an old long brown jacket along with sun glasses. “Hey Muku you see that men over there?” I asked. He looked behind us then turned back “I don't see anything Bo.” he laughed
    We took our seats in the plane. It had a good number of passengers. Muku had gotten some gifts form the gift shop, and started pulling them out of the bag he got. “Bo here.” he said as he tossed me a fur jacket, a brush, and some sunglasses. I brushed my hair back making it spike out the back more than it was normally. Then put on the coat. Muku smiled, and tossed mariashi a blue top that had a band logo on it, boots, and a hair band with two little horns on it. Shadow just pulled his ears back into his hair, and buttoned his jacket up. “Shadow turn me into a human so I'll blend in.” muku asked. “Sure.” shadow replied. Then he opened his spell book, and with a snap of his fingers turns muku into a human. We all started laughing as we saw an old, about 90 year old, man with incredibly long white hair the was frizzy in the back. He had a cane and was partly blind.. With a little bit of a white beard. “ Wow muku how old are you I thought you said thirty!”I called out laughing. “Yea I 'm .........thirty thousand years old.” Muku replied with a little laughter. The people in the back stood still. “Why is everyone still?” I asked Muku in curiosity. “When shadow does a spell the world freezes for one second.” he replied. Everyone soon started moving around, and talking again. A man that worked on the plane started to come our way. We all acted natural. “ Sir I' m going to need you to sit down please.” The man said talking to Muku. “ Why sure that wouldn't bother me a bit.” Muku replied with a smile.