• Tears flowing down and unbreakable current. It was time for me to say goodbye. Time for me to let her go, but i couldn't i loved her, and yet i had killed her. I refused to come out and tell the world about us. I was too afraid to show people who i really am and now my love is gone. She wanted to show me what happens, and so she went up the street. Knew exactly which way to go, what vein to follow. Slowly her life seeped out of her. Her blues eyes paler then ever. Her full succulent lips no cold and purple. Her skin the color of death now. She knew something i did not and now i read her note to me and i know why and i know that she will not regret it.

    Dear Taya,
    I love you. No one else would make life happier for me. This is why i am saying goodbye now before everything gets to bad. I know you love me, just not enough to tell the world. I know you care, just not enough to see my pain. I want you to be happy and i know you will find your TRUE love. I also know it will be a women. So this is why i die to help you reveal the truth so that you can find her.
    Loving you with all my heart,
    And so i live in on and try my best not to hide so that her death will not be in vain.