• "You are so mean,Ryan,he was just being a little devil like usual.You need to get used to him," Clover said,comely. "Man,I hate sebastian for not telling us about that stupid dragon sooner,he knows i hate them," "Well,you can tell him that tonight,"Clover murmured. "He's coming back! That puts me in the pranking mood,mwahahahahahahaha,"Ryan said,rubbing his hands together,"
    The night came fast and everyone was waiting for sebastian to return,except for Ryan. "Look there he is Clover," Simon yelled. "SUBASTION! Your back,"Clover yelled,running to hug him. "It's nice to see you again too Clover,now where's are #1 idiot.I have something to give him," Sebastian asked. "Up here,PRETTY BOY," Everyone looked up,there was Ryan. "Hey Clover move to your left," Ryan said. "UH,ok,"Clover said ,moving to the left.
    "And it's nice to see you again,Sebastian,"Ryan yelled,dropping a water balloon.Now what Ryan was to stupid to remember was that Sebastian was fast and i meen fast.Before the water balloon hit him he moved like lightning,really fast; "Missed,......again,"Sebastian said, walking away. "Grrr,I'll get you next time dragon rider,and what do you meen again,"