• ****3rd person POV****
    "You can't be serious?!?" Kankuro yelled at his father, the Kazekage. "I am Kankuro, now stop arguing!" his father said back. "Kill Orochimaru? That's like a triple A mission!" Demi cried, throwing up her hands. She rarely agreed with Kankuro, but this was one of those days. "Demi, you four are the elite ninja of this village, and right now, Suna has the power to defete the Sound Village." "Do you want the world to be ruled by evil Sound ninja who look like Michael Jackson?" Temari added that last sentance onto her fathers 'speech', earning her a glare. Kankuro snorted, Gaara looked at her like she was insane, and Demi bit her lip hard to keep from going into a giggleing fit.

    "Enought arguments, you four leave tomorrow at dawn." said the Kazekage diffinitivly, and Demi sighed and left the room with the others. She walked with Gaara behind Temari & Kankuro. The Sand Siblings were her only friends in Suna, and she, being an orphan, had lived with them like part of the family. Gaara was her best friend, they haveing so much in common. Feared, dangerous, and hehe, short, Demi had a ravonous wolverine demon.
    Demi and Gaara took a side ally shortcut to get back to the house, while Temari and Kankuro took the long road. At the end of the ally, Demi tripped, falling face-first on the ground and skinning her knee and the undersides of her wrists quite badly. She looked up and saw Gaara glareing at someone behind her, sand pouring out of his goard. The sand wrapped around her and set her up straight, turning her around to face her attacker.

    The sand slowly fell away. Demi was left standing face to face with Cail, a gangster, who's life ambition seemed to try to get Demi to go out with him. Demi put her hands on her waist and felt that she was missing her Sand headband from her hips. "Looking for this Demi?" Cail asked, grinning and holding up her headband. "Cail, you b*****d, give that back!" Demi yelled, clenching her fists, makeing even more blood ooze from her wrists. "No, don't think I will. Of course," He tied the headband around his forehead, "I might. IF you go out with me..." "I'd rather make out with Kankuro's puppet..." she said venomously. "Shame." Cail said, and Demi threw some shuriken at him. This gave her a split second to do some handsigns. "Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu!" she yelled, and poofed into the ground. Cail didn't see her dissappear, and looked at Gaara, confused. Gaara just grinned evily. Suddenly, Demi's hands popped out of the ground at Cail's feet, grabbed his ankels, and drug him underground so that only his head was above ground. Demi rose out of the ground infront of Cail, bent over, ripped her headband off his forehead, and retied it around her waist. "Thank you!" she said while doing so. "All right, you got yur headband back. Now get me out of this jutsu thing!" "No, how 'bout not? Anyways, the ANBU will have a few interesing questions for you about harassing a guest of the Kazekage, no doubt." she said happily. Cail glared at her. After a few blocks, Demi began to feel light headed form all the blood she had lost. She stummbled, and Gaara caught her. She passed out in his arms. Gaara sighed, picked Demi up bridal style and carried her the rest of the way home.

    Demi woke up about an hour from dawn. She was laying on the bed in Gaara's room. 'Oh crud...' she thought. Her clothing was on a chair and her effects were on the bedside table. She also noticed that her wrists were wrapped. The door opened and Gaara walked in. Demi scrambled to cover herself with the sheets. "Good, you're awake. Get dressed fast, we leave in 1 hour." he said, slinging the gourd onto his back. "Little privacy please!" Demi said. Gaara staired at her, rasied his "eyebrows", and sighed. "Fine." he said, and left the room. "Perv..." Demi muttered as soon as he shut the door. She threw on her long sleeve fishnet shirt and her T over that. Then she wrapped her legs all the way up to her middle and slipped her caprees over the bandages. Then she slung the yin-yang neckless Gaara had given her on, tied her headband around her waist, strapped on her knife and shuriken/kunai pouch to her legs, and put on her shoes.

    When Demi walked down stairs into the kitchen, Kankuro was eating and messing with his puppets, Temari was cleaning dishes, and Gaara sat there stairing. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Demi." said Temari smileing, and handed her a toast-cheese-egg-bacon sandwhich. Demi grunted thanks, and sat down between the two guys. After a while, Demi asked "How the heck are we going to get the the Sound Village? It's so far away, and I can't teleport us there with my jutsu..." "We're flying on Temari's fan." said Kankuro, re-wrapping Karasu and putting him on his back. "Good, I like flying..." she said, finishing her breakfast. "All right, let's go already..." said Gaara. All four of them walked outside, and Temari opened her fan all the way. They all climbed on, and took off through the sky. Soon, Kankuro begain to turn green. Demi laughed. He neve did take kindly to flying.

    ****A few days latter, in Sound Village****
    "I can't BELIEVE you threw up on my fan Kankuro!" Temari scolded her little brother. "Hehehe..." Kankuro said, grinning stupidly and scratching the back of his head. "Both of you, shut up before I kill you..." said Gaara. Demi was on lookout. "I see them, they just came out of the building!" "'They' isn't very descriptive, Demi! How many?" asked Temari. "Let's see...there's Orochimaru, his henchman Kabuto, and about 3 or 4 Sound nin that look Jonin level." "OK, Kankuo and I will take the Jonin. Gaara, you and Demi take down Orochimaru and Kabuto." said Temari, and you and Kankuro nodded. Gaara just watched the ninja. "Now!" said Gaara, and Temari yelled "Duck!" As soon as everyone did, she swung her fan and yelled "Wind Scythe Jutsu!" The Jonin sound nin went flying, but Orochimaru and Kabuto dodged it. Kankuro and Temari attacked the Jonin, and Gaara and Demi stepped out of the bushes to confront the leaders. "Well, well, well, look who we have here, Kabuto. Gaara of the Sand and Demi Korusuka." Instantly, Gaara's sand rushed towards Kabuto, and Demi teleported behind Orochimaru to try to stab his back, but instead, it was Orochimaru standing behind Demi, holding a kuni to her throat. "Run quickly, pray, before I cut your pretty throat." he said in his snakey voice. Demi kicked him in the shin, and stomped on the ground, makeing a huge pillar of solid rock shoot out of the ground and into the sky, with Orochimaru on top of it.

    Demi smirked in satisfaction, but that didn't last long, because Orochimaru turned the rock pillar into one BIG a** snake. Demi screamed and started running into the trees, the snake and Orochimaru chasing her. She finally did a back-traceing teleport, landing in one of the branches near where she and Gaara had split up. Panting, she stood around, looking for Gaara. Apperently, Orochimaru was no fool; and the snake and its master appered behind Demi. She screamed and tried to teleport, but the snake was faster than her hands. The snakes' head turned on its' side, and sunk its long fangs into Demi's middle. Her ear-splitting scream filled the air, and Gaara ran in the direction of her scream. Blood splattered on the branch and on the ground, and the snake retreated its fangs. Demi fell to the ground, blood everywhere; dribbleing out of the mouth, gushing out of the two holes in her body, like red rivers. Gaara reached her, dropped to his knees, and held Demi in his arms. "G-Gaara, I tr-tried..." she said weakly, gasping for air. "Demi, don't talk...I WILL save you..." he said, putting his hand on one of the gashes, but Demi took his hand away. "There's nothing...you can do...for me..." Gaara looked close to tears. "Give all my CD's...to Temari...and tell Kankuro...I think he's...a perverted cat...and Gaara...I love you..." she said faintly, her eyes half closed. She lived just long enough to hear Gaara say, "I love you, too." She smiled gentally, and drew her last breath. As her did so, Gaara placed a strong kiss on her lips. She was stone dead before she could kiss his back. Gaara set Demi's lifeless body gentally on the ground, and turned around glared so hatefully at Orochimaru that if looks could kill, Orochimaru would have been sent to the deepest level of hell right then and there. Orochimaru just smirked. "Oops, did I just kill you little girlfriend? Sor..." He didn't finnish his sentence. Sand crushed him faster then you could say, "hi", and Orochimaru and his snake's blood stained the land. Gaara picked up Demi's body and started to walk back to his waitting, sollom, close-to-tears siblings, and together, they flew back to the Sand Village.

    ****About 2 weeks latter****
    Everyone was there, all dressed in black, some weepping, others to depressed to cry, some who's tears were all ready spent, all somber and moarning. All the cherry trees were in blossom early, perhaps to say goodbye, at the funneral of Demi Kurosuka. After the serveces were over, Gaara knelt alone at her grave. The only one who ever loved him. He didn't look it, but he knew he would have a broken heart forever. Nobody noticed, but Demi wasn't wearing her neckless when they buried her. It now hung around Gaara's neck. "So I can remember what real love is like..." he told him self. And then, he stood up and walked away, a single tear of sand rolled down his cheeck.