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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
Moon Sugar
Moon Sugar has got to be my favorite item in Skyrim. i mean, isn't it a drug, though? i hope not, because i collect it! 0.O
I have a shelf in my house where i have tons of bowls of Moon Sugar lined up. i know it's one of the main ingredients in Skooma, which is an illegal drug in Skyrim.
But is Moon Sugar like this as well? i have no idea, but it has an amazing name... and i want to eat Moon Sugar! 0.0
So i had Googled Moon Sugar, and i found out there's these guys... and they made a recipe for Moon Sugar! Moon Sugar can be made for a treat!
But it IS an illegal drug in Skyrim. no worries, though, because i'm sure the recipe for Moon Sugar made by these people is totally harmless candy... at least i hope 0.0
Because i'm not a disgusting person who does things like drugs >=[
But anyway... Skyrim is an amazing game. it has all kinds of awesome items that i collect, like Moon Sugar, Snowberries, Lavender, Boiled Creme Treats, Sweetrolls, and lunar enchanted weapons! my house in Whiterun is totally full of this stuff =P

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed May 01, 2013 @ 08:09am
I think, perhaps like me, you simply enjoy all the virtual delicious foods you see. Unfortunately, I am not very skilled with baking, nor do I have the initiative, but maybe one day, I also enjoy hoarding virtual items. Back in my neopets days ( I still drop in now and again), I would collect random pretty items, so I understand your fascination. What if real life had such items? Would normal items seem cooler than?

commentCommented on: Wed May 01, 2013 @ 03:02pm
Whoah. You play Skyrim? Cool kid. =] Wow. This is the first time that there's an actual recipe for a game food. Whoah. I mean, it's the first time I've ever seen something like that. =] Do you know Narnia? Well, those moon sugar looks like the delicacies that the witch gave Prince Edmund. =] And for that, it had affected Edmund. I guess it had those drug contents. Hope on your moon sugar, it doesn't have one. =]

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed May 01, 2013 @ 09:20pm
Oh~! This IS interesting....

commentCommented on: Wed May 01, 2013 @ 10:07pm
Wow. You're just like me when I'm playing Skyrim.. I hoard all the virtual sweets they have, and wonder how some of it tastes. x3

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Guardian of Agape
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed May 01, 2013 @ 11:59pm
Hugs not drugs! biggrin It's like Butterbeer for Harry Potter. So doubtful that it's actually illegal in real life. But fictional/fantastical food always sounds so yummy! smile By the way, you should check out my journal, too, Moony <3

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