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Thank you for reading, friend beast =P
It's been a long time since holiday season 2013. That's when I began putting together the concept for Phobia. Well, that's when I began actually forming the concept for Phobia that could actually be stretched into a real story. Phobia has been forming in my head for years. Back then, that's when I started playing Final Fantasy VII, and those were surprisingly good times. I say surprisingly, because it was pretty recent 0.0
Well, not so much. It's almost been a year, in a few months... I had lost sight, recently. The original source of my inspiration has been absent from me for quite some time, and as a result, Phobia had begun to become bland. Not to mention, the part that was actually fueled with that inspiration was obliterated when my computer broke. But, I returned to Final Fantasy VII tonight... very, very lightly, and carefully. I skimmed through some non-commentated playthroughs... and I was immediately entranced by that beautiful world, once again. The beautiful world that I've loved ever since my brother introduced me to Final Fantasy VII all those years ago.
All of a sudden, my sights are back on track. This can't be anything but good. Also... I have a friend, named Jon, who's a computer whiz. He's looking at the broken hard drive, seeing if he can fix it. I never brought it up before, because I doubt, very much, that it will actually result in me being able to get my info back. Even so, things will be alright... I'm sure of it :3
It seems like there's a lot of returning to my roots going on. A few days ago, I visited my father's house, and stayed the night. I woke up at 4 am, watched a Roosterteeth Minecraft Let's Play, and then went on a walk when it started getting light outside. It was the first time I was able to walk those roads in a long time. It was a lot of quiet time for me to think... I listened to music from my past, like this:


A remix of a song from my past. And, this:


Sweet Hoenn. I bought an apartment with my brother, and things have been alright, I suppose. I'm not close with my brother, but my father is worse. And, my father has jurisdiction over me, so living with my brother is less stress. I have been sort of depressed. A lot of things have changed, and in all honesty, I have wanted to go back to my father's house. There are plenty of reasons to do that. But, that could also end up being the worst mistake ever.
I hope things turn out alright. And, not just that, but I hope I can keep my head up until then. I want to have more times like holiday season 2013. Times I will reflect on, before my life is over.

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