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Thank you for reading, friend beast =P
Sentinel for the Sleeping
Among the sleeping girl and the brother at rest, with only pale light shed over myself, dim, only outlining vague features that are myself. Only the sound of breathing can be heard, slow, unworried breaths. Uninhibited.
To sit among them while their eyes are closed for the night. Among the children, floating through their dreams. To sit in the stillness, surrounded by the sound of their sleep. I am sleepless, awake. My eyes don't blink. My teeth are stiff, my claws are sheathed, my breaths are shallow. My spine is straight. My head is low. My ears listen. My teeth are naked at the sight of an intruder. My claws reach from my fingers, reaching out to rip and shred, so that the sleeping ones' blood can stay beneath their skin for tonight. But, there are no intruders. There is only a long night of repose.
Sleepless, awake. My thoughts rally. They swirl, and fade. And for a moment, there is nothing except the sound of breathing. And every so often, there is moving, but before long, again, there is just breathing.
Uninhibited... floating through the dreams. Laid out around the wolf; the guardian. The sentry. The sleepless. His teeth and claws, they are to keep their blood off the grass. His eyes are to watch, as the night passes, slowly, the sky turning, slowly, the moon moving with it. Clouds wander overhead.
Among the sleeping girl and the brother at rest, with a faded light spilling in a waned coat, over the grass, up the hill, and upon me, outlining my features the least bit. The sleepless guardian and the sleeping, at the threshold of dawn.

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