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I find the most important thing when I have writers block is to talk over the ideas with a friend or brainstorm and put down words instead of sentences. See what I have at the end and work from there. For creative writing however I just sink into my imagination even if it has nothing to do with the topic just get it working and up to speed again.

I should be writing is a pretty inspirational podcast
Thanks so much for this thread. I've been riddled with writers block for about a month now and have tried all my usual methods of breaking free, but just the google image suggestion has finally managed to crack it. Perhaps now I can finally get back to it.
Well i guess whenever i get writers block (not often, but still) i just take a simple idea and think "what if..."
for example, take the idea of an Etch a sketch. what if... whenever you drew on an etch a sketch, you got sucked into the drawing into a crazy world and couldn't get out? see, you have a story.
i'm always having trouble with writers block. Maybe this info will help me so thanks!
the best way, in my opinion, is to write. do what you must hear all the time, get out there and people watch, write about what there doing and where there going smile trust me..

also, if you need to get in the writing mojo xp you need to write. write poetry or something you usually dont write(I'm only sayin poetry cause i dont like to write it) whee Your prince will help you all.

if you want inspiration go listen to music or watch a movie. for example let say you want to write a fight scene in your book or w.e, try listening to a violent song( down with the sickness alway works for me)

Any more help ask me blaugh

The Prince of Horror
Wow, this is great advice. thanks everybody!

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