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I find that the best way to cure writer's block is to re-read the entire story up until the point you are stuck at. This way you know exactly what you've already written and it may give you ideas for the part you are stuck on.

BTW: Have all your characters hold a meeting in your mind. <--- Genius.
Just let it come to you and it will work or if you don't know what to write just write one word until something comes to mind. I'm a writer myself.
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Hmm...advice? .....err.....Don't let it happen? XD lol
meh, I'm blocked anyways so it doesn't make much an issue for me....-.-
I have to worry about other things at that moment.....>.> then when I have time I'll come back to writing....maybe... =/ if I remember to continue... -.- lol
would this apply to songs?
One of the ways that helps me to get over writers block is to look at images. I mainly look at images of urban landscapes with buildings, people, cars, etc.

These might have people walking or sitting at cafe's and I would imagine these people, living their lives, what they might be talking about and where they might be going.

This helps me work on fictional characters as well as details of their lives and seeing the picture makes it more real for me. It's something to focus on, rather than trying to make the entire thing up in my head based on abstract ideas that may not come together very easily.

I might also view landscapes of different worlds which are meant for science fiction or possibly historical images depending on what I might want to write. I keep journals with images that inspire me for the times when I need help with various ideas I am working on.

I hope this helps someone smile

Have a great Day!
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*enthusiastic clapping*


I've been stuck on this story for AGES, and I got some advice before, and I'd dried some of the things on the list, but now I have so many things to try!!!
my only cure for writers block is to write one or two sentences every day until it goes away

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