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Jack looked at the mech that had just thrashed his ship. There was little to be done now, so he grabbed one of the rocket launchers from a fallen grunt and leveled it at the armored balloon of the Intent. He winced for a second, then sent the rocket punching into the hydrogen-filled bubble, shredding its armored housing and blowing apart the bits of ship still clinging to it.

He stood and looked at the entrance to the temple. He had no close-combat weapons, his command had disintegrated, and his ship had been destroyed. A lot of things were uncertain right now, but he knew that Junto would be fine. If he had any task now, it was escape and preparation for more conflict with the Holy Order. He slipped past the debris and wreckage, bolting quietly into the woods.
The Chainswords would slam into his body, but the man would be unharmed, as the cowling that ran up either side of the blade also covered the rear section, meaning it was only the cowling that connected with his body, and these were deathscythes, not normal weapons, and those belonging to Death of all people, so any dulling would be minimal at worst, though there wouldn't be much that could dull a scythe.

He lowered the scythes again, regaining his balance, and remained there in the doorway, he wasn't going to let pride or anything get in the way of this door's defense, for now.
There was no questioning the fact that the Rembrandt was much too big to function inside the temple. That much was done with. The machine pointed forward, towards the temple... And then began to disintegrate into glitter in the air, Aaron himself falling from where he'd been at the helm.

As he fell, he was caught by a rushing member of the Topaz Squadron, but he leapt off of him and rushed towards the temple.
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"Okay then. I'll be keeping an eye out on you though, there's a witch-hunter in there and he's packing a lot of heat, it seems."

He paused, knowing she had already gone.

"What bizarre colloquialisms." He sank into the ground slowly, pondering his choice of words all the while.
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Vivian made it to the temple but she had sustained some damage. A large cut was on her leg from where a being, who was able to see through the Veil, lashed out with his sword. Even with her healing abilities, she was only able to mend it so much before she had to move on.

Quickly she darted in, blessing the Ethereal for being so kind. Little did she know that he image was flickering in and out and her outline, while no defined, could still be seen. Her powers were waning. It had been a long night.
Inside his own world, Junto reached around inside of Jun. Each time he grabbed hold of something Jun felt a tingling, then the absence of what had been there. Junto was after everything, grabbing wildly for experience, power, and skill. He took hurriedly, without any real regard for what he was after. He'd get it all, wouldn't he?

Then, the image of his world flickered. Something could be wrong. He cursed, not wanting to leave, but not wanting to break the trance his body was in over something he wasn't sure about. "If I wasn't so sure the Holy Order will want you back I'd disregard the flicker, but your powers are probably too valuable to them. The ability to literally destroy whole planes of anything they can convince you is evil... You purged your zealotry. It's all in me! Why would you fall in with people who are just a zealous? The intent doesn't matter to you, after all. You despise all zealotry! All impulsiveness! How could you sign up for more?"
And it was then that Aaron barrelled into the doorway to the temple, leaping up into the air at the sight of the green-clad Hunter, flipping over Zetsu's head and using the centrifugal force of his leap to slash his own blade down against Alexander. The Atlantean blade, silver and gold in color but of some strange, otherworldly metal, might not be Death's equal, but it wouldn't crumble underneath her influence.

And then the lightning coursed along the blade, and Aaron's fury grew.

"I'M HERE! AND YOU'RE... OFFICIALLY OVER!" He shouted. There was something strikingly familiar about those eyes, too. Alexander would know he'd seen them before.
And as soon as Zetsubo saw Aaron's flip, he dropped his body low, and released his second Recoil rod, aim for inside the entrance, rather then at Alexander. If successful, he would then begin flipping down the corridor, using only his good foot.
At this point, anyone standing in the temple's main room would see doors on six of the eight walls. Three spread along the far walls, then one to the immediate left, and one to the immediate right, and, or course, the entrance door. The floor is covered in deep blue tile, arranged into a mosaic with other, smaller tiles. A few arches support the ceiling, coming in from the points of the octagonal room and meeting in the center.

The main room was quiet, devoid of technicians or guards, the only sounds being the combat in the entrance.
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Vivian rushed down the hall, feeling unbelievably tired. She saw Aaron and Zetsu as well as a man she had never encountered before. Almost fully out of the veil she made her way closer and closer, trying to slip past the saw wielding man and the exuberant young boy.
One of the chainblades swung up again as the surprise attack came at him, his knees bending a little to the impact as he hadn't had time to brace, but he held his ground still. As the lightning coursed through the two blades he growled, feeling the jolts run along his flesh, though his force of will prevented his nervous system from completely going haywire due to the mixed signals it was now receiving.

His eyes cast down beneath the brim of his hat to meet those of the one before him, who was barely a child, and as they met he halted for a moment, as not so distant memories dredged themselves up. They had exactly the same eyes, different colours granted, but there were other features too.

Could this be that Sanguine reaperkin's son?

A roar rose within him as he forgoed his goal for now, the fire across the edge of his blades intensifying, as his left arm was then thrown forward, spasmodically, almost as if it wasn't by his will. the sleeve of his jacket tore open all the way up to his shoulder along the line of his artery, and then the flesh too peeled back, as several beaks and taloned feet burrowed their way forth, five deathravens tearing their way free from his flesh as they flew for the boy's face, at the same time the blood that had been shed from their departure hailing towards him at this close range too, even as his arm began to show no signs of the exit at all.
Throwing that chainsaw-wielding arm forward caused Aaron to back up, twirling his sword in-hand and watching his body spasm... And then seeing those hideous birds crawl their way out of his body. He'd seen this before!

Withdrawing a set of throwing-daggers from his back, he tossed them all at once at the birds; His aim was dead-eye, and each dagger had a spark of electricity that would detonate on contact. He followed this up by swinging his sword... Which was odd, at this distance... But whispy trails of ethereal azure warped from his body, before a shape much like Aaron's own upper-body zoomed forward from him, ethereal blade in hand, rocketing towards Alexander, slicing at the final bird on the way to Alexander himself, where the blade would finally come down fully.

Aaron didn't have the time to evade that splash of blood, however, and in whatever form it took, it would hit him in the chest.
Zetsubo landed in the center of the main room and looked at all the door. He landed on his good foot and set his bad one down so only his toes were touching the ground. He'd have to work fast, or else the blood loss would go to his head. He twirled around with his hand out and randomly pointed to one of the doors, and went through the right door at the opposite of the entrance.
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Vivian had followed Zetsubo down, finally breaking free of the veil completely. The witch looked exhausted. She felt exhausted. All she wanted was to see her children and talk with Cappy.

It took her awhile to realize that the strange being was limping. She gave a sigh and began to move faster, until she was walking beside him.

"Let me take care of that nasty wound on your foot before we go on."

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