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Laying before Zetsubo was a man, completely identical to Junto, but clad in a white robe and unconscious on the slab in this altar room.
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Vivian barely managed to move to save her life, the blade skirting her bare stomach. Droplets of blood rolled down. Not a mortal wound but it was enough to show that she was still very much able to die.

A lump rose in her throat and she glared at him. "I am here on account of a friend. She wouldn't back down and neither will I!"

Another pillar of fire was shot at him, this one white and blinding in its intensity.
He attempted to block the charge, swinging up one of the blades to deflect the apparition's blade, though against the energy-like form he didn't have as much sway, and so though he knocked it off centre, it still raked down his left side in a vertical slash, tearing open more of his coat, drawing forth a great gush of blood from it. This hung in the air for a moment before him, not actually splattering to the floor under gravity's pull as it should, as at the same time the flow from that wound stopped completely, him holding back the tides of what could have been a fatal wound to a normal human.

His right arm, that had attempted to block the spirit's charge suddenly lit up with a bright red energy that overflowed from his body, the right sleeve of his coat completely disintegrating from the aura's influence, flakes of ash drifting away from it as the only things not degraded by it's presence was his body and the weapon clutched firmly in his grasp. The pure entropic energy that wreathed his arm suddenly shot towards the young paladin, in almost a mockery of his own attack as it was shaped like the man's arm and fist, clutching an ethereal chainsword.

When it was loosed, he turned the hand upwards, as if looking at his inner arm in shock, the left rising to the same position. The red aura returned to his right arm once again, as his left was suddenly wreathed in his fire, the remainder of that coat sleeve now sharing the fate of the first, then lowering his arms again, looking not at his opponent now, but the drift of blood that still hung there before him.

Closing his eyes, the floor beneath his feet began to shift and undulate, shadows stretching out to writhe beneath him, and then he winced as a pair of bone sections grew forth from his shoulders, forming spikes.

It seemed D wasn't playing around when he had granted him more in his fight with Jun.

His head was then thrown back, his lungs roaring with laughter as all of the dealbound's abilities channelled themselves through his body, another deathraven pulling itself free from his back and clawing it's way up to perch on his shoulder.
"Hoshi-!" CLANG! Aaron managed to fling himself out of the path of that burst of red energy... He heard a distinct sizzling noise not long after, from his chest, and then he looked down, grunting and reaching for a release-strap. The breastplate of his armor, and his right pauldron with it, fell right off, leaving him with only his armored left pauldron. The cuirass and pauldron he'd released soon disintegrated into inert slime.

And then he noticed Alexander. Something was quite simply wrong with the man. Even without those dark powers - things he had some experience with - it still felt wrong.

While Alexander was in his throes of laughter, Aaron threw three more golden daggers, each one hitting the ground, each one a good leap closer to Alexander than the last one... And then he slammed his fist into the handle of the first one.

"LIGHTBRINGER ADVANCED TECHNIQUE! STORMBRINGER MARCH!" It might have seemed stupid, even silly, for someone to yell out their attack, calling it in such a way. But, for Aaron, it somehow sharpened his focus, he found.

Arcs of white lightning streaked across the first dagger, then leapt to the second - thicker and stronger - and then to the third. Despite the daggers being in the ground, the electricity didn't fade as it should've - it was divine, and it was attracted to darkness and evil rather than to the earth. With each dagger it grew stronger in power, as if collecting some of the dagger's blessed nature...

... And then a powerful, even explosive burst of white lightning shot out at Alexander's torso.
He was pulled back to reality by the youth's call, head snapping back down to witness the lightning arcing across the weapons, heading towards him. as he threw his arms before himself, attempting to minimalize the damage he received, the sparks flushing along his limbs and leaving burns as they fought against the necrotic energies.
He swung his arms outwards when the torrent had finished, and then that spout of blood before him lengthened and became slightly harder, the whip-like object lashing out at him as he then sent his arms forward too, a coil of necrotic fire and pure entropy thrown forth from each as they swirled around each other like a helix, aimed to impact just after the lash.
Aaron quickly leapt back away from the coil, but he was unable to get out of the way of the necrotic blasts soon enough. However, before he took the blow, one of the Diamond Knights in his heavy silver armor leapt into the path of the blast, presenting his back, where he'd kept his shield mounted. The shield managed one more burst of energy-shell shielding to protect him just long enough to knock Aaron out of the way... Before it ate through his armor, as well as his flesh.

Aaron himself looked up, eyes wide, stunned at the soldier's sacrifice... Even as the others, keeping themselves as restrained as possible, ran past. The battle had cleared enough room for them to avoid the Hunter while still running into the complex. They had a mission to get to. They could grieve later.

Aaron, though, didn't have that luxury. What was left of his savior's corpse was right in front of him.
Blocking things was difficult without his mechanical wings. Out of options he did his best to toss off his already charred robe to absorb the brunt of the searing flames. Following the half-hearted toss, he hit the ground, letting the flames lick over him.

Not bothering to rise, he opened another dimension door directly beneath himself and fell in, this time appearing in the Temple's main chamber, his dignity at risk, but his body intact. "Alexander! We need to leave!" he called to the witch hunter. It was too early to test what they'd just accomplished. They needed to pull back to the guild hall, then plan where to go from there.
Te tendril of blood before him made one last lash, but this one was aimed for the wound on the paladin's back, the Thorne's blood intermingling with that which remained within his system and swiftly beginning to burn it away, but it remained long enough for what he wanted. The blood he had control of solidified, turning the body into a flail mace-like weapon, and with a snap of the tendril the body sharply rose, only to slam down towards Aaron.

"You got lucky kid."

The influence of his dealbound powers faded, bone and shadow withdrawing as the aura on his arms extinguished, allowing his regenerative ability to begin healing the electrical burns, as he turned and ran back into the temple.
Seeing the tendril of blood approach the man he was staring at caused him to snap out of it, and he rolled backwards, planting his hands on the ground and then leaping out of the way of the grisly, makeshift mace. "That's my line, creep! And bodies aren't weapons, they're to be respected!" He shouted, before twirling his sword downward and stabbing it into the ground.


Just one last shot, for the road. Electricity leapt up from his blade, and then bounced seemingly randomly about the hallway, before flying up right above Alex's head and attempting to crash down on him like a lightning bolt.
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Vivian remained tense for a moment. The witch was waiting for him to pop back up and make a slice at her. If he did, she knew that she was not going to be able to dodge it. Blood was coming from the slice in her stomach and, with her movements, the injury on her leg had become much worse.

She sat down and attempted to heal herself but did not come up with much. The more serious parts of the injuries were mended and the blood flow stanched. Still, they were sore. She slumped down on the altar that Junto had been laying on, taking in a deep breath.
Zetsubo hopped up onto the alter with the sleeping man on it and sighed. "Please don't be another enemy, pretending to be a good guy." He would say to himself before attempting to shake the white-clad man from his sleep. "Yo, you awake?"
Jun, still trapped in the blackness that had taken over since Junto had left him, felt the world he was in begin to shake violently. A splitting pain ran through his head and he nearly passed out before he felt it all disperse. The pain was replaced with a light, tingling sensation that started at his head, then filled his whole body.

Then, everything was black. He shook his head and slowly opened his eyes, staring up at Zetsubo. He nearly raised his palm to strike him away, but paused, getting his bearings and his sense of feeling back. This man wasn't a threat. He sat up slowly and rubbed his eyes, then realized his mask wasn't on his face.

"I'm not Junto," he shouted quickly, though he wasn't sure if that name meant anything to the man in the room with him. He had no memory of arriving here, he realized as he scanned the room for any of his belongings.
"I kinda figured that, I think we just got attacked by him." Zetsubo smiled before stepping off the stone slab and turning back to the way he had came. "You think you can walk?" He peeked out, checking to see if any iron dawn remnants were about, before remembering Vivian. "Come on, we don't have much time."
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Vivian heard the screaming but wished to ignore it. That man was causing more trouble and she didn't know that she could rise to the challenge in her current state. She groaned as she pulled herself to her feet.

When was she going to learn? Zetsubo likely already saved Jun. Their mission was technically over. There was no more obligation for her. There were better ways to get herself killed.

However... however...

A sigh came from as she limped out of the room she was in and towards the voice.

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